WLSChannel Newsletter April 17, 2009

WLS News for April 17, 2009


This week on WLS News, we’ll take a look at how Ohio is taking action to shake its title of the 17th fattest state in the union, show you how a hormone that aids nursing mothers may be lowering metabolism and raising cardiac risks, and explain why being obese can kick off a case of Restless Legs Syndrome — and wreak havoc on your gums! Plus, we’ll report on a new effort by authorities in the UK to help healthcare workers shed extra pounds, and our wise Web guru, Yvonne McCarthy, has a great recommendation for a Website that follows one woman’s journey with weight loss surgery. You’ll find all this and plenty more in this week’s edition of WLS News!

News You Can Use
Special Report from the 2009 ASMBS Meeting

Special Report on ASMBS 2009 MeetingWe are excited to announce that the Weight Loss Surgery Channel will be attending the 2009 ASMBS Annual Meeting in Grapevine, TX, to film a Special Report series that will air next month. We are offering sponsorship opportunities to partner with us in bringing news from the conference to our national and international viewership.

Stars from several Weight Loss Surgery Channel programs will be attending the 2009 Annual Meeting, and our production team will be setting up a remote television studio at the event. Sponsors will be able to designate participants for on-camera interviews to be broadcast on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel as part of our Special Report and also added to our Patient Education video series. For more information or to request a sponsorship package, please contact Executive Producer Leslie Thompson.

Eating Right Every Bite
Chef Dave FoutsChef Dave Gets Cheesy in Wisconsin

The Weight Loss Surgery Channel’s newest correspondent, Chef Dave takes his show on the road and gives viewers a peek behind the scenes of his upcoming cooking show with a fun and informative video blog, starting next week in WLS News.

Chef Dave had weight loss surgery in 2002 and lost 200 pounds. His culinary degree and 15 years of experience as a chef helped him begin to discover ways to create tasty dishes that were “pouch-friendly.” Today, he shares these recipes and cooking techniques with other bariatric patients through his cookbooks and at his many speaking appearances. Now, he’ll reach an even broader audience as a regular guest on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel, giving viewers tips and recipes for cooking healthy and delicious meals that comply with the specialized needs of weight loss surgery patients.

Get Plugged In
Weight Loss Surgery Channel on FacebookHave You Seen Our Facebook Page?

Connect with other friends and fans of the Weight Loss Surgery Channel on Facebook! Meet our faculty members, share stories with other pre- and post-op weight loss surgery patients from across the country, write on our wall, and upload your photos for all to see!

These are just a few ways you can take advantage of the exciting social networking technology that Facebook offers. Just do a search for WLS Channel, and let’s be friends!

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of dining with Trulykath and BeckaMarie, two friends from our sister site and weight loss surgery support forum, Renewed Reflections. I was delighted to meet these ladies in person (along with Kathleen’s husband), and encourage any of our readers and viewers who may be coming to the Dallas area to drop us a line. We’d love to give you a tour of our production studio and get to know you face-to-face!

And, of course, please email us anytime if you have suggestions for how we can improve the articles and programming on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel. We appreciate your continued support!


Craig Thompson
12 Years PostOp RNY
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