Scottish Couple Loses Obese Children to Foster Care

A Scottish couple expecting their seventh child recently lost two of their children to social workers.

childhood_obesityScotland’s STV station reported that social workers had warned a couple in 2008 that they were causing health problems in their children by allowing them to be obese. At that time, their children ranged from 3 to 13 years old, and the youngest child weighed 56 pounds. The oldest child now weighs more than 220 pounds.

The social workers had originally gotten involved when the parents wanted help managing their children. Instead, the workers ordered the couple to deal with the family weight problem.

Apparently they didn’t, and their three and four-year-old are now under foster care. The other children may be leaving home, as well.

Kathleen Price, the couple’s attorney, calls this case scandalous, and says the couple feels victimized. But STV reported that in the UK, some authorities see childhood obesity as abuse.

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