Weight Loss Equally Possible Among Depressed, Stable Women

Weight loss ability seems to be virtually the same for women even if they suffer from depression, a study shows.

Results of a new study show that women who suffer from depression have the same capacity to lose weight as women who don’t.

Previous experiments have suggested that women who have been diagnosed with depression are rarely successful in sticking to weight loss programs. But according to Dr. Evette Ludman of the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, there is no major difference between depressed women and stable women in their potential for healthy eating and exercise habits.

Ludman led a study that provided weight loss intervention sessions for a group of women. The sessions included diet information and exercise. The only conclusion Ludman drew from the results is that the women who attended more of the sessions lost more weight.

But she found that some of the women who were faithful to the weight loss program suffered from depression, and some of the women who skipped sessions were emotionally stable. From what she observed, depressed women showed no disadvantage in terms of the ability to lose weight.

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