New Genetic Weight Loss Treatment May be Magic Bullet

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New Genetic Weight Loss Treatment May be Magic Bullet

Scientists at the Ohio State University Medical Center have discovered a promising new genetic treatment using a gene called BDNF which produces a protein that can improve insulin sensitivity, reduce fat, and promote weight loss when active in the brain.

The treatment uses injected DNA to affect the hypothalamus, the brain center that controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, and other important body functions.

In the Ohio State experiments, BDNF genes were injected into the brains of normal mice, diabetic mice and overweight mice fed with a high fat diet. The researchers found that at first the gene was active in the fat mice, but as they lost weight their appetite decreased, there was an increase in metabolic activity, and other body functions controlled by the BDNF protein slowed down, stopping as the mice reached a stable target weight.

The research team is currently seeking FDA approval to begin studying the therapy in human beings. If Uncle Sam gives them his OK, the team intends to determine whether a gene injected directly into the brain may become a long-term treatment for obesity in humans.  Maybe there is a magic bullet after all.

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