Weight Loss Devices on the Rise

Weight loss devices, like the Mandometer and the BodyBugg, as well as new applications for the iPhone and Blackberry, and helping tech-savvy consumers track their success as they battle the bulge.

The battle against the bulge has gone high-tech with new devices designed to help busy people achieve weight loss success.

Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has released a gadget called the Mandometer, which is able to keep track of how much and how fast a person is eating during any given meal. If the subject eats too quickly, the Mandometer tells them to slow down. A British experiment tried the device on a group of obese children and found that in one year, their eating speed fell by 11 percent.

Then there are applications available for your BlackBerry and iPhone devices, which keep track of how much you eat and how many calories you can burn through physical activity.

Other new devices can actually measure your calorie expenditure as it happens, such as the BodyBugg. It’s an armband that contains four different sensors that tell you how many calories you’re eating and burning throughout the day. You can also program the device with your personal weight loss goals.

All these gadgets and gizmos sound exciting – but they still won’t do the work for you! However, they are great tools to help you reach your weight-loss goals throughout the next 11 months of the New Year.

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