Movie Theaters to Offer Healthier Alternatives

Movie night often means a diet of popcorn, a large soda and a box of Junior Mints. Now, Hollywood execs are urging theaters to offer healthier alternatives.

Hollywood is known for its preternaturally svelte celebrities. Now, studio executives are hoping to help moviegoers achieve a slimmer physique by urging movie theaters to offer healthier alternatives to snacks like candy and popcorn.

Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Michael Lynton says he wants to give audiences a broader range of food choices, as well as help combat the childhood obesity epidemic. At this year’s annual ShoWest convention, Lynton told theater owners that a survey by the studio at 26 theaters nationwide found that two-thirds of moviegoers said they would be likely to buy healthy concessions if they were made available.

The same survey found that 60 percent of parents felt that healthier concessions would enhance the movie going experience, Lynton said.

Although he does not intend to completely rid theaters of popcorn, candy and soda, Lynton did say he wants healthy snacks to be offered to those who want them. Healthier food selections suggested by those surveyed include fruit cups, vegetables, yogurt, granola bars, baked chips and unbuttered, air-popped popcorn.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which was launched by former President Bill Clinton and the American Heart Association to fight childhood obesity, has also offered to help advise theaters on healthier concession options that customers would enjoy. Look for crudités coming soon to a theater near you.

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  1. Kathy Fehlbaum

    Gotta love Studio Movie Grill for their healthier options — sweet potato fries and the fruit/cheese plate are my favorites.


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