WLSChannel Newsletter April 03, 2009

WLS Journeys with guest Shirley Mastenbrook


In the latest episode of WLS Journeys, host Yvonne McCarthy interviews Shirley Mastenbrook about the many life lessons she has learned since having weight loss surgery. Shirley talks about how she addressed her husband’s fears when she decided to have bariatric surgery, and shares the sometimes comical journey of life post-op, from ditching her size 22 wardrobe to her tricks for hiding excess skin. She also admits to sometimes feeling like an imposter in her new, thinner body, and offers insights on how to maintain the daily disciplines that will keep you on the road to success while living in the real world. Tune into watch Shirley’s story now!

New Medical Research
WLS News – April 3, 2009

WLS NewsCheck out WLS News this week to find out how experiments on drugs for Parkinson’s disease could lead to the development of a medication to treat obesity, and discover how prenatal exposure to the insecticide DDT may play a role in the obesity epidemic among women. We’ll also tell you about a gene that is turning carbs into fat; explain why authorities in Boston are concerned about the BMI of fledgling emergency responders; and report on what researchers have discovered about the health risks of even moderate obesity. Plus, our Internet gal-on-the-go, Yvonne McCarthy, will highlight a new social network specifically for weight loss surgery patients. Click the icon to see this week’s episode!

Online Support
90 Seconds to SuccessBite-Sized Servings of Encouragement

Need a little pick-me-up? Feel like you just can’t get your head on straight ever since your surgery? Then be sure to tune into 90 Seconds to Success every day as Craig Thompson shares an inspiring message to help you stay healthy and happy, wherever you are in your weight loss journey! Now 12 years post-op, Craig offers guidance and support from the heart to members of the weight loss surgery community, and you’re sure to find his daily message inspiring!

Connecting You with the WLS Community
Join Us For Our Coverage of the 2009 ASMBS Meeting

We are excited to announce that the Weight Loss Surgery Channel will be covering the 2009 ASMBS Annual Meeting in Grapevine, TX, and we are offering sponsorship opportunities to partner with us in bringing news from the conference to our national and international viewership.

Stars from several Weight Loss Surgery Channel programs will be attending the 2009 Annual
Meeting, and our production team will be setting up a remote television studio at the event. Sponsors will be able to designate participants for on-camera interviews to be broadcast on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel as part of our Special Report from the ASMBS Meeting and also added to our Patient Education video series. For more information or to request a sponsorship package, please contact Executive Producer Leslie Thompson.

Congratulations to Yvonne McCarthy on her 8th “surgiversary”!! Yvonne is an exceptional role model for what it means to discover joy, health, and inner peace after weight loss surgery. She knows first-hand the mental and emotional struggles that so many people experience not only when they are obese, but even after surgery, as they deal with the attitudes and behaviors that drove them to overeat. Yvonne is relentlessly upbeat, deeply compassionate, and always has an encouraging word to share for anyone in need. We are blessed to have her as part of our team, and we encourage you to give her a shout-out for her eight years of post-op success on her WLS Journeys show blog!


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