Obesity Keeping Potential Recruits out of the Army

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Obesity Keeping Potential Recruits out of the Army

Ten… hut! Listen up, people! The U.S. Army is facing a new enemy – a foe that’s keeping three out of ten potential soldiers out of uniform and off the front lines. The enemy: fat!

At ease, and I’ll explain. The Army needs young Americans to take on the toughest job in the world — and plenty of recruits show up to volunteer. Unfortunately for Uncle Sam, 30% percent of would-be-soldiers who sign up for the armed services are too fat when they show up at the entrance station — and they don’t get in!

But, we are a nation of fighters, and the U.S. Army does not intend to lose this war on obesity. Defeat is not an option! The Army is advancing… constantly… in this battle of the bulge — and it will win!

Major General Thomas Bostick, head of the Army Recruiting Command, wants to start a “fat camp” for overweight recruits – putting them through a tough diet and fitness regimen to help them drop those pounds; they can proceed to basic training once they’ve achieved the Army’s weight and fitness standards.

And, once they lose the weight, those young soldiers will have no problem keeping off the pounds with their drill sergeant barking orders at them. Mission accomplished!

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