Weight Loss Surgery Using Endoscopic Techniques for Lower Risk, Quicker Recovery

Weight loss surgery patients may enjoy quicker recovery, and less risk, as more doctors utilize endoscopic techniques.

laparoscopic weight loss surgeryThe use of endoscopic techniques is on the rise across several surgical specialties, including bariatric surgery, according to a new report.

Data compiled by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. indicates that better technology is leading many healthcare organizations to use endoscopic surgery.

The technique involves placing a small camera tube into the patient’s body through very small incisions, or by way of a natural orifice, like the mouth. The surgeon is able to look around inside, and surgery time is often shorter than with a traditional procedure. Endoscopic surgery also can be less risky and shorten the patient’s recovery time.

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Endoscopic systems are frequently used for cancer treatments, as well as arthroscopy and even some cosmetic surgeries. But now doctors are testing various endoscopic bariatric procedures, including the “Transoral gastroplasty” – or TOGa – an experimental procedure that uses a surgical insert called the TOGa device.

The TOGa combines a surgical stapler with a suction unit and tissue-spreading retractor all in an instrument small enough to be inserted into the patient’s stomach via the mouth and esophagus. This eliminates the need to cut open the abdomen.

So far, the TOGa procedure is still in clinical trials. But as these technologies continue to develop, weight loss surgery patients can look forward to quicker recovery times, fewer complications and less scarring after an operation.

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