Survey Shows Bariatric Patients are Happier, Healthier

The results of a new study reveal that the majority of weight loss surgery patients in Canada look good, feel great, and are on track to their target weight.

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A new study out of Canada finds that post-operative weight loss surgery patients are happier and healthier after bariatric surgery than they were prior.

The Weight Loss Benefits survey for bariatric surgery patients examined the outcomes of 386 post-operative patients from across the Great White North.

Demographically, the participants in the survey were between 21 years and 68 years old, mostly female, and only part way through their weight loss journeys. Some three-quarters of participants had not yet reached their goal weight.

The big news is that even the partial progress toward a given patient’s goal wait can smash the self-esteem barriers that contribute so much to obesity and related diseases.

A full seven out of every ten participants in the survey said that their levels of self esteem and self-confidence had increased significantly since having weight loss surgery. Six out of ten respondents reported increased energy levels after having surgery, and 30 percent even reported improvements in their sex lives.

The survey was sponsored by Slimband, one of the largest weight loss surgery and treatment centers in Canada. The Slimband program uses a two-step process, starting with laparscopic gastric band surgery followed by a four-year regimen of patient support, including nutritional and fitness counseling, and routine Lap-band fills.

The reported benefits of the Slimband program weren’t just psychological. According to the Weight Loss Benefits survey, 58 percent of patients noted a reduction in overall aches and pains, less frequent and less severe heartburn, as well as reductions in joint inflammation, hypertension, and remission of type 2 diabetes. And that is good news!

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