Weight Loss Surgery News – February 5, 2010

Watch this week’s WLS News to see some encouraging news for people who think they’re too depressed to lose weight. And learn more about data showing that weight loss surgery is helping people live years longer. Also, though obesity can sometimes be genetic, studies are showing that breastfeeding can help your baby maintain a healthy weight later in life. Get the details on these stories and more in this week’s newscast.

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Weight Loss Capacity: The Same Among Women – Depressed or Stable

Results of a recent study show that women who have been diagnosed with depression have the same capacity for weight loss as women who aren’t so down.

Previous experiments indicated that women who are truly depressed are not successful in sticking to weight loss programs. But according to Dr. Evette Ludman of the Group Health Research Institute, new research indicates otherwise. Click the video player above to learn what the findings show.

Obesity Screenings Starting at Age Six?

A health organization is now urges parents to consider screening their children for obesity when they are as young as age six.

Findings from the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force show that intervention among young children who are obese or overweight can prevent health problems. Diabetes and sleep apnea are possible results of having a high body mass index. Involvement in the child’s weight reduction can be a good preventative measure. Click on the video player to learn more.

Breastfeeding Longer Reduces Obesity Risk

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen looked at data culled from more than 5,000 adults who had been breast fed for various lengths of time during infancy. The findings indicated that body mass index was lower among adults who had been introduced to solid food at a certain age. Click on the video player to see what the doctors found.

Weight Loss Surgery Extends Lifespan

If you’re morbidly obese, odds are very high that weight loss surgery will not only reverse your obesity, but also lengthen your life.

That is according to doctors at the University of Cincinnati, who drew conclusions based on three separate surveys dating back to 1991. Click on the video player to see the gathered statistics.

WLS Becoming Exclusive In United Kingdom

There are many obese – and morbidly obese – weight loss surgery candidates in the United Kingdom. Despite their qualifications for the health-saving surgery, limited national healthcare funding has applied limits to who can get a bariatric operation. And some surgeons in that region say this decision is costing the system even more money. Click on the video player to see how they feel.

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