Weight Loss Surgery News – February 19, 2010

This week on WLS News, find out how metformin could help teens who struggle with obesity, even if they don’t have diabetes. Plus, saturated fats get a bad rap, but new research indicates the risks may be overstated. We’ve got the details. We’ll also tell you why parents often don’t recognize when their kids are overweight, how the street where you grow up could affect your waistline, and what first lady Michelle Obama is doing to beat the epidemic of childhood obesity in America. All of these stories and more in this week’s report!

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Summary from this week’s report:

Parents Often Clueless About Children’s Weight Issues

Parents may not recognize signs that their child is carrying excess weight — or even choose to turn a blind eye — according to a new study. Researchers found that parents often underestimate their child’s weight, even if the child is obese, which may be contributing to the trend of childhood obesity in America.

Michelle Obama Launches Campaign Against Childhood Obesity

Already an outspoken advocate for healthy living, first lady Michelle Obama has launched Let’s Move, a new campaign to promote healthy lifestyle habits for children and combat childhood obesity. The White House is also lending its support, with $650 million in stimulus funds earmarked for prevention programs against smoking and obesity.

Obesity Driven By High-Traffic Areas

Children raised in high-traffic areas, such as urban streets, face a greater risk of being overweight later in life, according to a new study. Researchers believe that the lack of outdoor space to play and exercise causes kids to develop sedentary habits, increasing the chances that they will become obese.

Saturated Fats Not Linked to Heart Disease

Numerous studies indicate that having high levels of LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. But, although saturated fats are known to increase levels of LDL cholesterol, a new analysis of previously published studies has failed to find any clear link between saturated fat intake and the risk of developing heart disease.

Obesity May Delay Puberty in Boys

Carrying excess weight could delay puberty in young boys, a new study shows, which could have health ramifications, as well as serious repercussions for their self-esteem. Interestingly, overweight girls tend to experience puberty sooner, researchers note.

Metformin May Help Obese Teens Lose Weight

New research indicates that the diabetes drug metformin may help obese teens lose excess weight — even if they don’t have diabetes. Researchers compared the effects of treatment with metformin combined with healthy diet and exercise changes to treatment with lifestyle intervention alone.

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