WLSChannel Newsletter Feb. 02. 2009

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Weight Loss Surgery Channel Newsletter

Issue: 4

Feb. 02. 2009
WLS Channel Growth Stats

Just take a look at our growth in January in the chart above. This past Friday, Jan. 30th, we almost doubled our best day ever, with over 2300 video views that day alone. Why should YOU CARE?

Very simply, our sponsors care.  A streaming online television quality network for the Bariatric Surgery community has never been done before. They are watching to see if YOU are watching…and the great news is, YOU ARE WATCHING.

Let’s show them that we are all grateful for them standing up for our mutual success. Whether you order or not… Pick up the phone and call Bariatric Advantage at 1.800.898.6888 and simply say THANK YOU for making the WLS Channel available.

February is going to be an incredible month at the Weight Loss Surgery Channel. We are launching new shows almost daily, are we are motivated to create more the more we hear from you.


WLS Journeys
WLS Journeys Guest Ramon Lopez

In the latest episode of WLS Journeys, host Yvonne McCarthy
talks with long-time friend and motivational speaker Ramon Lopez about
the turbulent emotions he experienced before and after weight loss

Although he lost more than 270 pounds, like many post-op
patients, Ramon struggled with cross-addictions before finally coming
to terms with the true underlying root of his previous obesity. Click
below to watch Ramon share his powerful story, and
learn where the journey of weight loss surgery can lead. Watch Now

Ramon Lopez on WLS Journeys

Weight Loss Surgery News
Weight Loss Surgery News Every Friday

Hosted by veteran journalist Leslie J. Thompson, WLS News covers
breaking stories in the world of weight loss surgery, including the
latest research findings about new treatments for obesity and related health risks, as well as special
events for members of the weight loss surgery community.

Tune in every Friday for
the information you need to determine the impact that weight loss
surgery can have on your life. Watch Now

90 Seconds to Success
90 To Success Get a daily dose of inspiration… …and encouragement from Craig Thompson,
founder of the WLS Channel. Now nearly 12 years post-op, Craig speaks from
the heart about the mental and emotional baggage carried by people who
struggle with obesity.

His single servings of sound wisdom can help you
begin to think and act differently, and to take positive steps toward a
better life, wherever you are in your weight loss journey! Watch Now

Remember that we highly encourage your comments below each video.

WATCH OUT…. For your opportunity to submit your YouTube audition video to be the next STAR of the Weight Loss Surgery Channel!


Craig Thompson
12 Year PostOp RNY

Weight Loss Surgery Channel

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