Obesity at 20 Can Curtail Longevity

Obesity can cause serious health issues at any age, but for men in their 20s, it can mean a shorter life.

Men who are obese at age 20 are twice as likely to die young, according to a new study presented at the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm, Sweden.

Researchers examined health factors for close to 5,500 men ages 20 to 80 and found that the 1,930 study subjects who were obese at age 20 were twice as likely to die at any age, when compared to those who were not obese at 20.

“Entering adult life as obese leads to a life-long doubling of the risk of dying prematurely,” researcher Esther Zimmermann, PhD, of the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark told WebMD.

Researchers also found that the chance of dying at an earlier age increased by 10 percent for each body mass index (BMI) point above what is considered a healthy weight.

Those involved in the study were also required to complete follow up surveys at 35 and 46 years old. It was found that more than 70 percent of men who were obese at 20 years old were still obese at the follow up exams. However, only 4 percent of men who were of a normal weight at 20 became obese later in life.

More testing needs to be done, and researchers hope to better understand why men who were obese at 20 years old die earlier to develop better strategies for prevention. Future research in this area is especially important because more than two thirds of U.S. adults 20 or older are considered overweight or obese.

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