Omega-3s May Protect Liver From Obesity, Study Says

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Omega-3s May Protect Liver From Obesity, Study Says

You’ve probably heard that Omega-3 fatty acids are pretty much a miracle nutrient. They’re good for your heart! They reduce cholesterol! They give you whiter teeth and freshen your breath! Okay, just kidding about that last one.

But seriously, Omega-3s are good for you in lots of ways. And now, a study out of the University of Barcelona indicates that Omega-3 fatty acids can protect your liver from damage caused by obesity – especially with regards to insulin resistance.

Researchers zeroed in on two types of molecules found in Omega-3 fatty acids – protectins and resolvins – which are known to reduce fatty liver disease and insulin resistance in obese people. They studied four groups of genetically obese and diabetic mice and found that the livers of the mice that were fed a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids showed far less swelling and other damage than the livers in the other mice  – thanks, apparently, to all the protectins and resolvins they were eating.

The lesson here appears to be that – surprise! – healthy doses of Omega-3 can limit the damage to your health from obesity.

So, here’s the drill: Eat lots more fish, switch to canola oil, and lose that extra weight gradually to keep from blowing out your liver. Another victory for good health – thanks to nature’s miracle nutrient, Omega-3!

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