Obese More Likely to Undergo Hip Replacement Surgery

Obese More Likely to Undergo Hip Replacement Surgery

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According to a pair of recent Mayo Clinic studies, obese people have a higher rate of hip replacement surgery than those who are a healthy weight. And that’s not the only bad news: Hip replacement operations for super obese patients cost more and heal more slowly – or sometimes not at all.

Doctors involved with the two studies found that while hip replacements are feasible for the super obese, more than half of the patients surveyed suffered serious post-operative complications, including dislocation of the implant, chronic infection and new bone fractures around the device. About 13% of the patients required additional surgery to correct these complications.

Another study released just last week out of Australia determined that a person’s body weight, BMI, fat mass and percentage fat can make them three to four times more likely to need a primary joint replacement.

These latest findings only add to the mountain of evidence that obesity is hazardous to your health – and your bank account. So, if you’re struggling with your weight, talk with your doctor about a healthy strategy to shed those pounds.

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  1. Lori burton

    Please give me some advice…. I am a 43 year old female who had a complete hip replacement 14 years ago… No problems… I have over the past several years have gained approx 50 -60 lbs.. I was told when I received my hip that I was not to get heavy.. Well I have and I have tried everything… I am now considering the lap band surgery.. My concern is will the surgery cause my bones to become weaker… Which would pose a much greater risk…. Please give me some info I’m really concerned about my future!!!


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