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Chef Dave Debuts with Eating Right Every Bite


After having weight loss surgery in 2002, Chef Dave Fouts quickly realized bariatric patients had no good resources for delicious, pouch-friendly meals. He started to create his own nutritious, flavorful dishes to make mealtime fun again. And, when friends clamored for this classically trained chef’s recipes, he gladly shared with them. Now, he’s going to share with you! He’s hosting our new show, Eating Right Every Bite. Click here to see the first episode!

In the Spotlight
Could You Be the Next WLS Channel Star?

We are currently developing a new show, 2009 WLS Channel Star, and we’re looking for post-op patients with a remarkable story to tell. If you have an incredible WLS journey or know someone else who does, complete our online questionnaire to be considered as a contestant!

Health Update
Weight Loss Surgery News

Social networking could impact childhood obesityIn the August 7, 2009 edition of WLS News, find out how close we are to a miracle weight loss drug that really works, and learn why social networking could be a factor in childhood obesity. Plus, we’ll take an in-depth look at some unsettling statistics between obesity and race, and explain why a popular and effective form of weight loss surgery could boost your chances of developing another common — and extremely painful — internal disorder. Yvonne McCarthy will also stop in with a great recommendation for finding healthy, mouth-watering recipes that are just right for bariatric patients. Get the full scoop in this week’s episode of WLS News!

Legal News
Alexander Draper at 500+ poundsChildhood Obesity at Center of Controversial Court Case

Can the state take your child away from you because you’ve allowed him to become obese? Sounds like a nightmare…but that’s what happened to one mother in South Carolina, whose son was taken from her custody and put into foster care. See the full report here!

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