Weight Loss Programs Save Employers Money

Weight loss programs can save employers money, but for the most savings, the program must be chosen wisely.

wls_1A new study shows companies with obese employees can save money by helping them lose weight – but the savings may not match the cost of the weight loss program.

Researchers found that obese employees will miss more days of work to treat their illnesses and injuries than employees at a healthy body weight.

The study explored ways companies can save money with nutritional programs, company gyms or weight loss contests that award money to the winners.

The findings indicated that an overall weight loss of only 5 percent among obese and overweight employees could save a company up to $90 per person each year.

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Those savings are generally less than the cost for many worksite programs, and indicate that low-cost workplace weight loss initiatives may offer a greater return on investment.

The results of the study appeared in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

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