Weight Loss Surgery Safe for Seniors

A new study out of Baylor University in Dallas shows that weight loss surgery can benefit adults over age 65 as much as younger patients, and poses no additional risk of complications.

weight loss surgery benefits seniorsSome people think that weight loss surgery is a treatment best suited to the young. However, a new study by the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas says that’s not so.

The study, presented at the 26th annual meeting of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, found that seniors can benefit from weight loss surgery just as much as younger people, and with no additional risk to the patient.

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Researchers looked at data from a sample population of 100 obese patients ranging in age from 65 to 77 years old , and compared these with data from a younger sample population.

All the patients had laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery between January 2005 and July 2008, and all experienced comparable levels of weight loss. The numbers of post-operative complications were almost the same in both groups as well.

The study’s authors conclude that despite age differences, older obesity patients are just as likely to benefit from weight loss surgery as are younger patients, and are no more at risk of developing complications afterward.

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