Obesity Soon to Bankrupt Medicare?

Obesity and related health conditions, including diabetes, may soon bankrupt America’s Medicare system, experts say.  The number of diabetics is expected to nearly double in the next 25 years.

obesity medicare bankruptAmerica’s endless battle of the bulge and the current wobbly economy are leading to speculation that the obesity epidemic may bankrupt Medicare.

Researchers at the University of Chicago are saying that by the year 2034, there will be nearly 44 million diabetics in this country, as opposed to the 24 million now.

Also, yearly treatment costs for diabetes-related problems may jump to $336 billion by then, triple the current costs of $113 billion.

What’s more, annual Medicare diabetes spending in America is $45 billion now and the researchers say it may be $171 billion by 2034 – and that’s assuming obesity rates don’t climb, which many estimate they’re sure to do.

Part of the increase is due to the fact that obese diabetics are getting younger and younger. And so, for all the debate about what good healthcare should be in this country, there should be no argument that obesity is straining the system in a bad way.

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