Pregnancy Health: Prevent Fatty Liver Disease In Baby

Pregnancy health is important, and a new study tells about how pregnant women can help the health of their child’s liver. Watch on this week’s WLS News.

pregnantThe journal Hepatology Today released a study linking what a pregnant woman eats … with the health of her child’s liver.

Researchers at the University of Southampton discovered that a high-fat diet during pregnancy can make children more likely to develop fatty liver disease when they become adults. Fatty liver is the buildup of fat in the liver. It’s common among obese people but can sometimes lead to a chronic liver disease.

The British academic team found that if an expecting mother eats too much saturated fat, the developing liver of her unborn child can be affected. After birth, this child can do further damage with his or her own eating habits – and in adulthood, can develop a severely fatty liver.

The next stage of the research will be determining precisely how the disease develops, and how doctors can intervene. Video plays below.

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  1. Lindsay Johnson

    I recommend avoiding sugar as possible including foods that are often incorrectly marketed as “healthy” and low in fat as they contain loads of sugar. Sugar has a bad effect in that it increases insulin levels which cause the body to store fat, also it can cause you to feel hungry because effects the appetite control hormone leptin.

    Lindsay Johnson


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