Tummy Tucks Take Off for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

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Tummy Tucks Take Off for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

So, you’ve lost a lot of weight. You have dropped ten sizes, you can walk a mile without passing out, and your future is full of endless possibilities. There’s just one problem left: your extra skin. What in the heck do you do with all the freaking extra skin?

Enter the abdominoplasty – better known as the “tummy tuck” – which statistics show is becoming an increasingly common part of post-operative care for weight loss surgery patients. In fact, in the U.S., surgeons performed 148,000 tummy tuck operations in 2007 alone – an increase of 137% over the number performed in 2000. And with more and more weight loss surgery procedures being performed each year, the tummy tuck trend is certain to grow.

Excess skin is a serious issue for weight loss surgery patients who have lost large amounts of abdominal fat. There is the embarrassment of having oversized flaps of loose skin hanging from your belly. Zippers are a constant threat. And where do you put it when you get dressed?
What’s more, redundant skin can cause seriously problems, like yeast infections, or even lead to gangrene.

Reconstructive surgery can help address these issues, but it is unlikely that your insurance carrier will pay for the procedure unless there is a medical reason. And, depending upon the circumstances, a tummy tuck can cost anywhere from $5000 to $25,000. But, many folks will gladly shell out this kind of dough if it means being able to finally wear a bathing suit in public for the first time in their lives.