Weight Loss Surgery News – July 3, 2009

obese people live longer study showsIn the July 3, 2009 edition of WLS News, we’ll examine why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and the dire consequences for those who skip it. Plus, your cupboard contains a super fat-burning ingredient—find out what it is! Then, learn how obesity affects your brain, and whether overweight people really live longer. And, as always, we’ll visit Yvonne for a look at the best in WLS support from the World Wide Web.

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9 Responses

  1. Dr. Sanae Tanaka

    With the Japanese study on obesity and longeivty, please keep in mind that obesity in Japan is defined from BMI 25 and above, which by US standards is in the overweight range, with obesity defined as BMI 30 and above. The particular study resulted in those whose BMI were within the 25-29.9 range that had a longer life span than the others. I forget the specifics, but the range for people who had longer life span were also in the lower range of 25-29.9. Those whose BMI were above 30 had a shorter life span than those whose BMI were in the normal range. The reason for the lower BMI definition in Japan for obeisty is because the rate of obesity-related illnesses go up with the BMI>25 population and is almost equal to the rate that is seen in BMI>30 group for European/American ancestry ethnicities.
    So, when considering this study, translating the results directly to obesity by the American definition can cause a misconception and misinterpretaion of the results.

  2. Dr. Sanae Tanaka

    I forgot to add, the vinegar diet, especially the brown vinegar diet has been a fad here for the past couple of years. (^^)

  3. Yvonne McCarthy

    And there’s the fact that when we skip breakfast, we throw our bodies into starvation mode after not eating for 8 hours during sleep. It is so important to eat breakfast! Thanks for this report. Awesome job Miss Leslie!! “Naughty food porn” too funny!!

  4. TerryT

    I eat breakfast every morning…..if I don’t I have found the hard way I have a huge drop in blood sugar and it’s not fun. Great information!!

  5. Zola Lander

    I totally agree with the need to eat breakfast. Not only can not eating throw your body into starvation mode as Yvonne said, but it can drop your metabolic rate if you do not eat within ONE hour of waking. Even something as simple as an apple, yogurt, toast, protein drink, etc. will jumpstart that metabolism.
    Great story, and wonderful that the research is validating something we have been told for years.

  6. Zola Lander

    Ooops, I just used a double negative. I should say “Not only skipping breakfast…” My bad.