Weight Loss Surgery News – January 1, 2010

Watch this week’s WLS News to find out why too much exercise, too soon could pose certain risks to weight loss surgery patients. And, learn how drinking coffee and tea may help prevent a life threatening medical condition. Plus, we’ll tell you how psychotherapy can benefit overweight teens, fill you in on two new weight loss pills expected to get FDA approval, and share the top ten trends in weight loss surgery for the New Year.

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4 Responses

  1. Karen

    I just got my date for my bypass surgery. I am so excited, but scared at the same time. So much to remember, am i going to forget something…and screw everything up? I have 2 hernias they will repair during my surgery,will that effect my weight loss? I know, i have to talk to my doctor about these things,just venting.

  2. Cindy

    I am 6mos postop. One of the things I struggle with is slow weight loss and 4-6 week plateaus between losses. I know that a slower loss is more beneficial for me, however the mind (Brain)factor comes into play when I am eating so little for such a period of time and see all of my co-patients and OH friends steadily losing 2-10 lbs a week. I am stuck at 180. I weighed 255 when I started. I want to get to 150. Another issue I have is the constant (Daily) having to think about food all the time to make sure i get enough protein, etc in. Thinking about food preop is what i equated to being fat. If i thought about food, i ate more. If i saw it on TV, i snacked. I have a problem with having to think about it all the time. I am wondering if other people have the same problem and what they are doing about it to get past this hurdle. There are days that I actually cant stand thinking about,(VITAMINS< PROTEIN<DRINK<WATER<FOOD< ENOUGH? ARRRGGHHHH!!!)Just curious! I know I still have another year of weightloss before my maintenance kicks in. I want to be a success at this and not have re-gain after. Postop support is so necessary and needed. Not just the surgery and then there you are. I am still in search of a good support group besides the one at my doctor office(Just new patients every month and no issues addressed for those of us having postop issues?) Thanks for listening!

  3. Helen Hoenig

    I have the very same problem, I could have written Cindy’s letter word for word. Also looking for help

  4. roxie (thinner56)

    i, just like helen can really relate to cindy’s letter. i had rny may 5, 2009 at 222lbs., last weight was 162.5. i’m thankful but feel that i should be doing much better..m struggling with my old habits and really draw strength from this website…so good to know that im not alone, it helps some with the frustration and guilt that im feeling. anyone that is an expert with handling the “mind” part of wls, i need u desperately..i’ll take any advice!!! i think it is great how all u out there r helping others, i have only been using the groups for a short while and i love them. good luck to everyone on this lifetime journey