Pregnancy and Obesity: A Risky Combination

Pregnancy and Obesity can be a risky combination, a recent study shows. Watch this week’s Weight Loss Surgery News to find out more.

pregnantobeseA recent study shows that many pregnant women who are obese don’t even know it.

Researchers in Australia surveyed more than 400 pregnant women and found that 30 percent of them were overweight or obese before becoming pregnant. And when asked about their weight, 36 percent of them thought they were in a normal range.

Dr. Leonie Callaway of the University of Queensland said the trend could lead to many women not realizing the health risk their obesity may pose to their unborn child. She also said it’s possible that obesity has become so common that it is seen as normal.

Study findings appear in the Medical Journal of Australia, and the researchers noted several risks that are associated with obesity during pregnancy. They included congenital malformations, delivery problems and even miscarriage. Video plays below.

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