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weight loss surgery channel TV widgetDo you have a personal or commercial site specifically related to the pre- or post-operative weight loss surgery community?

Starting with the February 20th show, we will highlight a different user-submitted Website each week on WLS News.

If your site is selected as a weekly winner, we will create a special video for our news segment “WLS on the World Wide Web” and add a permanent link to your site.


1. You must display the WLS Channel TV widget on your homepage. Click here to get the widget.

2. If chosen, you will need to provide a 250-word description of your site and its mission. (We will notify you if your site has been selected for the news.)

3. Your site must have the bariatric surgery community as its primary focus. Personal Websites and blogs, WLS-related organizations, and commercial/retail sites all are eligible.

4. Sites containing nudity or profanity will not be considered.

5. Your site must be active and accessible at the time of review.

To submit your site for consideration, simply respond to this post in the Comment Box below. Include the URL of your site and confirmation that you have installed the WLS Channel TV widget.

You only need to enter once. We will review all submissions each week and select a new weekly winner to be featured on WLS News.

Questions? Technical difficulties? Email us at We look forward to helping spread the word about the great online resources available to the weight loss surgery community!

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  1. Mona Diaz

    I started a website/blog that offers comprehensive information on the use of the Lap Band Procedure in mildly obese, low BMI (30 – 39) patients. I believe issues relating to this “gray zone” has not been addressed adequately in the past. The site offers information, articles, current research, product reviews, diet and nutrition advice, exercise tips, financing options and advice on choosing a bariatric center. I would be honored to be considered for the WLS Channel. I am a low BMI patient who has succeeded with the lap band procedure and I receive requests for advice from across the country.

    Ps. I have installed the widget code. It shows in my HTML code but not yet on my page. Could there possibly be a delay? thanks.

    mona diaz

  2. Melinda

    I am working with your graphics person to get a widget that is small enough as I use Joomla and the columns are narrow. However, I have linked to your site since the inception of your channel several months back. I have also added a small link banner on my site in the meantime while waiting for your smaller widget. Thanks so much. I love your shows and love Yvonne!!

  3. Tiffany

    Whew! I finally figured out how to install the widget!!! Thank you all for your help. I would like to submit my blog for consideration.



  4. Melinda

    Woohoo! Finally got the widget! The webmaster you have is just awesome! He customized a smaller widget to fit my website with joomla…

  5. Patrece Snow

    I have your widget displayed on my home page. I offer a 100% free online community for wls patients. It offer a community forum, a free personal blog, a free personal photo album, and a free chat room. Membership is required, but that too is free. I do hope to be considered for inclusion! Thanks so much!

  6. Reina

    This is great. I will put this on Facebook. I am a Personal Trainer and I have several WLS patients as Clients. I am also 5yrs out from my Gastric Bypass WLS.

    Keep up the great work out there!
    Reina B.

  7. Alejandra Ortaga

    I am 15 years and 70kgs.I want to lose 3kgs per month so that in the next 11 months i can lose at least 20kg my height is is possible???and if yeas how??plzz helpp 🙂


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