Obesity In Middle-Aged Women Produces Unhealthy Elderly

Obesity in middle-aged women, ages 40-50 years, makes them nearly 80 percent more likely to suffer health problems by age 70, a study shows.

Obese elderlyNew data indicates that women who are obese during their fifties are nearly 80 percent more likely to suffer health problems by age 70.

A 20-year study of more than 17,000 women of various ages – none of whom had any major health issues when the study began – found that the women who were obese at midlife were 79 percent less likely to be healthy in their 70s.

Problems included cardiovascular disease and various cancers. And, the women who had been overweight since their youth were most at risk for problems later on. According to the research, every 2.2 lbs. of extra weight lowered the woman’s odds of being healthy at age 70 by 5 percent.

Interestingly, all of the study subjects were nurses. The study’s authors said the message is clear: to live long and stay healthy, women are wise to maintain a healthy weight throughout adulthood.

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  1. Lorenzo Stone

    Weight Loss is never unfeasible. It sounds clichet to the nth level but Diet and Lifestyle change is the key to be fit. A lot has gone through surgical procedures to lose weight but in the long run, left unsuccessful. With todays age of processed/Convenient foods, we are much likely eating the bad stuff which causes us to get overweight and worse, obese. Eating alkaline based foods such as raw veggies, fresh fruits plus drinking clean water everyday coupled with excercise will make that big difference.Learned this from Christopher Guerriero.


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