Obese Criminal Deemed Too Fat for Jail

An obese Florida man charged with five counts of felony petty theft was offered a plea when prosecutors determined it would cost too much to incarcerate him.

Photo: Seminole County Sheriff's OfficeA 600-pound Florida man found a new way get out of jail free, by being too fat.

George Jolicoeur, 38, recently was arrested for a long history scamming restaurants in 2007, but was offered a plea deal when state prosecutors was found that it would be too expensive to throw him in jail.

To bring Jolicoeur to trial, the state would have had to cover the costs of transporting him from the nursing home where he stays, bedridden, to the courthouse. And, if he were incarcerated, the state would also be obligated to pay for any medical care he may have needed.

Instead, the prosecutors struck a deal that let the obese thief plead no contest to five counts of felony petty theft. In return, he would not be required to go to jail or to serve probation.

Jolicoeur was infamous for ordering enormous amounts of food and refusing to pay after consuming it. He once drank five milk shakes, then claimed he found a hair in the last shake, and refused to pay. The incident that got him arrested occurred when he decided to chow down on $50 of beef jerky at a 7-Eleven, then refused to pay after claiming the last few bits were moldy.

After the incident was reported to police, authorities tracked Jolicoeur down at home and arrested him. However in the months since receiving the charges against him, he became seriously ill and now relies on a respirator to breath.

Even so, the scammer didn’t get off easy, according to Assistant State Attorney Kyan Ware, who told the NY Daily News, “He’s in his prison cell, he’s not getting out of that bed.”

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