WLSChannel Newsletter April 10, 2009

WLS News for April 10, 2009


In our WLS News report for April 10, 2009, we’ll share the results of a recent clinical trial for a new obesity drug, explain how rapid weight gain in infants may predict future obesity, and tell you about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup. Plus, we’ll report on new findings about the differences in how people from various ethnic groups process fat, and tell you what Canadian authorities are doing to curb the epidemic of childhood obesity up north. And, of course, our resident Web-diva, Yvonne McCarthy, will share the scoop about a great website with excellent weight loss tips for those who have not had weight loss surgery. Click the image above to view this week’s newscast!

One Woman’s Story
WLS Journeys – Guest Shirley Mastenbrook

WLS JourneysJoin host Yvonne McCarthy on WLS Journeys as she talks with guest Shirley Mastenbrook about how she has learned to navigate life since having weight loss surgery. Shirley shares about her decision to undergo bariatric surgery when she reached 264 pounds, and recounts the often comical stories from her life post-op, from purging her size 22 wardrobe to devising clever tricks for hiding excess skin. You’re sure to appreciate Shirley’s humor and her insights on how to manage everyday challenges without turning to food, and maintain the discipline to keep off the pounds long-term.

Weight Loss Surgery Support Forum
Renewed Reflections Weight Loss Surgery ForumsCheck Out Renewed Reflections

Where can you discuss your weight loss surgery journey with other pre- and post-op patients, get great recipes that suit your smaller pouch, and share photos and success stories as you shed those pounds? You can do all of that and more in our support forum at RenewedReflections.com! With sections that range from “Stupid Questions” to “Family and Loved Ones” and “Non-Ops” — plus discussions on topics as diverse as Memorable WOW Moments and Exercise After Gastric Bypass Surgery — you’re sure to find loads of helpful information and make new friends who offer unbridled encouragement. Click on over to check out the action!

A Brand New Network
The Plastic Surgery ChannelThe Plastic Surgery Channel

We are excited to announce the launch of our sister network, The Plastic Surgery Channel! Like the Weight Loss Surgery Channel, this new network is available online 24/7 to provide people who may be considering a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery procedure with accurate, objective information from experienced, board certified medical experts. The site includes educational articles covering more than 40 different subject areas on topics ranging from gynecomastia to rhinoplasty, and from Botox® to body lifts.

The Plastic Surgery Channel also features a weekly newscast, hosted by Lindsay Hall, which highlights the latest research findings about plastic surgery procedures, new medical technologies, and engaging human interest stories. Click on the logo to visit The Plastic Surgery Channel online, or click here to see this week’s episode of PSC News!

We want to wish all of our readers and viewers a happy and healthy Easter Weekend. (Remember, those Cadbury Eggs are for the kids!) Please email us anytime if you have suggestions for how we can improve the articles and programming on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel, and thank you for your continued support!


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