Weight Loss Surgery News – December 11, 2009

Obesity could keep college students from graduatingThis week on WLS News, find out what one university is doing to fight obesity on campus — and how the school’s efforts could prevent a group of college seniors from graduating. Plus, get a closer look at a controversial weight loss pill that’s under scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration – and not for the first time. Also, hear more about a new device that can improve the outcomes for gastric banding surgery.

Get the latest details on new research, treatments, legislation and social trends related to obesity and check out WLS News now!

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One Response

  1. Barbara

    I’m not for or against this, I need more information.
    When they enrolled and PAID their tuition, were they told about these restrictions/requirements.

    Come on now, I am happy to do whatever we can to help people NOT be obese but the finale choice is theirs. You can not make someone eat right and exercise, unless they WANT to!

    If this was a “pilot” program where they took 25 students and told them if you lose weight before graduation, your tuition would be paid for….those kids would have lost the weight, and or attended the class. They need motivation other than getting healthy and living longer!

    Good Luck!


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