Weight Loss ‘Royalty’ Rises in USA

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A new kind of celebrity, weight loss royalty, is on the rise in the United States.  So-called “weight loss czars” have appeared in several U.S. cities, each czar crowned by local governments out of concern over rising obesity rates.

Take Toledo, Ohio. A recent American Heart Association study shows Toledo to be among the 200 metro areas with the highest rates of obesity and related illnesses in the country. As a result, the local county commissioners voted recently to appoint area radio personality Andrew Zepeda its first Weight Loss Czar.

Zepeda – who is better known as Andrew “Z” on local airwaves – leads by example, with the goal of encouraging residents of metro Toledo to lose a million pounds in 2009.

His Imperial Majesty himself has lost 80 pounds in the past year by means of diet, exercise, and undergoing Lap-Band surgery. Now that’s leadership!

Other cities have their own weight-loss royalty. Philadelphia, for example, has had its own Fitness Czar – Czarina, actually – Gwen Foster, who has held court over the city’s Health and Fitness Commission for almost a decade. Even libertarian Houston has joined the trend, selecting former Mr. Universe Lee Labrada as its first Fitness Czar in 2002.

It’s hard to tell how well the new weight-loss royalty will do at getting their respective communities into shape. And, this new trend begs the question of whether we want government meddling in our personal diet and exercise habits. But, I for one welcome our new weight loss overlords. And, I’d like to remind them that as a trusted online personality, I am happy to help encourage others to do their part in the new, healthy-living order!

Long live the lords and ladies of our new weight loss royalty!

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