Weight Loss Surgery News – February 26, 2010

This week on WLS News, get the details on a new study exploring treatment options for diabetes, and find out what it takes to qualify. We’ll also tell you about a change to FDA standards that could make gastric banding a more common treatment option for teens suffering from obesity. Plus, mark your calendars for three upcoming weight loss surgery conferences, and find out how researchers are transforming human fat into valuable stem cells. All of these stories and more in this week’s report!

Each week, WLS News reports on the latest research, legislation and trends related to obesity and weight management. For more details about this week’s newscast.

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Summary from this week’s report:

Anorexics Hoard Fat in Bone Marrow

People who suffer from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder driven by an irrational fear of gaining weight, have excess levels of fat in their bone marrow, according to new research findings. Since the disease primarily affects adolescent girls, it could dramatically affect their bone growth.

Weight Loss Surgery Conference Focuses on Education, Renewal

Hundreds of pre- and post-operative bariatric patients, doctors, and other medical professionals will soon descend on the Sea-Tac Marriott in Seattle, Washington for the annual Seattle Bash and Weight Loss Surgery Conference. Now in its seventh year, the conference provides opportunities for education, inspiration and rejuvenation to participants from across the country.

New Diabetes Study to Test Efficacy of Treatment with Bariatric Surgery

A team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are preparing to launch a new study to determine whether bariatric surgery is more effective than lifestyle modification at reducing weight and treating Type 2 Diabetes.

Fat May Serve Purpose in Stem Cell Research

A group of scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have developed a technique to convert stem cells taken from fat into pluripotent stem cells, which can be induced to become different types of specialized cells. Their work could have a profound impact on regenerative medicine.

Gastric Banding for Teens Under Review by FDA

Currently only approved for use on patients 18 and older, adjustable gastric banding procedures for adolescents as young as 14 may soon get the green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Although doctors sometimes perform gastric banding surgery on teens to treat morbid obesity, such procedures are considered “off-label” use and are the topic of much debate in the medical community.