Weight Loss Surgery News – March 19, 2010

This week on WLS News, we’ll explain how an occasional sip of vino could help you keep a sleek physique, and why putting a tax on junk food may actually help Americans save money. Plus, find out how too little sleep at night could keep you from shedding pounds, and see what researchers are saying about the effect a specific stomach bacteria has on obesity. Get the details on all of these stories and more in this week’s newscast.

Each week, WLS News covers new research findings, medical breakthroughs, legislative changes and demographic trends related to the treatment of overweight and obesity. Click the video player below to view this week’s newscast.

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Summary from this week’s report:

Obesity Could Be Caused by Stomach Bacteria

A certain kind of intestinal bacteria may be partly responsible for obesity and a group of other health conditions, according to new research findings. But, scientists have yet to make the leap from mice to men.

Weight Gain Tied to Lack of Sleep

A lack of sleep could have greater consequences than just puffy eyes – it can also keep you from losing weight. Ironically, getting too much sleep can have the same effect. Find out how many hours are considered ideal in this news segment.

Junk Food Tax Could Curb Obesity Trend

A new study indicates that putting a tax on junk food could help reduce obesity rates and improve our nation’s health – both physically and fiscally.

Alcohol Could Keep Off Extra Pounds, Study Shows

New research suggests that women who regularly consume moderate amounts of alcohol are less likely to gain weight than nondrinkers, and are at lower risk for obesity.

Fat Found to be Sixth Taste

A newly discovered ability for people to taste fat could hold the key to reducing obesity. See what researchers say about this taste sensation.

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