WLSChannel Newsletter August 21, 2009

The Psychology of Weight Loss Surgery: An Interview with Dr. Stephen Ritz


In this special report from the annual ASMBS meeting, Dr. Stephen Ritz explains what patients can expect from the psychological evaluation prior to weight loss surgery. Dr. Ritz believes every patient should undergo a psychological evaluation prior to their procedure, and “understand exactly what weight loss surgery has in store for them.” He also discusses the psychological impact of bariatric surgery, and how to navigate this new terrain. Click the image above to watch the interview.

Health Update
Cities, Organizations Take Up Arms Against Obesity

In the August 21, 2009 edition of WLS News, find out if social stress makes you gain weight, take a look at a new alliance in the fight against childhood obesity, and discover whether weight loss surgery is really safe. You’ll also hear about a program to certify doctors in weight management. Plus “bariatric girl” Yvonne McCarthy highlights a great WLS blog in her weekly report on the World Wide Web. Catch the current episode right here!

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