Weight Loss Surgery News – January 29, 2010

Catch this week’s WLS News to learn why some people are getting paid to lose weight. Plus, could going under anesthesia be riskier for the overweight? And there’s good news about the obesity rate in America, but experts warn the effects may be temporary. Can you really trust the calorie count on the fast food menus? That story, as well as a new connection between obesity and a deadly form of kidney cancer on this episode.  Click the video player below to view these stories and more.

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Organizations mentioned in this episode:

Weight Loss Program May Profit Losers

The National Health Service in England is considering the launch of a health initiative that will pay people after they’ve lost weight.

The program hasn’t been finalized. But obese people on that side of the world who lose at least 140 pounds in 21 months will be available to win a fairly hefty sum. Click on the video player above to find out how much it is.

Restaurant Calorie Counts Inaccurate?

Restaurants that list the calorie counts beside each menu item can’t always be trusted. Researchers at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University recently found that many of the restaurants we know and frequent are telling tales about what they cook. Click on the video player above to see what findings show.

Clear-Cell Kidney Cancer Tied To Obesity

A form of kidney disease called “clear-cell renal cell cancer” is often deadly and is often found among males. Researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York are seeing correlations between this and an obese status. Click on the video player above to get some hard statistics.

Anesthesia Tricky For Obese Patients

Undergoing anesthesia in a fully safe way can be complicated for obese surgery patients, and a new campaign hopes to spread awareness. Click on the video player above to find out more.

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