Obesity May Quadruple Healthcare Costs by 2018

Obesity has a direct impact on a number of serious health issues, but it’s also causing another serious problem for our nation: It may quadruple national healthcare costs over the next decade.

healthcare spending increasesDoctors across the country recently participated in the America’s Health Rankings study, offering information about health trends indicating that by 2018, annual healthcare spending on obesity-related issues could be up to $344 billion – eating up about 21 percent of total health care spending.

By then, the study showed, the national obesity rate among adults is estimated to be 43 percent. In 2008, by contrast, the adult obesity rate was 31 percent.

The study also showed that if obesity rates simply stayed the same through 2018, national healthcare spending still could be close to $200 billion.

Many of today’s kids are on track to become the obese adults of the next decade, and in high numbers. Not that it has to be this way — Representative James Moran of Virginia may have put it best when he recently described the rising American obesity rate as an epidemic  that is preventable.

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