Weight Loss Surgery Non-Profit Helping to Pay for Procedures

Weight loss surgery can be prohibitively costly when not covered by insurance. Now, a new non-profit group is giving away grant money to help people in need afford the life-saving procedure.

A group of individuals from the weight loss surgery community have formed a new non-profit organization to help people who are morbidly obese but unable to get bariatric surgery due to financial reasons.

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) was created with the goal of raising funds and resources that will provide weight loss surgery for those who would otherwise be unable to afford the procedure. The foundation also hopes to provide reconstructive plastic surgery to remove excess skin for patients who have already benefitted from weight loss surgery.

Since its inception last month, the organization has already raised enough money to give its first grant for weight loss surgery and one year of follow up care with a Bariatric Center of Excellence. The inaugural grant recipient, Connie, has been turned down for weight loss surgery four times in the past six years. Meanwhile, her twin sister Rosemary, who has the same insurance carrier but a different policy, was approved within one month of choosing to undergo the procedure.

Years later Rosemary continues to thrive and maintain a healthy weight while inspiring others, yet Connie still struggles to survive at 350 pounds because she can’t afford bariatric surgery and her insurance carrier refuses to help. The WLSFA plans to film a documentary about the two sisters, following Connie through her weight loss surgery journey in the coming months.

In addition to providing financial assistance for prospective bariatric patients, the WLSFA plans to be involved in charitable events and support research that will find solutions to further enhance the quality of life of the morbidly obese community. The group encourages members and doctors to get involved by volunteering their time or donating money to help those who are unable to afford the procedure that could very well save their life. For more information, visit www.wlsfa.org.

PLEASE NOTE: The Weight Loss Surgery Channel is not affiliated with the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America and does not provide funding for bariatric surgery. To inquire about grant opportunities, please visit www.wlsfa.org.

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  1. marie

    Is there any body to contact me about this program. DO they do this in louisville? thats where i live.

  2. Diana Magana

    I dont know how to get a hold of this foundation. I need help!!! I’m 24years old, i’m only 5′ 7″, and 240 lbs. I’ve struggled all my life with my weight. I’ve always watched what i eat and i still cant get off of that 240lbs mark. All my life has been diet after diet but none of them seem to have worked I’m hypertensive and i have a family history of diabetes. I dont know what to do. I’m unemployed and i have no insurance. Some times i cant even afford my medication. Please help!!!!

  3. Ruby

    My name is ruby i am a 35 yr old Hispanic woman 5’0 and 238 pounds.I work graveyard and have for 12 yrs. I have tried losing weight for years now. I tried changing eating habits, going to the gym, even a diet doctor and nothing seems to help.The most I can lose is 10 lbs. My work even has a nutrition program called apple program we are required to participate for insurance purposes.They even assign us a coach. Well working my shift has a big effect on my eating — I don’t know when to eat breakfast or dinner before i go to bed or wake up. I have tried many different things and the weight won’t come off.I have checked with my insurance and it does not pay for the surgery my BMI is 43%. If there is anything you can do PLEASE HELP!

  4. Andrea Burdette

    I too am in need of this service. I recently dropped my insurance after going round and round with them because they will not cover anything obesity related. At 5’5 355 lbs anything I have is obesity related and I am desiring weight loss surgery. It is beginning to AFFECT EVERY PART OF MY LIFE AND i SOON WILL HAVE TO QUIT WORKING AT ONLY 44 YEARS OF AGE. Please help or point me in the direction of someone who can help.

  5. jamie parker

    I am a type 2 diabetic sleep apnea herniated disc in lower back and my neurosurgeon suggests gastric bypass surgery ,i have no insurance.
    can you direct me to whomever gives grants ..Please

  6. Amanda

    My husband if approx 100 lbs overweight. He has a history of type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, sleep apnea. This year he had a heart attack and we found out he is in renal failures. We have health insurance, however the policy we have excludes any type of weight loss. Is there anything out there to help with this? At this point his name would not be put on a kidney transplant list.

  7. jojo

    I’m 52yrs old @ 235 and have been overweight for more than 20yrs. It’s effecting my health so I have scheduled gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico for 6,000. I checked with U.S. and they want 16,000 which I don’t have. I don’t have 6,000 either but I got a loan and plan to pay it back overe the next 2 yrs. Just a suggestion for thoses who are desperate. Goof luck yo you.

  8. Maggie

    I would like more information about this!! I am 34 years old, and morbidly obese @ 5’3 and 300 lbs. I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease and the incipent beginnings of diabetes. I;m currently uninsured, working part-time as a prek teacher, and have tried everything to loose weight but the weight keeps coming back.
    I may have to go the loan route, but don;t know if I can get approved because of my income.

  9. Dotty

    I am 45 years old and I am 5’2 and obesed I have medicrea and medicaid but it will not pay for weight loss I am bipolar and the meds I am on weight gain is one of the side affects I have breathing problems and sleeping problems because of the weight problem this is the heaviest I have ever been in my life I’m expecting my first grandbaby Feb,March 2011 and I want to not only lose the weight for him but for my love ones but mainly for me I have to much life to enjoy ahead of me please help Thanks Dotty From Eustis,FL.

  10. Lurann

    I am 51 years old and I have diabetes.I am having a very hard time trying to lose weight I am now at 250lbs.I was told by the doctors that if I don’t lose the wait I am going blind because diabetes has gotten in my eyes.I have no insurance and I am unemployed PLEASE help me to continue to see the world.I need HELP NOW I want to see my grandchildren grow up.

  11. Tani

    Hi, I am 25 308lbs and have arthritis in my hip I was 256 in march 2010 and due to my hip and my weight i can do nothing about it. I am recently married and I can not work more than three hours at a time. I have no clue what to do from here we are living with my parents due to money issues and i could never afford to even consider this surgery. i’ve tried every miricle cure out there and all i want is a normal life where i can participate in things like rock climbing horse back riding heck even bowling! I was enjoying all these things until my body just gave out and now I feel so depressed. i’m tired of crying and i’m tired of being the one that can not participate because i’m close to 200 lbs overweight. heck i’m only 5’3 I have ulcerative colitis migraines hip ankle and back pain i’m depressed and i had my gall bladder removed little over a year ago and i’m still not recovered from that.

  12. Vicki Bradley

    I am 56 years old and need help. I weight 405 lbs and am 5’3″ tall. I am umemployed and have no insurance. I have type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and lymphedema in my legs and lower abdomen. I have tried to loose weight but have been unsuccessful. It is difficult for me now to pay for all the medications. Please direct me to someone who wants to help.

  13. Angel Morris

    I am 24 years old I am 5’4″ and I weigh 385…. I have a 3 year old son that I love dearly but I can’t enjoy him I suffered and still suffering from depression … Sumtimes I want to give up on life but my little boy keeps me pushing I don’t have much Money I’m so embarrassed to go out with me being overweight to have a job so I do home health my weight is out of control… I need help bad I need any kind of help…I always feel as if I never really lived my life I just want a chance at living…HELP ME PLEASE

  14. Debbie Specht

    My insurance will not pay for any weight loss related. But if you have a heart attack or need heart surgery, they will pay for that. That’s hard to figure out and understand. I am 56 years old and I have hypertension, diabetes type II, I have been on depresson medication for 30 years. I have had two hip replacements (that my insurance paid for). My knees are bad. I’m afraid I’m not going to live to see grandchildren or even live very much longer. I work at a hospital and feel I should look better (lose weight). It is so hard to do.It is really sad that other addictions are paid for, but not weight lose, which is an addiction to me. Some people are so mean to overweight people. But those who have never had that problem will never understand. I sit here typing this now with tears in my eyes. Blessed are those who help those who have gotten help.

  15. Justin

    Hi my name is justin and im 17 years old. I am currently around 400 pounds possibly more
    I am very afraid that i am not going to live that long and i really need help.
    I wasnt always this big bu alot of things happened that made me depressed and i guess i
    Turned to food for comfort. I cant even walk when its cold outside without sweating.
    I am so depressed with my weight i dont like to go anywhere because i feel like people are
    Staring at me when i go anywhere. Im so ashamed of my body and i dont know what i could
    Do about it. I really wish there was something or someone that could help me.

  16. becky

    I am 51 years old disable female. I have pulmonary hypertension, type diabetes, degenerative arthritis in both knees. I did all the requirements for medicare, but the hospital needs the deductable for the hospital and surgeon. There is no way I can afford this. I called the hospitals about charity, both of the hospitals says it is cosmatic surgery. When does it comes medical, not cosmetic surgery.

  17. Magen

    Simply put I don’t want to live the way things are. I was put on my first diet before I was eight and I am 26 and have yet to find one that has worked. I am ashamed and depressed with my body. Its truly painful to say I hate my body. I hate the scale that proves I am now 340 pounds and stand 5 foot 10. I’m trapped and scared that if nothing changes my life will end. I have type 2 diabetes. I do what I can to keep moving, to just smile or laugh when I am called names or rejected because of this body. I am a strong person, but I am now asking for help. I need help. I pray someone can understand how hard it is to say that. A simple request to save the life of girl that just wants to start to live before her body ends the life that never got its first chance.

  18. Steph

    I am in need of help for surgery. I am 30 years old and a mother of one. I am 5’4″ and 250 or more pounds. I want to be able to be healthy for my little boy and be able to do more with him. I get winded so fast when we are outside and I can not do half the things that he wants me to do with him. I am working but I can not afford the insurance and I only get 9 hours aweek. I really need help getting this surgery done to help me lose weight I have tried all the diets out there. Some work for a little bit then I stop losing weight. I work out and nothing happens. I do not eat that much as it is and I still am having major problems. I do not want to develop diebetes in my future. I want to be healthy and be a good role model for my son. Please contact me.

  19. Dione

    Hi i had the lapband for about 4 yrs now and ive only lost 10 pounds but gaining the weight back im 23 5’5 241 pounds. please help me i dont have any insurance i need emergency surgery i had a revision 2 yrs ago and now im in so much pain and its like this evey day my dr wanted to do another labband revision to the gastic sleeve.but i dont know want to do. please somone help my i cant take the pain anymore is there anyone out there who can help me please

  20. Sage

    I am 25, 5’3″, and weigh 235lbs. I have polyacystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), extreme back pain, knee pain, high blood pressure, no energy, and very low self esteem. I have no insurance and don’t have the money to pay in cash for a surgery. I NEED HELP NOW. I don’t see any way of getting a hold of anyone about this…. I would like some info on how to get this!

  21. billie branch


  22. Lenora

    I am a 30 year old female. I weighed 320 pounds just several months ago. I was hit hard with depression after my Mother passed away. I just stopped functioning. I just wanted to lay there and give up. So I did for a few years. Finally I woke up! Only to see the damage I had let happen to myself. I understand how it feels to be trapped inside yourself. Almost like youve walled yourself in a tomb. And your reflection isnt you any more. It took some time and a lot of emotional healing, but I was able to start getting “me” back. I understand fully how all you guys feel and what youre going through. Though, I did not have gastric bypass surgery, I have lost 130 pounds through diet and exercise. I am thrilled to have lost so much weight. And that I am able to continue keeping myself motivated. But now the excess skin I have left over has become physically painful. Its extremely uncomfortable to carry around and limits some of my movements. I am wondering if this program can help me in having this excess skin removed?

  23. Alica Isabella

    Sometimes they can get urinary tract infections. Weight Loss Surgery Non-Profit Helping to Pay for Procedures |Weight Loss Surgery Channel: makes sense

  24. sandra martin

    I’am a 44 year old disable female.I have a paralyzed left arm hypertension type diabetes conjective heart failer.And a very large mid section.And I;am living on a fixed income.Is there any way I can get assistance FOR COSMETIC SURGERY.SINCERLY SANDRA MARTIN

  25. Brandy Laws

    I am a 33 year old mother and wife. I weigh 300-307. I have a heel spur and plantar faciatis. I get muscle pulls in my back and neck. I often end up immobile. Keeping from walking, working. I have extreme difficulty finding work with my emotional issues anyway. I don’t know where to begin. I have already changed eating habits….no soda. I am tying so hard, but doing no good. please help.


    i have HBP DIABETES some time i fell like giving up i want to be here for my children.HELP

  27. Eugene


    Here’s my story.

    I’m a 42 male, 5`9 1/2 whole life I’ve been morbidly obese, I lost weight many times but just gained it back anytime I would eat regular portions plus extra weight. I feel like I haven’t really lived my life!

    My highest weight was 325, but I’ve been doing the atkins and got down to 300 now. I had afib from my sleep apnea 2 times now which put me in the hospital both times, I had to have a cardiac cath “my arteries are clear thank god”, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and 2 bad knees. I’m gobbling percocets 4 times a fucking day and I hate it!!!!!!!

    I falling apart because of my weight! I have to do something or I’m going to die for sure!

    I went to the bariatric surgeon and it’s either the lapband or RNY. I told the Dr I wanted the RNY because I don’t want to play around.
    I’m not scared of the surgery, I’m scared that I don’t have it yet.

    I’m waiting for my apnea machine, I’m scared to sleep.. my Dr told me my apnea is very severe & my oxygen saturation drops as low as 84% when I sleep.

    I’m also on social security disability because of a severe panic disorder I have, I can’t even work anymore.

    My life is falling apart in front of my eye’s and I’m scared!

    I have to see a different bariatric surgeon on the 29th because the 1st Dr I seen only does lapband’s. I also have a dietitian appt on the same day. Then a psych eval on July 12th.

    But the thing is I can’t afford the 20%, the Dr. want’s 500.00 & the hospital want’s 1,080 before surgery and I don’t have any idea how I’m going to pay for it. I have Medicare which pay’s 80% but I only get 1,060.00 per month I don’t have a car anymore and I live with my parent’s.

    My life is the worst as it’s ever been!

    I really need help!

    Thank you,

  28. donna

    eugene hang in there,you can do anything you set your heart on.believe”””’.i’m praying for you.

  29. Bertha

    I have struggle with obesity for 30+ years,diet pills,weightloss shakes,and exercising;i’ve tried everything. I have insurance that just want take this case.I would be more than grateful if I could recive any assistance from your organization.My healths detoriating and I would like to lose weight for my health purposes.

  30. Kathleen


    I read through your story and felt so much compassion for you. I am a diabetic with sleep apnea, high blood pressure and degenerative disc disease. I have been searching for years to find an answer to my weight issues. I found the Obesity Help forum a few years back, and was introduced to the Duodenal Switch. I originally planned on getting the RNY, but had so many friends who had the RNY and then gained back most of their weight – and so I worried I would be the same.

    If you have time to look at ObesityHelp.com, I think you might be excited about the DS. It offers those of us who have a higher BMI a better lifestyle (as opposed to the RNY – where we would have to continue to diet the rest of our lives) and it also has the best weight loss retention stats of all the WLS offered.

    Good luck to you….I know this is so hard. My motto: Think twice, cut once.

    Blessings to you


  31. Kari

    Hi My name is Kari,Im 26 yrs old,5’8,and 345lbs.I have no insurance,medicaid,and no way to pay for this.But my health is so bad already and to be so young and have so many health issues scares me.My dad died from cancer last yr,my mother has already had it twice,and I have PCOS,endometrosis,knees with deterating cartlidge.I have already had to have emergency Gall bladder surgery,and now bc of my weight and female problem,may never be able to have what I desire the most in this world,My own baby.So can someone please get ahold of me and tell me anything,anyway,or whatever I can do to speak with someone about this.I feel like this company is doing something that is beyond amazing.Please help me.

  32. to big to love

    i am Female 273 and on a good day 267 i am 5″2 i really dont like looking at my slef no more i am age 20 i really do not want to be this way i cant take diet pill bc i SVT that is a heart problum and i also have cervical cancer and really would like to have kids be for i get anything done im so sick of being called a fatt ass by my family and people i dont even know it hurts i walk to miles every day i relly dont eat that much any more have been thinking about be comeing balemic not a good thing i know i really need help

  33. Nicole

    I’m 24 an I weigh over 550 pounds I need help I’ve tried all sorts of diets an even joined gyms tried walking an nothing helps I have been bigger all my life but it’s only getting worse

  34. Annita

    Looking for any and all HELP that I can recive. I do not have the best credit in the world, but am willing to pay as much as I can so that I am around for my 3 children. Both my mother and father have passed away and I have to be there for my kids cause there is no where for them to go. I am 30 and right around 400 Lbs and only 5″6. I have hernia repair done on my stomach several times and they are still returning. Yes I am able to move around, I do walk cause well I dont have a car so I can get around but just can not loss the weight. I got down to 318 and then it just started comeing back. What can I do?

  35. Mendy

    Kari I saw your post feel free to e-mail me. I have a few ideas mlrose30@gmail.com and anyone else that is having issues if I can help I will. I am getting ready to have gastric bypass surgery in a month, I struggled to get it. I have been fighting for it for 2 year years and finally thank God I am getting ready to get it done.


    Hello. I am a 44 years old 5’4 and 260lbs My BMI is 44. I have Diabetes, hypertension, Hypothyroidism, and Neuropathy. I have tried every diet you can think of. I even joined a gym and did Boot Camp, changed my eating habits. My insurance approved the gastric bypass surgery. I went to the doctor for my counseling and I get a phone call from the insurance that the surgery was Denied. No explanation from the insurance only that they made a mistake and Surgery is Denied. If there is anything you can do for me please contact me. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a bless day. Colleen

  37. DENISE

    Hi. I’m 35yrs old and 234lbs. I have tried every diet under the sun. i’ve yo-yoed for years and never gotten smaller that 186 lbs. I have 3 children and work very hard for very little. I make sure my kids have everything they need, but in doing so i have ended up without quite a bit. Not upset about it, just praying there is help for me. I do realize there are alot of people out there just like me. We’ve all had it hard is some way or other. Please consider me, if there is any help that can be given. Thank you. Denise

  38. Cari

    Hi. I am 42 yrs old, was in a car accident a few yrs ago, had major back surgery. Due to the severe pain before surgery I became inactive and have gone from 170 to 295 lbs @ 5’8″ tall, and a BMI of 43…I lost my job, had referral for bariatric surgery, but lost insurance. All the weight is really wearing me down, my knees are hurting now, my low back still hurts and I know the majority of it is from the weight. I can’t sleep very well, sleep apnea has come into play and life has just become miserable….I need help terribly. Please contact me if you can help. Thank you.

  39. crystal craig

    me and my sister both are very large woman i am 39 5’7 and weigh roughly 400lbs. my sister vicky is 41 5’7 and roughly 375lbs. my son jayson, hes 10, has only 2 wishes in his young life. one, to grow up and be a pro basketball player. 2nd, for me and my sister to live long enough to see him play. we are all he has. hes an honor student.very sweet.just an all around good kid.recently i had a nervous breakdown, because im tired of bein fat.im tired of being tired. i wanna live. i need your help. please. we are just two sisters raising my son and we both need lapband surgery.but we couldnt begin to afford the surgeries.we barely make ends meet.sad thing is, because money is so tight, when we are able to really grocery shop for our house, jayson is starting to pick up our habits like when we were kids EAT CUZ IT MAY NOT BE THERE FOR AWHILE AGAIN. jayson is almost 5’5 .again 10yrs old and weighs 155lbs. please please help me and my sister. so we can live.

  40. brendia link

    Please help me i want to live. 8 yrs. ago my only son got killed by drunk driver. on my birthday within 5 hours my brother died of colon cancer.I have been gaining every since. i have had 6 knee surgeys on right and 1 one left weight has played a big factor. Please help me.

  41. brendia link

    i want to live starting gaing when my only son got killed by drunken driver on my birthday. within 5 hours my birthday died of colon cancer. i have had 6 surgeys on right knee 1 on left knee. Please i want to walk and live help me.

  42. Debbie Branam

    I am 50 years old and weigh about 300 lbs. and I have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and now osteoarthritis in my knees. I am in a lot of pain and I know that if I can lose weight then it would relieve some of the pain. I have no insurance and can’t afford to get insurance on my own since I am unemployed and on unemployment. I want to work, but I know it will be hard with the pain. I have just recently applied for disability and who knows if and when I will get it or if I will even be approved. I would give anything to be able to have weight loss surgery. I want to get healthier and do somethings to get my life back in order.

  43. Erin

    My story sound so similar I’m 5 ft 4in and I weigh 270lbs. I want and need the surgery so bad. I’m unemployed with no health insurance because I was laid off in 2010. I have been trying to do it on my own but no results. I have type 2 diabetes simply because of my weight. I need help

  44. Connie

    I am 41 yrs old and used to weigh 417 lbs, I’m a diabetic and have lost now over 100 lbs . I’m now at 300 lbs, and have a lot of excess lose skin that needs removing. Medicaid doesn’t pay for this, and I’m on a very low income. I would like to go back to work soon, I haven’t worked since 2007 because of the weight and health issues caused from the weight. I really would like to know more about this program, please help me!!

  45. Charlotte

    I am 64 yrs old and weigh 237 lbs. I AM 5’2″ TALL. I am on medicade
    and I pay an insurnace premium but they will not cover the surgery I have tried everything. n most important concern is my health and of course like any other woman I would like to look nice again.I get so discouraged. I have so may things to do and see in my life ,but i fear I will not live long enough to acomplish these things.
    Is there any help for me . I surlely cannot afford this procedure. I should surly been thinking more when I was shoving food in my mouth. PLEASEHELP!

  46. Amy Coffey

    I am 39 years old Mother of two. I have struggled with weight issues all my life and have tried every diet out there I know several how have suggested the surgery to me after receiving it with great success. I have a disabled child who depends on me. at this point and weighty my quality of life is rapidly decreasing I am afraid if I do not find a solution I will not be around very much longer to take care of my children does anyone know of any help out there for those of us who have no insurance?

  47. rebecca jones

    I am a single mom of 3 daughters age 20 15 and 9. I also have a 3yr old grandson. I have lost my whole family to heart disease my father in 1987 my sister in 2004 my brother in 2005 and my mother in 2009. I do not want to die from heart disease or diabetes and leave my daughters and grandson without a mom or mimi! Please help me I am. All they have left

  48. stacy adkins

    Hi!! I have been trying to get surgery for about 3 years now. I spent time researching, and going to seminars; two different surgeons in two different states. At the time, I had insurance, but the first doctor wanted an additional 7000.00, and the other was out of state and the insurance did not cover there. I also went to two seminars with the same Bariatric group, but would get to certain point, and hit a roadblock. The first time, I had to have 250.00 for my pre operation exams, and did not have it; about 6 months later, I tried again, having to go to the seminar and everything again. This time I did get to go to the pre exams, but then my husband lost his job, therefore loosing his/our insurance.

    It’s so frustrating!! I am an educated woman, with a teaching degree, and I have been taking a course to earn a paralegal cerificate. The problem is I am afraid to get out in the working world again, especially because of my weight. It is really causing me to become really down(I take meds for bipolar). Not only that, I just do not have any energy! I am 45 with a BMI of 41, and I desperately want a better quality of life, able to enjoy my family: 3 sons, 12,11 and 21, who has my granddaughter who is 6 months old. And although my husband loves me big, he is supportive of my getting the surgery to better my health.

    I really would appreciate help to be able to complete the last step I had to go to a new, better, healthier way of life. PLEASE!! Thank You!

  49. desiree bradford

    I have lost 160 lbs after weighing 265 to 3oo lbs for 32 years. After losing this weight I have excess skin on my stomach and the inside thighs. I have worked very hard to keep this off and for 2 years I have done just that. But it is very discouraging when the excess skin keeps me from being able to get my cloths to fit without spandex. I will be 55 years old in Feb. and am trying to find a way to be more confident with the way I feel and look. Is there anyone who can get me information to help with this. I don’t have insurance and can’t afford it. I dont know any other way to have this done. I am in front of people all the time and with my job and ministry I need help to get past the last hurdle of this journey. I would be forever grateful if someone could help me find a way to do this. thank you very much

  50. Staci

    I am 32, with a lifetime of weight issues! I got skinny at one point of my life-through eating disorders. I stopped killing myself and now I am 250lbs(I did once weigh 300 and through starvation/bulimia/over exercising I got down to 130lbs-nothing was healthy about it) now I am normal and back to my fat self. I am unemployed, uninsured-I need help, desperately! My weight makes me depressed and on the verge of starting old habits! I can’t do this the rest if my life but can’t afford surgery to fix it! Please, please help!!

  51. eric uphold

    hi i am 41 years old and have been over wieght all my life and dont have any insurance and have struggled with depresion . went through 20+ years of drug addiction and im really wanting to lose wieght but cant sem to do this i have tried everything from the cabbage diet to every pill on market even phen phen pills . i need some kind of funding help im tired of being 450+ pounds . i would lke to have kidds someday and be able to see them grow up. please try to provide me with some info.email me bigeuphold@hotmail.com

  52. Laurie Diehl

    I recently traveled to university of virginia where i was approved and my doctor refered me. My appointment was on the 10/20/2011 at 8:00 am, so i went up there the day before got a hotel room and the next morning i went. Now mind you i drove 4 hours to get here. So i got checked in for my pre-op and went to the seminar. At the beginning of this seminar there was a insurance guy there asking the people one by one what kind of insurance they had. Then he got to me and i told him i did not have insurance but i was approved by university of virginia, he told me then that he advised me after the seminar to not see the doctor and get labs cause just the labs alone would be about 1,800.00 dollars. Well when the seminar was over i went downstairs to medical billing, and i was so upset. I asked what was going on and they told me i was approved to go back up there and wait to be seen by the doctors. So i waited and waited and finally the nurse took me out in the hallway and said that this is not a elective surgery and will not be covered, so i got upset again and had too drive 4 hours home. I cannot go on like this i weigh 315 pounds my height is 5’6” i relly had my hopes up for getting this done, but now i just dont know what to do any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

  53. Sholanda Gilyard

    Hi, I’m 35 yrs old, 5’0 and weigh 275lbs. I have struggled with weight my entire life. I have tried many diets with no success. I have tried a trainer for a 6mth period and only lost 7lbs. I’ve tried working out on my own, changed my eating habits and nothing has worked. I often find myself immensely depressed about my weight. Last year, i was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which causes a hormonal inbalance. Basically my doctor instructed me that i needed to loose weight in order to get this condition under control. He also informed me that one of the side effects would be weight gain, i have since learned that losing weight with this condition is EXTREMELY difficult, thus i feel like i’m in a “Winless” regarding my weight. I feel like surgery is my last resort. I was laid off almost a year ago and thus, don’t have any health insurance and have yet to find gainful employment. I am in desperate need of assistance to help me get healthy. I’m so afraid of developing diabetes, heart disease, HBP, or worse as a result of my weight. Please help!!!

    Thank you!!!

  54. Deborah Daniels

    I am 52 years old and I struggled with my weight for my whole life. I weight 350 lbs 5 foot 5. I also lost my job and have not found a new one because my weight is part of the problem. I really could use some help.

  55. HELP

    My strife started early in my childhood. When I was very young I suffered heavy bouts of asthma and chronic bronchitis. Something with the medical treatments went seriously wrong and I started to gain weight uncontrollably. However, since my life was in direct danger from my other medical issues, no one was really concerned about a kid’s little weight gain. Later when my childhood health issues subsided it became obvious that my obesity had become a serious problem on its own, and despite all my desperate attempts it seemed beyond my control to help it.
    I am a small frame but on my 21st birthday I weighed at 120kg (265lb), heavy with all the ridicule and attacks that I had experienced all throughout my school years. I started seeking out ways to improve my physical condition with the hope that I might somehow be included in society, that I might be noticed for my qualities and character, and not only for my extreme obesity. I was so consumed with the stigma of my weight that as a young person I did not even aspire for professional development and career. All I wanted was to be “normal” in the eyes of my piers. So I finally took things in my hands and after many months and gargantuan efforts, excruciating starvation and dieting I managed to reach the dreamed of weight of 60kg (132lb). Except as you can imagine nothing was dreamy about my physical appearance at this point. My overstretched skin was hanging all around me; while I still didn’t fit in the sizes I should have been able to wear being 60kg. From the extreme dieting and nutrition depletion my gums and teeth became diseased. The skin on my face aged beyond my years. I was disappointed beyond words and scared for my health.
    At this point I started looking for medical help, but was told that the Bulgarian public health system does not provide an avenue for my kind of ailments. I took financial credit and sought help from private clinics but this was in vain too, as the cosmetic surgery industry in Bulgaria is fairly new field with only few privileged customers who can afford it. The complete procedures that I required were priced beyond anything I or my family could afford.
    I was completely crushed that despite all my will power, personal efforts and financial investment I was still in the same desperate state that I started from without hope for a different future. It has been more than 10 years that I have maintained my goal weight of 60kg, but still as far away from my dream as back then.
    My dream is a really a simple one – it is really a hope for a normal life. I believe that a woman’s call is to be a mother and a lover, to give birth, to raise a family and create a home. I want to be that, I want to do all these things in my life. But how can I ever hope? I have been alone for many years now – not for lack of interested parties. But I have been intentionally avoiding any romantic involvement, for fear of the day when I would have to stand in front of him naked.
    And in everyday life and at my job I want to reach out and apply my full potential. But I am terrified to ever come to the front or raise attention to myself – for what if they notice some piece of hanging flesh that I failed to conceal and what if they talk like it usually happens.
    I understand that one cannot lead a full life if they are in a constant state of defensiveness and intense self awareness. This is not how you fight with the challenges and hardships of life. For this one needs confidence – a quality that I understandably lack.
    So I turn to you with a plea for help and cooperation. I don’t know whether my story has moved you at all, yet I dare to hope that you might be able to help me achieve my dream for a normal appearance and life. How and by what means I would leave to your judgment and suggestions.

  56. kala

    I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure , I have no insurance, I make 200.00 a week for myself and 6 yr old daughter to live . We live in moss point, MS. I have no insurance. I don’t make any money to live . I know I want to get the sleeve surgery , because I want to see my daughter graduate school, get married, and way down the line have me some grand babies . Please help me I really need help in thus matter. Thank you very much

  57. Letta Young

    I am disabled and was on steroid treatments for 5years to treat MCTD. I am 35yrs old and have been weened off the steroid but not before gaining 100lbs. Since August 2011, I have lost 80lbs and feel better, but the sagging, extra skin is causing rashes and pain from the hanging. I also feel like I am in an 80yr old body. I did not have any surgery to loss the weight… I did it naturally. Being on disability, I can’t afford to have the skin removed, even though it is causing me health problems. If there is any one out there that know anyway I can get the treatment I need, please let me know… I AM DESPERATE!!!!

  58. Melinda Proctor

    im a 39yr old woman whohas struggled with my weight for the past 10yrs. after i had my second son i have had nonthing but promblems. i cant seem to stop gaining no matter how hard i try. i went from a size 9 to a 30w and way around 400lbs if not more right now. i was also diagnosed with Narcolpsy in 2006. it has a major part with my weight gain. also im a diabetic. now have high blood pressure and copd on a bypap machine and oxygen in day. i lost my job from my health increasing had to get on disability. but even with my medical insurance i cant afford or get help paying for any type of weight loss surgery. i would really love ur help. i dont want to die at an early age. im a mom and granny. i want to enjoy them. its hard because i can barely breath enough or walk far enough to the mailbox not along climb stairs well.

  59. Dr.Steve

    Well-great stories–but most a bunch of garbage of folks who do not respect themselves enough to do the HARD work of eating right and changing their life!! I know it sounds harsh and I know it will make many of you angry–but in 20 years of obesity and cardiology treatment there is always the folks looking for the easy way–and not pay for it themselves!! If I go to your car right now–how many fast food items and soft drinks will I find, look in the pantry–are there cakes and cookies? YES??? Look inward–there is always another excuse, I do not buy any of them. This foundation needs to be for folks who have had mental health counseling, and may need to have the skin surgery after they have made the personal committment to lose the weight-not for those looking for surgery to try–and gain back the weight again. I will wait to see how this foundation selects the patients BEFORE I give money and/or time. I feel for all the obese but get off the couch before you look for a hand out!

  60. Tracy

    I am 41yrs old and am extremely overweight. I have a BMI of 53.3. I have read each and every one of the stories here. Gosh I honestly felt alone in this battle with my weight and now know that I am soooo not alone. I work for the local hospital and have insurance but, they will not pay 1 red cent towards weight loss. It’s disgusting especially because they are bending over backwards to help Cigarette smokers. I need help desperately…..

  61. Becky

    Hi im all to familiar with the pain these people have to live. Im not going to tell my whole story I will tell you this. I am 33now I have been in a fight with my body all my life well sense 1985 I know all to well how mean people can be and there kids can make a person feel even worse ( look mommy how fat that lady is ) I know you want to just run back to your bed and hide because I do. Im a sick lady I have medical problems myself I can’t exercise now I have rheumatoid arthritis I have two kids 15 year old boy and a 12 year old daughter I was a only child 26 years now I have a 10 year old sister who looks up to me well she is over wait to and is putting on more I try to talk to these kids about this painful problem in our lives but they think im kool its not kool to me I know how life can treat bigger people I have felt the pain of our community/ society I hurt everyday of my life now for my family more than myself I realy want to live to hold my grandchildren I want to hold my nieces or nephews one day. I feel my days are numbered in this life and I need help I want help I will do all I can to change my life I need help I am on ssi so yea im poor too I can’t stress enough how much I need the help i need my life back. I will fight for my life for my kids someone plz help….

  62. Kim

    Hello everyone,

    I’m 32 years old 4’11 and 230 pounds. I’ve tried just about everything to lose weight. I am involved in a water aerobics program every other day. I usually eat three times a day and I don’t eat big meals.

    I participated in the water aerobics class for four months and lost a total of two pounds. I’ve worked out before endlessly and still I can’t seem to lose the weight. I’ve been heavy since the age of 13 when I stopped growing. At age 22 I gained 50 pounds from birth control.

    I have tried just about every diet there is. I just don’t seem to be losing weight. I am not diabetic yet. Many years ago I had my thyroid checked. Its functional.

    I have no medical insurance. I have no children and I am not married. I am a full time college student. I can’t breath, I can’t sleep, there are days where I have no energy. I just don’t know what to do anymore. If you can help please give me information.

  63. Diane Skinner

    I am 61 and have a weight problem. I have no insurance and low paying job. I have problems with my legs,high blood pressure,panic attacks,sleeping disorder,social disorder and eating disorder. I feel my weight has made all these problems worst. I need help!

  64. Kerri Span

    Hi my name is Kerri, i am a single mother of three. I am 200 pounds over my desired weight. I have had multiple surgeries on my knees and the weight is overberring. I cant hardly walk at time, shortness of breath. My kids are very atheletic and are in all types of sports. Can you please help, i do not have insurance and cant afford the surgery. Thanks Kerri Span

  65. KAREN

    AND WOULD LOVE TO BE ASSISTED. I have joined a gym, but in the gym there is a group called extreme looser. its a 12 week program, i have completed one phase
    lost 15 lbs and 18.75 inches. i would LOVE help in another 12 week program.
    Is there anyway your group can assist me? Karen

  66. Berta

    I am wanting to have the lap band done, I was getting ready to have this done and I lost my job. I am wanting to know more information on this grant. Please if someone can please contact me i would really appreciate it. I live in El Paso, TX

  67. tanjina

    hi, i am 29 years old women and 1 kid, i live in australia. i am 5’4″ and i am 110 kg weight. i go through 7 multipul surgery but i still dont loose enough weight. i heard that gastric bending is good for loose weight. i do every possible way to loose weight. now my marriage is in danger my husband wants me loose weight or he will leave me. i badly need some help to save my family.gastric banding will cost me $16,000 aus dollar. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee someone help me. i love my husband and my kid and i dont have any money.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me. i am begging everyone please.

  68. Irene

    Irene: I am a 42 year old women and a cancer survivor and I have tried everything to loose weight. I can’t afford insurance, and I am the sole provider for my family. I am at my last straw I have no where to turn and I am getting desparate. I just wish there was a way for peopple like me to get the funds to get my life back .

  69. Michele

    I am 44 years old I had the bypass about 3 years ago I lost 200 lbs an keep it off !!! I’m in need of the skin removed ! It make my back hurt I can’t pay for it please help me I’m on SSD !

  70. Angelica DelToro

    I’m 29 years old weight 260 lbs with type two diabetes, HP, and cholesterol. I have two young boys and a disabled husband who depend on me. I work full-time and can’t find a healthy schedule with work and kids and being on the “go” all the time. Two years ago when my husband was employed with great medical insurance but they would not consider any surgery because it was not on the policy at their work. No he’s unemployed and disabled and I cannot afford health insurance with my pre-existing condition of diabetes. I am in desperate needs to get a grant for this surgery. Any help??

  71. Cherry Ramirez

    Hello, I’m a 36 year old female. I have two other sisters and we are all struggling with obesity. Our height average is 5’7 and weight ranges from 350-475lbs. Through out our lives we have tried to overcome our weight problem. A problem we didn’t realize was going to be life threatning. My youngest sister had been approved for weight surgry but my other sister and I are having trouble bringing our dream to the table. I would be here all day listing the problems that have sprouted out of being over weight. Between the three of us there is one child…I wish with all my heart and soul for us to be able to see him grown into a man and love life with his own family… We can’t afford insurance and any help is another prayer to god.

  72. Shannon

    My name is Shannon, my BMI is 65.98. I do not have insurance, and can not get any, I have tried everything to lose weight. I have been big all my life. I am married, have 2 children, I have trouble walking across the room. I lose my breathe, I have high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea. I would give anything to get help to have surgery.

  73. lisa

    hi my name is lisa im 45 and 295 i would love to have my surgery but i dont inurance i would do anythink to have it

  74. Felix Fernando Nieves

    I’m a 48yr old hispanic male with type diabetes,hypertensive high cholesterol.I have been morbidly obese all my life.I live with my parents in Puerto Rico.The few friends that Have don’t care to visit or call unless they need something.I have tried so many diets that I could write book!!!! I wish I could lead a normal life without insulin and bunch of pills every day.God please help me. By the way I’m 5’11” and weigh 365lbs.I’m afraid I’m going to die if I don’t get any help soon!!!!! Please hep me!!!!!!! I will be enterannly greatful!!!!!

  75. Sam

    I don’t know what start ur in but now ssi pays for the surgery I have hade the gastric bypass I am not that over wait I just have all the crap life threw at me and I will say its not just having a surgery it’s a life change and first u got to make an effort to do so and U find a good doctor not just any please do your resource and then you too can make your life worth living with out being overwait Dont take no for an ancer do all u are asked meaning u gotto put forth some effort too I my self had to loose some wait for the doctor it was about 20 or 30 pounds and yes it was hard but if like me u want it bad enuff u will put forth the effort . So I say do ur homework and get it done u have to do some stuff like go to a srink of ur doctors choice and work with a diatision start the rest of ur life now after my surgery I asked my self too was this the rite choice I say the best decision I ever made so good luck and have it done u will not have high blood pressure or any other junk U now have it done god bless and good luck

  76. Gail Anderson

    I am 63 years old and took a disability retirement in 2009 when I was told I had breast cancer…that was one too many chronic problems for me to deal with…the cancer surgery was the middle of my medical problems…most of which can be helped by a weight loss of 100-150 pounds…I have been in psychological counseling on and off from about the age of 16. In my late 20’s I got my wait down to 140…but then a doctor in Kentucky put me on an anti-depressant…I had explained to him that I did not want ‘elavil’ as it had the adverse side affect of gaining weight. The one he put me on was ‘endep’ but he did not tell me it was another name for elavil. I am not blaming anyone but myself for my obesity. I hid behind a wall of fat…it was like the moat of the castle…it was my moat of fat to prevent me from bad relationships…even with the obesity, I worked full-time, took care of my elderly mother for over twenty years, and went to night school to get a Master’s of Business Administration specializing in management and human resources…I was born with an umbilical hernia that had to be correctly by surgery; but then somehow the mesh used to repair the hernias caused me to have staff and microbacterium infections…I have spent thousands of dollars on about every program out there from Weight Watchers to medically supervised diet program allowing about 800 calories a day with a minimum fo 2,000 calories per week in physical exercise…I followed the program religiously and usally did about 6-10,000 calories of physical exercise a week. After 3-4 months, it was suggested I leave the program as it was not working for me in that I only lost 2 pounds in three months; and their advertising claimed that two pounds is the lowest average per week…basically the head of Endocrinolgy department explained that my metabolism was shut down because of the various medications I take for the side affects of post traumatic stress disorder, sleep apnea, long-term insormnia, type II diabetes, chronic pain syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia. It took about 8 surgeries in a twelve month period to fight the infection from the hernia mesh…then came the cancer, reconstructive surgery to my left hand from ostea-arthritis…but I keep fighting but to no avail…Last month I was in the hospital for ten days with the doctors trying to figure out why I was falling daily hitting my head on concrete, dining room floor, and the kitchen cupboards. They found a little thing called a ‘brain tumor’ in my head; but if you have a brain tumor, then this is the one you want to have as it is currently benign and slow-growing…we just have to watch for changes through CAT scans 3-4 times a year…another little problem that showed up was that I had a seizure disorder called epilepsy…I cannot drive again until I have gone six months without having any seizures…I am still fighting but due to my high risks the only option the doctor is willing to perform on me is the ‘gastric sleeve’ surgery. I have worked my entire life so I could enjoy the ‘golden years’ but still have not found them very golden. I worked for half the salary in the public sector because I would have both a retirement annuity and health care coverage…my mother will be 103 on May 1st and I would like to live a few more years so I could enjoy the retirement life that I worked for…I pray everynight that this particular surgery is approved by CMS for medicare coverage based on medical necessity.

  77. ineed of help

    HI i am 23years old i have been trying to lose weight for about 7 years now and nothing seems to work i use to play basketball volleyball and tennies (every day) and i never was smaller than a size 12 and that was still big for my age.i have been trying to get lap band for about 5 years now and i simply cant afford it and i have no insurance heck i cant even afford a doctors vist any way i just want the chance to be able to live before i die and not die before i live 🙁 i am 5’7 i am jus about 400lbs my bmi is 60.9 lately i have been feeling kind of down sluggish and as some of u may know im in constant pain……….. hopefully i can find some help soon and if i do i will be more than happy to sure my findings with everyone

  78. Tabitha

    hello, i am 26 years old 5’2 and weigh 287lbs and have tried and tried to lose weight but everything i do just does not work. its seems like this would be a great step but i have no insurrance. can you help please!? i have two small children and would love to be able to interact with them!!

  79. Barry

    I’m a 47 year old male I weigh 310 lbs, only 5’8″, high blood pressure can’t breathe whem i lay down, sleep apnea on top of that, hip is starting to give me problems, history of diabetes in my family. Insurance won’t pay and can’t get financing desparate.

  80. alan

    I know the odds of this being read by some one that could help is slim at best. But here it gose! I am 32 and 400lb! i am re married and and i have two beautifull daughters who i cant even play with! i drive over the road and its so hard for me to get up and down out of my truck. i probably wont even live to see my 40th birthday and my insurance company laughed at me and told me its not there fault to deal with it! all i want is to be able to see my kids graduate and be able to be here for my wife! If there is some one out there that cares and can help that would be an answear from God but like everything else in my life it probably wont happen! but maby my life whats left it will touch some ones heart and maby make them better!

  81. Jenisa

    Greetings to all and Good luck with this journey!
    I am 34 years old, I had WLS on 07/16/01, when I was 24years old. I weighed 270lbs and was about a size 22/24. Today I hover around 165lbs and a size 10, but I’d probably be a size 8 if I didn’t have all this loose skin, that I would very much love to get rid of. HINT! HINT!
    I still love to eat, but I eat like a cannibal. That is my way of saying I eat foods with good energy that I can assimilate. I love green veggies and fruit, and they are a huge part of my life.
    I work out at least 4/5 times per week, even if its only for 20 min’s per day. I move and I am active. And I am so thankful for this surgery, it changed my life.
    I do have to add, that having this surgery was a miracle for me, but it is not the cure, it is a tool and if you don’t change your life then it will not work for you.

    My best advice to anyone is not to give up. But you don’t need to wait till you’ve had surgery to try changing your life now, walk as much as you can every day. Drink water and cut out soda’s, and eat anything you want… Just eat an apple first.

    Best wishes.

  82. Shirlon Kadiri

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Shirlon and I had the surgery. I started my weight loss after under going years of health problems that are all attached to obesey. I had the surgery but had to loss weight before my insurance company would approve what I believe to be my fight for life. No one knows or could have any understanding of obesey unless you have battled with the addiction. My highest weight was 370. I now weight in at 165. Sounds great right. Well in my mind at the time before weight loss I just wanted to be free of health problems able to do things with the kids my friends with out being tired all the time. Just working a 9-5 job every day was nore then I could takewith out being so tire from the day all I could do is sleep. Well, all the weight is gone and now I battle with carry all the skin around with me. It pulls and I just cant enjoy the weight loss. I have even had thoughts of possible weight gain just so I can fill the skin back out? I don’t even no if that is possible. I am now unemployed and has not had health insurance in about 3years. I very much need help with skin removable. If anyone know of any ways Of a program please help someone who just wants to wake up in the morning to a regelar persons body. I am sorry for any miss spelled words or grammar. Please know this letter came from the heart. Good luck to all though their battle with weight loss.


  83. JuJu

    I am a Army Veteran a UM Nurse and I am 5’8″ 388lbs and miserable I have been on multiply diets and i keep regaining more weight. I have sleep Apnea I wake up at 2 or 3 every morning cannot go back to sleep my blood pressure is killing me it is taking doubling up on my B/P meds and lasix and coreg to finally get it down to 148/80 The headaches are constant and I have reflux so I am coughing all of the time, my kidneys are going bleeding constantly, The physician just don’t care they think well she did this to her self, but initially I did after my sister died i gained all of the weight to a 200lbs but when I got over the depression and realized how big I was I tried everything to lose and it is not helping. I have insurance Aetna but I hate going to the doctors because all they want it to get paid, not really interested in me as a person. I know I am dying and I will not be hear to see my 12 year old grow up and I am ruing her as well.

  84. Dee

    These stories are heart breaking!!!..I am one of the fortunes who was able to affford WLS..I MUST say this to you all. This surgery is NOT A CURE ALL!!!.. Yes you will lose weight, that what this surgery does. BUT– once you lose the weight SOME of your medical symtoms will disappear. Not all of them will. Some of you have very serious medical issues!..Your acting like WLS will cure your lifes issues. It will not. Just like money dose not cure depression. My weight loss journey had lots and lots of steps to it. 2 years of researching the right Doctor, the right eating disorder clinic, the right psycologist, and psychiatrist, nutritionist, dietician, and life coach. Without all of that in place, I could not have done it, NEVER!!!.. I feel for you, but it sounds more like a plea for a quick cure all..please do your research. This procedure takes alot of mental power and life alterig changes. You can not go back once made this commitment. You must go in strong, so you can end strong!!!..go in weak and you will end weak!!!..signed, a successful WLS patient.

  85. Laura

    I need help with this, as so many others do! I have insurance but they consider the procedure as cosmetic. I have a BMI of 81…this is not for cosmetic purposes in my case. I have tried over and over to lose weight. I now workout in a pool 2/wk in order to begin the lifestyle I’ll need to live in order to function. I have hypertension, type II diabetes, asthma as my most serious health issues.

  86. Airrel wiseman

    I have been struggling w my weight for two years. I had got sick and was placed on steroids for an extent amount of time and now that I’m off them no matter what I do I can not get the weight off and it has put me in a bad depression and a lot of anxiety. I have Medicaid but will not pay for it and I have tried everything and am feeling helpless and at ends on options.

  87. francis

    hello am 53 yrs old i’ve been a diabetis for 28 yrs am sick and tried of living this way and having to take daliy oral and injections everyday..i really wish there was someone out there to pay for my surgery.asap am 200 pds..and my also rising six grandchildren it would be a total blessing..
    thank you

  88. Jennifer

    I have a sister who is 22 years old. She’s around 5’1 and around 400 lbs. I love her to death but don’t want her to die early in life. She doesn’t qualify for any insurance and she’s been very overweight all her life. She is so beautiful inside and out. I don’t have a lot of family besides her. I don’t see her ever getting the weight off alone. I think the surgery will help her tremendously but I know she nor I can afford it. I am a single mother myself struggling with my own weight. I’m a little over 200 but I know I have the drive to lose it on my own the healthy way. She tries to walk with me but can barely walk a block without sweating head to toe and her knees giving out on her. I remember her attempting to walk in church with me one day and her knees gave out and she tripped in front of a LOT of people. And the laughs and stares hurt me to know she probably goes through that every day of her life. I want her for one day to see herself like I do. She is a beautiful person, but with the body she has, she can’t look passed the outside. That’s all others judge her on. I don’t want to have to burry my sister in a few years. If there’s anything that we can do, I’d appreciate the help or advice. Thanks

  89. josh

    Im 25 years old. Im 5’11” and weigh! About 330. I want to find help. I work alot and always on my feet and being over weight has taken a tole on my body. I get around good and for as big as I am I work fast and hard but I know if I could get some help I would be able to do more. Im tired of struggling to get up of the couch or out out of bad and I want to be healthier

  90. Shauna Lopez

    I’m a 33 yr old mother of two. I am 5, 11″ and weigh around 450 lbs. I have insurance but it does not cover any type of weight loss surgery or weight loss programs. I have tried every over the counter weight loss product and even some prescriptions without much success. I have had some issues with my heart, back and joints but that’s not the worst part. I feel like my children ( 6 and 11 ) are the one who suffer the most. All they want is for mommy to be able to play with them.

  91. stephanie mendoza

    My name is Stephanie. I have been trying to get the gastric by pass for
    5years already. I haven’t been able to get this surgery because my insurance before I lost my job
    Did not want to pay for it. I recently went and I’m weighing 459 pds age 24. Please help me change my life.please

  92. Loren

    Hello, I’m seventeen years old (Turn eighteen in 2 weeks, so I’ll soon be eligible for surgery). I’m 5’6” and weigh 270. My BMI is 43% I have struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life. After talking with my doctor, she pulled up my records, and I’ve been classified as “overweight” since I was 5 years old. In attempts to lose weight I had joined WeightWatchers with my parents, had a year membership with Curves (for women) TWICE, go to a rec center (pool, workout room, sport center) with friends, and I’ve even tried the HCG drops to lose the pounds. Nothing works. Usually obesity is triggered by eating too much, and not exercising enough. So I constantly walked, whenever I got the chance, and avoided eating anything for as long as I could. Resulting in even worse metabolism than I already have, I STILL couldn’t lose weight. My obesity is affecting my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and I’m currently on medication to try to prevent me from becoming diabetic (which runs heavily on BOTH sides of my family) I have had asthma my entire life, and being overweight has made it SOOOO much more difficult to maintain. It just keeps getting worse, and has resulted in trips to the hospital. The surgery would be much cheaper than paying for diabetes medication for the rest of my life. After being teased and made fun of my whole life, I want to change for the better. At this rate, I would do anything possible to be healthy. I’m not doing this to “fit in” or be “accepted” I’m doing this for me. But I can’t do it on my own. My parents are having terrible financial troubles at the moment, and with my schooling I can’t work, so I have no way to pay for this. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  93. Jennifer

    Hi, I wish every one luck getting help with this life long battle that some of us have to go thru our entire lives! I too am fighting with obesity, I come from a family where every one has suffored from heart attacks ,stroke, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea, joint disctruction and joint pain leading to joint replacement as well as benign inter cranial hypertension all a result of life long morbid obesity. Not to mention the mental toll it takes on every one who feels inadequet because of the extra weight they bear.

    I am only thirty and I feel 90 years old. I have weighed 390 lbs at my worst and am only 5’4″.. It is hard to try and keep up with my children. It is so depressing. I have tried every diet, I have had minimal weight loss, which ends up turning into weight gain. I suffer from painfully headaches due to my benign inter cranial hypertension. I have stage 3 high bloodpressure, my joints are tearing them selves apart due to my weight. I have had the same insurance for years and there exclusion is weight Loss surgery.. They say it’s cosmetic… Oh my gosh.. It is so terrible that insurance company’s and employers can justify this, I have cost the insurance company more as a result of my obesity..

    I just want to live to see my children grow up, I could care less what I look like..

  94. Mary

    My name is mary and I don’t need help losing weight…I have allready lost 130 pounds on my own by eating right, and exercising. I have worked my tail off to get where I am today. Unfortunently due to the fact I have lost so much weight so quickly I have alot of excess skin. I have been on several surgical consults and they believe a lower body lift is the correct choice for me. A lower body lift is very expensive. I need help my clothes don’t fit right, I have to buy everything big, and the skin being there really makes me feel like I have so much more to lose even though I don’t im 24 5’3 work a 40 hour week job and still find time to work out for 2 hours a day. I have never wanted something so bad in my life. Any help or info would be great.

  95. Nicole

    I am 39 yeaold and i am a single mom of 2 kids and ihave try everything to lose weightand nothing is helping me….i been thought alot in the last 14 years of my life and i am trying to get my old self back for my kids…i hate the way i look and there weeks at a time i dontleave my house because of it and it hard on my kids becasue i cant do much with they and i am so scare that i going to dead if i dont get help and i am all my kids has and i need to be here for they…i want to tell u more and i will…plaese can you help me and bringmu life back formy kids and me,,

  96. Rebecca

    I have a friend who is 5′ tall and weighs around 275. She is in urgent need of having both knees replaced, she can barely walk or stand. She had to quit nursing because of these issues. She cannot have her knee replacement without first having gastric bypass and she can’t get gastric bypass as she has no insurance since having to quit work. She’s at a standstill and wants her life back and wants to return to work.She’s tried so hard to lose the weight but to no avail. while she waits and searches for some way to have surgery, her health is deteriorating, she has begun to have swelling in her legs also. She is 54 yrs of age. Please where can she go? Who can she talk to? She’s on disability but won’t be eligible for madicare for another year.

  97. Jamie Trull

    I just sat here and read all theses comments and honestly cried my eyes out .I’ve been fighting my weight and sadly losing the battle more each year . I’m over two hundred pounds overweight and cant imagine that I’m going to live to see my 9 year old grow up. I already can’t play ball with her ( she loves softball) ,I can’t even sit on the bleachers and watch her games because it was to painful . I try to park in a position that I can see most of the game. I’m the freak mom who cant get out of the car. I’m terrified I’m not going to wake up and miss my beautiful blessing grow. I also have a 19 year old son but my girl was a gift I prayed for for so long and against all odds I gave birth to a 3lb baby who was not breathing and today she is perfectly healthy and smart. I just cant stand not being able to go outside and play . Thanks for letting me vent some ,I would love some help but I imagine there are others more deserving. God bless you all ………dont give up.

  98. Linda

    Weight loss surgery can, and often is considered medically necessary. Please check with your insurance company to verify this.

  99. Terri

    my name is Terri im 22 and i just had my frist child who is nine months now i was 250 before i got pregnant with her and now im 292 lbs i have tried everything to lose weigh and nothing works i want to be healthy for my child and for me i have a great family who supports me in every thing i do but i can not aford to pay for the surgey it has been my dream to have the surgey since the frist time i seen it on tv at 15 i just pray that you will find it in your hearts to help me i need it so bad im tried of being in pain with my back and my knees its hard to do when you got a nine month old who is all over the place i just really hope someone out thier is willin to help me thank you for your time

  100. mehraj unnisa

    i am having excess weight my bmi is 44 my weight is100 and height is 5.1 i want to for bariatric surgery but i am not having money wlsa can help me or not i dont know i am from india from hyderabad. kindly help me out of this problem as i cant walk also due to excess weight i will be thankful if i got any help

  101. Ariel

    My name is ariel and i am 20 years old i weight about 400 pounds and i have no health insurance because most companies wont except me do to pre-exsiting heath condition and most are weight related i have tryed many diets and weight loss methods and none seem to be working i cant seem to get under 350. my whole family struggles with there weight and diebetes and other heath conditions and i strongly feel if i lost weight then i can beat most my heath problem please help me

  102. Meranda

    My name is Meranda and I am 32 I weigh 243 pounds. I have two children I have been trying to get the surgery for about 3 years now. I have a lot of different types a health problems due to my weight. My cholesterol levels are beyond high. My Dr. told me that he can believe that I am still walking. I have high blood pressure, and have been on medications for that since I was 17 years old. I have come close to death a couple of times. I had it all set up to get the surgery done, my husbands insurance at the time approved it, but I had to come up with so much money before they would do it. Now his insurance has changed, and I haven’t been able to get it approved through that insurance. My doctors keep telling me if I don’t lose weight then I probably won’t live to see my little one grow up. I really need this surgery so that I can get all of my health problems under control, or gone all together. Please help! Thank you Meranda.

  103. Rosario

    My name is Rosario and I am 40 years old male and I have struggled all my life with weight loss. I am 255 pounds and a type 2 diabetic and would like more information on this program if someone is available to help me please.

  104. lisa segura

    My husband Tim is very obese he started gaining weight when he got hurt at work {chemical plant} he was there 11 years. since then he weighs 390lbs. hes 5’8 and 47 years old. he means everything to me, but Im at a dead end with him. I dont know what eles to do. he dieted lost some weight gained it back. We’ve talked to doctors about surgery but have no money saved no insurance and live on his disability check, that just pays the bills with help from family we are living. i fear he will die in the chair he sits in all day and all night. he has medical problems due to weight and is on oxygen. he can not go anywhere{in the beginning} fear of embarrassment, now hes so big its hard to move around. hes always gasping for air. HE DESPERATELY NEEDS THIS SURGERY. We live in Texas.

  105. Mike

    My mom was in the same situation most of you are in. She was blessed and approved for the surgery. She has lost 45 pounds in 3 months. There is one thing most of you lack, faith. There is God out there and he sees you asking people for help and wonders why you don’t ask him. Ask God, pray. He is always there for you, he will never put you in a situation you can’t handle. If you truly have faith and fully trust that God will take care of you all of your dreams will come true. Life is a beautiful thing and turning to God is the only way you will discover that. Remember were only here for a short while because soon we will be in heaven where everyone is perfect and the only emotions you will feel will be happiness and love. God Bless. I will pray for all of you.

  106. Joyce Shultie

    Mike,My doctor wants to do gastric sleeve surgery but it is not approved yet. I was approved for gastric banding. I am really writing to tell you thank you for your post reminding me who is really in charge of the decision about my surgery. GOD is good and not only will I ask for HIS help for this surgery, but keep thanking HIM for all HE does for me. With Christian Love, Joyce

  107. Tlow77

    I am about 380 lbs overweight. i haven’t worked in a year due to my obesity.
    It has slowed me down tremendously and i have tried so many diets. by me trying all of these different kinds of diet it has cause me to gain double the weight back. I am 34 years old and i don’t to miss out on life because of my obesity. There is alot of things i would love to do but i can’t because my weight won’t allow me to do it. My joints and knees hurt so bad from all of this excess weight that i am carrying around and i am only 5’6in tall. i weigh about 580 and that just guessing. i had to move back home and from the stress and the depression i gained a hundred pounds in 6 months being back home. i am so miserable in the body i have. i am unemployed with no insurance and don’t know what to do…i need any help that i can get.

  108. DEBRA

    I am a 43yo single mother of three – 450 lbs. I work. I am insured; however, the gastric bypass is an iron clad exclusion. I fought United Health Care and the State of Florida Insurance Commission all the way to the top levels in 2006 and the exclusion held. I cannot afford the $24k for self-pay. There is a phenomenal program at Celebration Hospital in Kissimmee, FL that I pray I am able to complete. PLEASE, if you are able to assist, I implore you to contact me. I am in desperate need. Thank you.

  109. Daneca

    I have seen Dr. Kenneth Larson in Lake Worth, Fl. I have Fl Medicaid and they will pay for my procedure. However, there is $845 that has to be paid out of pocket and I am unable to do that. I am 5’8, 309lbs with medical problems. $845 may not seem like a lot to some people but for me, it is a lot. I am a single mother of 4 kids, only working part time and trying to become a nursing student. If there is anyway you guys can’t help me with the funding, my children and I will be greatly appreciative.

    Hope to hear from you with positive news
    Daneca Wright

  110. kathy urbanek

    I’am 46yrs old and in desperate need of weight loss surgery! I already have gone through the process of all the medical testing and mental evaluations that were required, and then my husband lost his job 3 weeks before my surgery was to take place. therefor i no longer had insurance to cover the procedure and cannot find any private insurance that will cover this type of surgery, even though i have a medical referral and this procedure will save my life. i weigh 325 lbs. and my weight is causing me to have not only severe depression but serious medical issues. if there is anyone that can help me find a solution please contact me at 760-508-8061. thank you.

  111. Joana Perez

    I need help!!! I’m 24years old, i’m only 5′ 6″, and 314 lbs. I’ve struggled all my life with my weight. I’ve always watched what i eat and i still cant lose weight. All my life has been diet after diet but none of them seem to have worked I’m hypertensive and i have a family history of diabetes. I dont know what to do. I’m unemployed and i have no insurance. Some times i cant even afford my medication. Please help!!!!

  112. c. wells

    I too, like many others, struggle with obesity and related health issues. I am a 34 yr old single mother of two. I am 5’7″ and weigh about 380 lbs. I have struggled with my weight since the age of 7 yrs old. My weight has gone up and down for years, but has ballooned the past few years due to many hardships. I haven’t worked in more than two years and was just recently approved for SSI. I would greatly appreciate any information that could help me get on the right track to a healthier life, for myself and for my children. Thanks.

  113. Roy

    I am a 47 a veteran and father I have suffered for the last ten years I weigh 440 and have tried to loose weight I have no insurance except the VA who will not do the surgery I have been recommended by four different doctors at the VA. I worked at a small private school up until last year I am a diabetic type one and have numerous medical issues and now do to budget issues I am unemployed I have tried to finance my own surgery with no luck for the last four years. I need help any help or advice would be so appreciated please email me at rlmillerlv [at] yahoo [dot] com

  114. Lorelei Sebranek

    Hi, Im Lorelei. I write this letter to you begging for assistance. I am 41 yrs old and weigh 380+ pounds. I work graveyard shift for the last 11years and am now finding it hard to move. I have tried 5 different insurance companies but have been turned down. I found out it all has to do with how your employer writes the contract. I have hbp, barret’s esophageous, gerd, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, hypokalemia from the 2 different water pills i take, severe osa, borderline diabetic, & was recently told, by my dr, that if i dont lose weight i will be in a wheelchair in 10yrs. Ive tried getting loans but was denied due to me not having enough credit. I have atleast 10drs telling me if i want to live i need to lose weight. I dont want to die but right now thet pain is getting unbearable. Please find it in your hearts to help me. Thank you in advance!

  115. Linda Smith

    MY neice is 41 yrs old. She weighs at least 450+.She got gang rape at age 14. Her weight has gain constantly since. She seems to hide behind her weight. She has 2 girls, which she gives all her attention. She lives for them. Now has a new grandson, which she can barely hold. Which make me so sad. She is a wonderful peron, all heart. She continues to go, even though her legs are so big, I don’t know how. She has high b/p and border line diabetes. She has no health ins. for her medicine. She has tried to wk. No, one will give her a job because of her weight. She does not give up, even thought when she is out and about people laugh at her. She tries hard with her daughter which is in school. I would love to see her get some help for by pass surgery, which she cannot afford. Nor, any of her family. She is on widows soc. sec. barely enough to live on. I’m afraid her poor circulation in her legs are going to bed fast her and then I don’t know what. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Linda

  116. mari

    best thing to do diet exercise and lose that weight money is very short now for everyone wish we could help so diet exercise and if necesary head doctor to help out,good luck

  117. jennifer

    Hello, i am 27 years old and weigh over 500lbs. I have worked since i was 16 years old and my issurance will not cover any weight loss procedures. I have looked into many different options and it always ends up as not enough money and no coverage. Please help if you know what i should do. Thank you.

  118. crystal

    i am 5’1 i go between 240 and 260 i am asking for help cause i have no way of getting insurance . i three beautiful childern and my active with the is limited i wanna enjoy my time with them but some times i cant i suffer from major depression and bipolar and its hard waking u everyday and struggling to find clothes that fit i really need this help bad i tried diets, pills, videos,and different activities please if there is any hope for me contact me thank you very much crystal foos

  119. Kimberly

    Hello all,

    I want to encourage those of you who are overweight to please keep trying to get it off. When you do it feels so good. I tried out for the Biggest looser 6 times and tried every diet until one worked. I am a 43 year old mother of 3 who just lost 130lbs. I am now looking for a way to pay for skin removal surgery. Even if it takes many years I will find a way to pay for it so I can look as good as I feel. For now I roll up the skin and tuck it in and do my best to try to look beautiful even if I don’t yet feel it with the extra skin. When I was at my highest weight I felt hopeless now I feel strong enough to make it through anything!

  120. Mary Perine

    My name is Mary,and yes at 5’1 and 300 plus pounds i am in need of this surgery,but my concerns is not for my self they are for my daughter Sarah! Sarah is 23 yrs old 5’2 and easily 400 + pounds. Over the last few yrs i have watched he struggle with diets only to be discouraged and go right back to old habits.Her weight is now affecting her breathing and mobility,and as a nurse myself i can forsee many other problems down the road. Please can some one help? This is a vicious cycle. She is depressed because of her weight which in turn make her eat and so on. I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH MY DAUGHTER DIE

  121. Pastel

    22 year old female, 480 lbs dying daily with no way out. I’ve barely even lived 🙁

    Wish I had help.

  122. teanna young

    hi my name is teanna young im 20 years old i been struggling with losing weight im from chicago ill and its hard for me to lose weight and i been crying my self to sleep wondering why i cant lose weight

  123. Jennifer Santiago

    Like many of you i also am morbidly obese..its hard to admit that but when your 24 years old 5’3″ and weigh 450 lbs its time to stop kidding yourself stop being proud and get the help you need….My Name is Jennifer and I NEED HELP ive yoyo’d, ive lost but gained like many of you and like many of you im tired of being this way, im looking for a change a way out and when i find it I WONT BE STOPPED OR EVER LOOK BACK! Good luck to the rest of you and i hope WE ALL GET THE HELP WE SEEK……

  124. Elizabeth

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I am a college student, 22 years old, and 300 pounds give or take a few, I have lost and gained, lost and gained, and I honestly need help, i am low income, college student, with no insurance at all. If i could get some help it would be amazing. I know there are many people that are more in need than I, but if there is even a little help or direction you can offer i will appreicate it, but I will be amazing for my brothers and sister dealing with the same and worst issues helped. I’ve been big all my life, and for once i want to be smaller, if i could it would be amazing.

    thank you and God bless

  125. joanna


  126. Jennifer

    I’m 25 years old 5’3 and I weigh over 400lbs. My knees are getting really bad due to my weight. I use to work all the time and could get around pretty well. Now I’ve been out of work for a little over a year and I can barley work 2 hours. My life is going nowhere with this weight holding me back. All I ever wanted was to have children! And weighing over 400lbs is stopping me. I lost one of my sisters in a car accident last year. I would hate to put my mother through the loss of another daughter. Please help me. Please!!!!!!!!

  127. Dana

    I don’t know were to begin. I am 40 yrs old and I weigh over 400lbs.I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I have recently lost my job due to the weight. I couldn’t physically perform the job. Now I’m scared of how I’m going to take care of me, my wife, and 4 kids. I have sleep apnea, High Blood Pressure, and Type 2 Diabetes. The cartilage in my knees is almost gone. I there anything that you can do for me towards weight loss surgery. Thank You for your time

  128. Lisa

    Hello! I wish the best to everyone! I’m from Utah. I have insurance that will cover lap band. Does anyone know who is the best and cheapest. I know a surgeon who is good, but they require a $500 class not covered by insurance. Thoughts please? Thanks and again good luck all!

  129. joanna

    I dont know how to get a hold of this foundation. I need help!!! I’m 26years old, i’m only 5′ 8″, and 400 lbs. I’ve struggled all my life with my weight. I’ve always watched what i eat and walk every day an try my best to get this weight off me . i still cant get off of that 400lbs mark. All my life has been diet after diet but none of them seem to have worked i have a family history of diabetes an heart attacks and strokes . I dont know what to do. I’m unemployed and i have no insurance. ive talk to me doctor an they said if i dont lose the weight that i may not live to see 40 i need this beccause i have a five years daughter that need her mom i live i texas so Please help me !

  130. Carrie L Hutchison

    I’ve been trying to reach someone about getting help. I’m 5’2 and 260lbs the biggest I have ever been. My grandfather and father are both diabetics and I’m pre-diabetic. My weight affects me emotionally because I feel like everyone is making fun of me because of my weight. I don’t go out unless I have to. I do work but our insurance doesn’t cover this procedure even though I have had two doctors suggest it. I was doing really good at losing weight but about a year and half ago the doctor’s put me on some medicine and I gained like 50lbs within a couple of months and I can’t seem to lose it. I’ve tried carecredit but I have student loans I’m paying on so all they approved me for was $2,000.00. I’m at a loss, I feel hopeless, and helpless. I know if I could get my weight under control I would be in a better place and feel better about myself. I’m trying to set the best example I can for my 13 year old daughter with diet and exercise because I don’t want her to go through this in life. She’s what keeps me going 🙂
    Thanks for your time.

  131. Holly

    I am a 38 year old mother of four kids I have been in and out of the hospital with breathing problems and chest discomfort. I am about 130 pounds over weight and My doctor told me that if I dont loose weight it is going to end up killing me. Insurnce is to high for me to pay for and the doctor said I should look into getting weight loss surgery to help with me health and hope it helps my breathing. i dont want to die at a yound age and leave my kids behind that are 11- 17 years old. I want to be able to be there for them. I was on large amounts of steriods for my breathing and makes me gain more and more weight. I would be so appreciated if I could get funding for weight loss surger it would be a anwer to my prayers. I know there are alot of people out there that deserve this so it would be a mircle for you to pick me over someone else who is more overweight but I know I am going to de deciated to do what I need to do to make it work. PLEASE PICK ME

  132. angela h

    I am a 40 year old mother of two.I have no insurance and need help to save my life.I cant afford to have the procedure done. My health is getting worse,and I want to be around for my TWO GIRLS AND MY GRANDSON….I know there are alot of people just like me but I am begging for your help.PLEASE PICK ME I NEED THIS SO VERY BAD…..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  133. kevin s

    i am a 40 year old man whos suffered with weight problems my whole life and i am afraid i am going to die if i dont get weight loss surgery i am 5’10” and weigh almost 500 lbs my body constantly hurts i have diabetes i am also disabled so i cannot afford surgery please help me

  134. Shaun Pilon

    Greetings, my name is Shaun. I am a morbidly obese male, I have had hypertension since I was 16 years old, I have type 2 diabetes and I’ve just been diagnosed with kidney damage. I am 6 foot 3 and about 450 pounds and I would like to inquire about the surgery to help better my living situation. I myself cannot afford the surgery because my employer likes to work me to the bone and and reduce my hours when the time comes to give me medical benefits, so therefore they do not have to give me the medical benefits that would assist me in the surgery. Please help me.

  135. anita l

    I am a 41 year old woman and I weigh 400 lbs. I have had two knee surgeries on my left knee and just had surgery on my right knee. Both knees need to be replaced due to being worn out, but due to my age and size, my orthopedic refuses to do so. He did not want to do my most recent surgery on my right knee, but it got to the point that it could not be put off. He has also sent two letters of medical necessity to my insurance company. I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, two worn out knees, arthritis, bad back, and my legs and feet stay so swollen that I at times, I can barely walk. I have gone thru the monitored diets for 6 months, and went to a weight seminar. But my insurance company will not cover this surgery for me. It is an exclusion in my policy. If I do not lose weight I will die, and my insurance company does not care. I need to have this surgery, so I can live long enough to see my daughter graduate high school, college and get married some day. Is there anyone that can help me? I am not doing this to be vain, or to get a man. I want to live. That’s why I want this surgery.

  136. Rebecca hestand

    I’m a forty three years old women I feel im living out my last days on earth i am a dietetic out of control high blood pressure cholesterol ,and a herniated disk in my lower back ,Fybromialgy.I lost my job of eight years over a year ago because of the herniated disk in my back i couldn’t walk up straight.Iv been to two surgeons for my problem that said they wouldn’t operate because of my wight and no insurance.I have lost my home my husband and i and my sixteen year old daughter had to move in with my oldest.We are trying to live off of my husbands disability which will not go very far for the month.I am forty three and 5’7 and i weigh 330 i have tried to diet and have lost some wight then i get discouraged and here it comes back two times fold.I have always been an active person at work, children’s school, and my church, square dancing, fishing ,camping ,shopping,but the past year I sit in a chair i guess just waiting to die not much else i can do.Please consider me if you can if you cant i understand there are so many people and I pray that god allows you to help everyone on here ,they wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t needed Thank You!!!!

  137. Perla A

    I’m a 29 year old woman weighing 336 lbs. I need help with getting the Lap Band surgery. Right now I can’t afford to pay it, I’m out of work and living with my parents, I’ve tried doing many things and have gotten no results. I used to be fit in High School and during my first 2 years of College, after that I just went into depression and just started to gain all this weight. I really need your help in getting this surgery, I’m so scared of getting diabetes and high blood pressure since they run in the family. Please consider helping me and anyone on here that needs it. Thank you and god bless.

  138. Nancy Pittman

    I need help paying for the surgery because i don’t have but only medicare part B.I don’t have that kinda $ to pay for it or i would! I’m 5’9 & 240 lbs & related health problems.This is my only hope that i got! Death has been at my door many times & I need this so i can watch my daughter grow up,I’ve tryed every :diet & program known to man!I’ve recently become short of breathe. I suffer from CFS & FMS just to name a few.I wake up & go to bed thinking about losing weight & gaing weight,In Febuary i had to have a full hysterectomy which put alot more weight on & slowed my metabalism as well,Plus i don’t have a gallbladder to help digest my food & I also quit smoking a year ago so the weight has just piled on! I will die either of a heart attack or stroke if i don’t get this done,its in the genes deep! I pray that you’ll respond because i won’t give up on trying to find help! I think this is such a loving provision for people who need the help! I mean its either life or death & I think this would be my last surgery,considering the 14 i’ve had starting in “96 intil now,Please help me to know what to do? i’m so desperate at this point! Thank you.

  139. Tara

    Hi there. I am a 38 year old woman and so far I’ve lost 87.5 lbs in the last 7 months….on my own!! Well, my doctor prescribes Phentermine for me each month, however I have changed my eating habits, only drink water, and exercise as much as time allows (I am a full-time 40hrs a week working wife and mother of 2). My starting weight was 304 on March 25 2012. My first short term goal was to lose 50lbs by July 21 (my 20 yr HS reunion!). I met that goal about 2 weeks early 🙂 My overall goal has been to loose 100lbs by Christmas. I am well on my way with 2 months left and only 12.5 lbs to go. My question is – can you provide any financial assistance for skin removal surgery once weightloss is completed and maintained? I already notice the loose skin on my arms and a bit on my stomach. I hope I hear back from someone who can answer my question. I am very proud of myself for losing this weight, as i have tried MANY diets in the past with no success! Thanks!!!

  140. Marlene

    Hello, I was wondering if you offered assistance for plastice surgery after weight loss. I am 3 years out from having the lap band and have lost 140lbs and need some plastic surgery.

  141. jasmine

    hello i am a ninteen year old who has struggled with my weaight for many many years highschool was realy hard for me getting bullied because of my weaight was hard to deal with. now that i am out of high its so hard getting a job most of my employers tell me that my weaight is affecting my work or that my fello employees are faster than i am it is just seriously effecting my life when i was younger i was in all sports from fifth grade to my senior year i was always working out but my weaight has always been up and down i have been looking into the gastric sleeve as a long term weaight loss solution the only problem is i have no way to pay for the surgery i have applied for insurance but because of my weaight i do not qualify if you can please help me it will be greatly appreciated

  142. Joyce

    Hi my name is Joyce and am 30 yrs old. I been over weight all my life since i was 4 yrs old . I have sorts of illness because of my over weight and i done all an will do anything to being able to have this surgery but for most of my life i my father and mother before me and now am scared that il die if i don’t lose the weight. For now i don’t have insurance and even tho i have diabetes, high blood persure and low thyoroidism an many many more i can not name.. I just want to be not scared i wont wake up in the morning. when i was 15 yrs old i reach over 565 and not am stuck at 310 . I really want to be healthy thats all.. not skinny or bad skinny but just healthy that i don’t need to take meds and being able to have my own family and get back to school and get a job. I never ask to be over weight but at this moment i lost all my childhood an i don’t want to lose more of my life .Just want to get healthy please . i just notice that i don’t want to die.please i would be forever greatful if anyone could help me. I would even after in the future pay back the help i would get now.just need a little help . my only dream is able to keep living

  143. Lois

    Hi there,

    Oh! MY Goodness! This is sooooo crazy all of us need so much help! Why is it that insurance won’t cover the cost of weight loss or skin removel. We all need help and are at the mercy of insurance companies or don’t have insurance at all! I’ve had “3” back sugeries and my back has still not gotten any better..I went to my primary doctor and he told me I should get Bariactric (sp) surgery…made the appt. they called and said my insurance would’t give me the surgery. All of our health is getting worst and we all need an angel to help us. Where do we turn? We all want futures and our health and a miracle that’s for sure. We would all love to have our lives back again.

    Thank you so much,

  144. jiselle

    I am 33 years old and the proud mother of a 5 year old and a 6 month old. I am now over 360 pounds, suffer from high blood pressure and asthma. Although, I am thankful because I know that the list could be much worse, I wake up everyday and have to push myself (literally) out of bed to get my daughter ready for school. I can barely move, my feet and knees can no longer stand my weight. Nearly 7 years ago I underwent the Lap Band Procedure, this was done in another country and since it was not the reccomended surgery for me at the time, it was unsuccessful. Being a single parent, and unemployed, I have found myself with the difficult task of trying to get medicaid to assist me with paying the procedure, this has NOT happened. I even attended a goverment funded program that previously had been known to pay for the surgery, however, at the moment I attended they had since stopped this funding because of the abuse of its clients. My biggest fear is that I will not be there for my kids, that I am notbeing the mother they deserve, I don’t go out and play with my babies, I can’t. I send my sister or other family to go out, take them to the park simply because i am in too much pain to do it myself. If it is possible i would like whatever information you may have on these grants, I know me and my children will greatly appreciate any help.

  145. Ronald

    Hello I’m 22yrs old and have been struggling to lose weight all my life and my doctor refuses to give me medication. I have literally tried everything including exercise. Please if you could help me that would be great. I am now 550lbs and am only 5′ 10″.

  146. Dorothy June Butler

    Hello, I am 65 years old, first I want to say I am supportive of all these peole who listed their need for bariactric surgery! I struggled for all my life with weight problems. I weighed 220 lbs by the fourth grade, and I my weight just kept climbing Several times I went into pyschotherapy. My emotional problems were mostly hidden from people. But, my insecurities caused my slef-esteem to fade. In 1984, I had bariatric surgery, a 3 oz puch, placed in the upper part of my stomack, resulting in a 70 pound weight loss in the first four months. Then I had back surgery in 1986, which failed; causing me to stop moving around, gaining all plus more weight. Then my pouch began causing me problems. My Surgeon, went on vacation in Europe; and died from a heart attachk. I couldn’t find anyone to hlep me; because my surgeon, put my pouch in during a double hernia operation. My insurance would not cover the baractric surgey, so y surgeon slipped the pouch in during the hernia operation; therefore, no other surgeon, wanted to be responsible for working on me. For twenty-eight years; I suffered with extreme heart burn and chest pains; vomiting wasa two or three times aday event. Years went by, with me suffering but, thinking this is my life. Weight just kept climbing; until I met Dr Steven Poplawski; Forest Batric Medical Center, Ypsilanti, Mi! After several months of interviews and then psychotherapy evaluation, my new bariactric procedure was performed on Oct 16, 2012. I am down 70 lbs; moving much easier. I was on diabetic meds, BP and cholesterol meds, which I no loger need. My experience at Batric Center was very good. Now I’m concerned that I need skin removeal surgery and my insurance will not pay for it. I came across this internet site and hope to get help with my skin removal problem! Respectfully, Dorothy June Butler, Manitou Beach, Mi

  147. Chelsie parella

    I’m 29 years old. I’m the mother of 20 month old twin boys and an 8 year old daughter. I’m 5’10” 252lbs. I want to improve my weight so I can be there for my children without any health issues. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a small child. I eat healthy and ecercise and I have no difference to show for my hard work. Please help!!!

  148. Sherril

    I am a 47 years old woman who has struggled with her weight all her life. I did Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and many other fad diet. Presently I am 265 lbs and stuck here. I exercise everyday and watch what I eat, but nothing seems to happens. I lose 12 lbs and then gain back about 15. Can you help me please? I feel as if this surgery will once again help me to take control of my life. Please, please help me!

  149. Edlyn Leininger

    Im 26 yrs old i always been a big girl since child hood i tried everything possible and YES i do work out but with little improvement i have two daughters and my Iraq veteran HERO Husband which who i care for yes am his caregiver anyway just searching for help want to feel good about myself and maybe my daughter wont be so worried about her weight at age 9! please help me

  150. Ludy Gibson

    It is so sad to read all these stories of so many people who are truly desperate for help and so little money to go around. God Bless them every one!

  151. Desiree Mercier

    Hello, I am 29 years old and have been living with my weight problem all my life, I need help I don’t know where else to go. I don’t have any ins. I was hurt at work two years ago and I can’t walk very well any more. I have tried diet after diet since I was in my teens and nothing has helped. I watch what I eat and I try to stay as active as possible and nothing had worked. Nobody will help me, iv tried state programs and have been denied. I’m now 287bls I need help my body cannot take the weight anymore and I’m not sure what to do. I got to the gym. I try so hard with no results. I just want to be able to look at myself and fell good about what i see and who is in the mirror.

    If anyone can help please let me know.

    Thank you for listening

  152. Suzanne

    I am 50 years old single female with a weight problem. I am not looking for a quick fix, but help, along with the surgery. I dont not have insurance and can not afford what Dr. are asking to have a procedure done.
    I hope to hear from you some, and I can give you more details of health problems at that time.
    Thank you.

  153. Kyle D White

    I am 37 years old and lived with a weight problem all my life. I have always been the jolly big guy, the teddy bear, ect. And I have been happy to be that guy. My weight has risen to 495 despite my efforts to loose weight naturally. I decided to go the surgery route after having been rushed to the hospital due to chest pains. My blood preasure was 295 over 95. The doctor told me that he didn’t even want me waiting the year for the regulated diet that he wanted me on the table in the next month. But it turns out my company is self insured and that they opt to not cover any gastric surgery what so ever. I found this out after taking a pay cut to become a manager. (I was commissioned sales prior). I was told by the insurance company that I could plead my case to my company and they could authorize a exception but I was denied by the human resources dept. the reason given “if we do it for you, then we have to due it for everyone. And maybe I should try adjusting my lifestyle”. So I was turned down after explaining that I met 4 of the criteria for the surgery when 3 is more than enough. So here I am writing this. A shot in the dark hoping someone will help.

  154. Donna King

    My name is Donna I have suffered with weight problems all my life,I am now at 262 pound’s I am 5’2 I also suffer from some illnesses I stay so miserable, I have gotten to where I don’t want to look in the mirror I don’t want to go anywhere I have 2 grandbabies and I don’t have any energy to keep up with them. Some days I just stay on the couch because it hurts my feet to get up and walk on them.I also have extremely large breast so when I lay down the weight just makes them smother me at night so I don’t sleep good I hurt all the time there is not a day that my back does not hurt I have no income I haven’t worked since 2009 and have been fighting disability and I also have no medical insurance I need help please can you help me please save me I feel like I am dying.4473

  155. Dennis Medel

    Hi my name is Dennis I’m 27 years old I’ve been having a weight problem all my life. its at its worst right now I am about 450 pounds I’m not sure how much because I can’t find a scale that will weigh me. I have a 2 year old son that I want to be around for and if something don’t change im scared I won’t be around to see him grow up I need some kind of help if anybody can help thank you

  156. chelsea

    Im chelsea 21 years young 300 pound I have struggled with obesity and depression my whole life i have tried every diet I can think of when I was 13 I went to a summer weight loss camp and lost 27 pounds and soon after I gained it all back and an additional 120# I have my whole life ahead of me but currently at this weight it almost seems not worth living i want to be able to have children and live long enough to watch them grow up i want to be able to hang out with my friends or go to the mall with out dealing like im dying because i cant breath or keep up with my friends I WANT MY LIFE BACK

  157. Summer

    I’ve just turned 19, weighing in at 360 lbs. I think what this foundation is doing is so amazing, inspiring even. I have been Bigger all of my life but it is getting very scary. Life threatening. It seems like anything I’ve ever tried bears no results. this has gone on for so long i had never learned the severity until now, with diabetes and hypoglycemia. This is all in the way of my future and wanting to pursue my dreams. If there is anyway this could ever become possible it would be life changing.

  158. Anna Messenger

    I am a 53 year old female has successfully lost 80 pounds. I have managed to make a lot of good medical changes through dieting. I no longer have high blood pressure and very well may not have diabetes any longer. I feel good about my weight loss except that I have excess facial skin as a result of the weight loss. I have made a lot of good changes on the inside but I feel like on the outside I do still have some changes to make through this journey with weight loss. I can’t afford the full amount of plastic surgery to correct the excess skin because I have been someone who has been at home taking care of my family members when they became elderly and ill. I was hoping that maybe I could receive some assistance with this. Thanks for taking the time to read my email.

  159. sherry garmon

    Well my story is I’m 57 years old have artificial knees on second pair frist was done at age of 20 second pair 21 years ago hurt back and neck have had back operated on three time and same with neck three times in the last seven years have no Inc. And have not been able to work do to all of this and arthritis and my weight is 325 maybe more .
    please help me to get some kind of life back.

  160. Dezirre

    Hello,I am a 32 year old mother of two. I have struggled with weight loss for many years. I have reached a point where I can no longer deal with it. My body aches all the time,I can’t take walks with my husband or children. I have a family history of heart disease and diabetes. I also have sciatica,which makes trying to work or even sometimes move hurt and bring me to tears. I have a hard time holding a active job,which has cost my family alot financially and emotionally. I am at least 200lbs heavier than I should be. I have no insurance, and no one to turn to. I just want to be healthy for myself and my family. I want to see my kids grow, and have a chance to run and play with my grandkids. If there is anyone that can help me, please contact me. I am in the St. Louis,mo. area. I thank you for your time.

  161. Patty Gault

    I am 47 years old, and have been on every diet imaginable. I have lost and gained, and lost and gained, but each time that I gain, I gain a little more. It’s been a long time since I’ve even stepped on a scale (mainly because I don’t want to know, but also because it’s hard to find a scale that will measure my weight). Going by the size of my clothes, I would guess that I’m pushing 400lbs. I’m 5’7″. My knees are shot, as are my hips and back. I have sleep apnea, am borderline diabetic, have high blood pressure and have developed something called PVC (a heart condition). I can barely walk, or stand on my feet for more than just a few minutes, without being in horrific pain. I have to use an electric cart in grocery stores or department stores (if they have them) which is so humiliating, and I know what people are thinking about me, and can see the looks I get. Thay all think I’m just lazy and the reason why I’m fat is exactly this reasonn. My cardiologist says in my case the PVC is not life threatening, at this time. But he made sure that I knew that he did not see people my size die of old age.
    My doctors, all of them, have tried to get my insurance to approve bypass surgery, but I have been denied more times than I can tell you. They all (doctors) assure me that I won’t be around much longer without some major weight loss.
    I would be very interested in any information on how to get my insurance to cover this, or in any assistance I could get.
    Thank you

  162. Amanda Maynard

    I’m a 24 yr old female in the Larkin street youth program, it houses homeless youth, and I have been over weight my entire life, I eat right and excercise and the weight hasnt come off and its a major cause of my clinical depression. I am soo desperate for help. Im completely healthy other then my knees being damaged a few times on both sides in the past. You’re my last hope.

  163. Lorie Skeem

    I am 55 years old, a mother of 3 and grandmother of 16. I weight about 265 lbs. I am active and in good health other then my weight. I divided my husband who was abusive after 25 years. I would like to have a chance to find a real love of my life. But at this weight I don’t even get a second look. I have been going to Zumba and I walk. Please could I get some help! I have no extra money to do it myself and have never asked to be helped with anything in my life!

  164. Angel prater

    My name is angel prater I am 30 I have health problem and I weight 254 and I need help I make 7.25 and hour I have been over weight since I was Lil girl I’ve tryed killing my self because I am not happy I had ganberay when I was Lil had to have stairarodls to live I need help and if who ever can help me I will be bless so I can do thing with my child and look better for my soon to be husband

  165. Kalisha

    hello im Kalisha and id really appreciate it if anyone someone could please help me pay to get a gastric bypass my doctor told me at the rate im going i wont live to see my 21st birthday ive done therapy to prove I can loose weight and keep it off now all I.need is the surgery please help save my life im struggling alot financial im only 18 and im out here alone every amount helps. heres the link.to make a contribution thanks god bless. http://www.gofundme.com/43bwi0

  166. rich

    hi im 26 old my weight is around 450 but im a abbot outdoorsman i love being out side hunt fish rock crawling but no matter what i do i keep getting bigger after i toped 400 my knees started to hurt so i dont hunt any more andmy sized has cost me my job now im sinking deeper and deeper in to a depresstion i need help im the type of person that normally wont ask for help but im at my wits end if i dont hear any thing i under stand thanks

  167. Dana Palma

    Hi my name is Dana I am 26 yr old I am 5’9 and weight 287 .I have always had weight problems .the last few years things have gotten worse. I had a bad accident that has changed my life. I am a mom of two children and more than anything I want to watch my kids grow up. I have been on depression meds for years high blood pressure, diabetes . I am so afraid if I can’t get help that my weight is going to put me in a early grave. I can’t work and am not able to get ins. Medicaid say that my husband makes to much. I just don’t know were to go for help. Please help me this would change my life for ever. I blessing from god that I have been praying for.

  168. DaNaya S

    My names Danaya and I’m over weight I’ve always been a thick girl but now its depressing and stressful I feel like all my faluires are resulting towards my weight im 20 years old and in 355 LBS ive tried everytging pills workour tapes diets everything and I feel so helpless I have a 2 year old and no job im embarrassed of my weight and i want to become a plus size model but I’m even over weight to do that I need to loose atleast 200 LDS if anyone has away or advice please helo me I don’t want my weight to be the reasonsob I die so young please and thank you

  169. Terry Dills

    I am a 52 year old male . I am 5’11″tall and weigh 405 lbs. I have several medical problems that would be helped with weight loss ,but some of my problems and medicines make it impossible for me to do it on my own. My doctor has suggested weight loss surgery but i don’t have insurance to pay for it , I don’t qualify for medicaid, and it will be over a year before I qualify for medicare. I need help now. I thank you in advance for any help you can give.

  170. Glenda Hill

    I too am overweight, 5’5″ 325 lbs and have really bad backaches and leg pain. I wasn’t always a heavy person, I have tried Weight Watchers, Shakes, Pills, starving, this all didn’t work. Lost the weight and then back to emotional eating. I am a postitve person, but I kinda leave myself out of the positive part. I was a shy child and teenager, I was sexually assaulted when I was a little girl, by 2 family members and as I got older I turned to food as a safe place, because who is going to bother a fat girl. I can’t fail this little girl so I have to get this weight off and make her proud of me. I have no job, no money, please direct me to the organization that can help me get surgery to rid myself of this baggage.
    Blessings and Regards,
    Glenda Hill in Arlington, Texas

  171. misty

    I am looking for information that can lead me to help in obtaining better health. I am addicted to food, an emotional eater, & I see my bad habits being picked up on by my 5 year old. Currently, I am 5’3 and weigh over 365lbs. I am a single mother, in college for Social Work, & will be graduating in May with my BSW. I have tried many times to eat better and exercise consistantly.I am like a child in this one area of my life. I have horrible control and need to be treated like a child I suppose. I have noticed that my daughter is doing a lot of the things that keeps me where I am. I too have attempted suicide multiple times, along with self mutilation. I have become much healthier mentally and no longer turn to these outlets. I do however, still get very depressed and feel hopeless about my body and health.

    At this time, I am having complications related to my heart and circulation. I am fairly active for being at a 64+ BMI and having an injured knee. I want…I need to be better, but I can’t do it alone. I need help.

    Please, is there any help out there?

  172. detra

    Steve unless u have been there, don’t judge! A lot of us. want to help ourselves but are truly addicted to foodand u want to, need to but can’t. Some things are easier said that done. Some of us need help the surgery would be a great push in the right direction but many of us can’t afford it, some of us even have insurance that will cover some of it but have to be put through hurdles first so its almost like not having it. So please don’t judge because its obvious u have not walked in the shoes of those crying out for help.

  173. kellie

    I am 27yo female single mother of 1 girl. I have been overweight all my life and due to extreme weight gain i almost died in 2010 topping the scale at 483lbs. Im only 5’3”. I have been told by many drs to try the weight loss surgery as if I get seriously sick pnuemonia etc… I will almost surely not make it through. I need help I cant afford the surgery and I dont have any health coverage. Since being sick in 2010 I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. I have to get this weight off before I die.

  174. Wayne Thornton

    My name is Wayne, I am 38 year old male with a wife and family, and some serious health issues. Diabetes, degenerative bone disease that is rapidly progressing, and heart issues. Fluid is building up around it and causing strain. Dr. said I’d be lucky to live past 50. I have been eating better and doing better, yet I am still gaining weight in fluid. My Dr. got me approved through Medicaid for the surgery but no Dr.’s in NC will perform it. I want to be able to enjoy life again and to enjoy time with my family and to see and enjoy grandkids one day, to see my children graduate, and marry. I am currently on approximately 30 different meds just to live. And I am tired of taking all of them. The Dr. said I could live a normal, healthy life if I could just find someone to do this surgery for me. Please help. I don’t want to die and leave my family. I want to grow old with my wife. She’s 41. I’m not supposed to go before her.

  175. Annie Perkins

    Hello to everyone,

    I was fortunate to have had Medicare and a supplemental insurance that paid for my bariatric surgery and have lost just over 100lbs this was the second time I had lost this much weight the first time I did it on my own by dieting and doing tae bo, I had actually been able to keep my weight off the first time for several years until I was involved in a car accident and was no longer able to perform my daily tae bo routine, and ballooned up over my original weight. Since my surgery though I have been very ill, 4 months after my bariatric surgery I had to have another surgery to remove scar tissue because I was unable to keep anything other than pop cycles down, I also had several bleeding ulcers. After this surgery, I was finally able to keep food down, but I have never been %100. Always tired, fainting, sick, nauseated, yes my weight is down, and I am happy about that. But in August of this year nearly three later I had another surgery I had another surgery to fix a hernia that caused my to have a strangulated bowel. I am still very ill. I had to another surgery in December to have my Breast implants removed that I had from 2000, because on was leaking, and now I have scars all over my body, and I am very ill, I am thin, but very ill. I have folds of skin under my arms from my breast surgery that prevent me from wearing a bra. It may sound like I am complaining but I am only telling you this because I know that I wish I would have done my research and choose a different doctor. I found out later that the doctor I choose had several cases in which his patient had post op issues, but I was just so desperate to change my situation I didn’t care who was doing my surgery I just wanted it done. I have two other friends who went to a very good reputable doctor who have done great, and had I went to a different doctor I believe my story might be different. I don’t blame the doctor for everything but the doctor who repaired my hernia told my husband and myself that things needed to be redone, but as of yet we are unable to find a doctor to help me because no one wants to try and fix a mess someone else left.


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