Weight Loss Surgery News – February 12, 2010

This week on WLS News, we’ll tell you why one couple is facing charges of child abuse after reacting badly to their baby’s weight gain. Plus, find out what Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson is doing to address the nationwide obesity epidemic — and the controversy surrounding the project. We’ll also tell you about a weight loss pill in the works that uses a natural protein, reveal the results of a new experiment on willpower, and share some alarming statistics concerning the cardiovascular health of today’s youth.

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Baby Starved By Parents?

Brittainy and Samuel Labberton of Bellevue, Washington, face charges of felony mistreatment. Allegedly, they starved their newborn daughter to cause her to lose weight. Click on the video player to learn more about what happened.

Levinson Helming Obesity Doc

Barry Levinson, Oscar-winning director of Rain Man and Wag the Dog, has set his sights on the burgeoning American obesity epidemic. Click on the video player to see what’s in the works.

Obesity Among Kids Boosting Cholesterol Levels

You don’t have to be especially old to have a problem with cholesterol, recent studies show. New information from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism shows some startling data about the heart disease risk certain kids and teenagers are facing. Click on the video player to learn more.

Willpower is in Brain Matter

Willpower is often a factor in our efforts to control certain parts of our lifestyle — but most of us are foggy on what affects it. A professor at Stanford University reports intriguing new findings that may change the way you think. Click the video player to learn about his experiment.

Weight Loss Pill Using Natural Protein?

Canadian doctors are attempting to develop a weight loss pill that uses a natural protein called leptin, which helps regulate hunger. If successful, they may be able to use the protein in medication to curb obesity. Click the video player to learn what they’re doing.