Marijuana Munchies May Hold Research Key

Marijuana munchies may hold the key to helping scientists curb hunger. A joint study between researchers in Pennsylvania and Japan takes a closer look.

Academic researchers from Pennsylvania and Japan have teamed up to examine a compound in humans that’s very close to something found in marijuana. And learning more about it may show doctors how to prevent us from getting the munchies.

Endocannabinoids are compounds that function in our bodies to increase appetite. They are chemically similar to THC, which is found in marijuana and plays the biggest part in making it psychoactive.

According to the researchers, endocannabinoids increase appetite in the brain and cause the tongue to respond strongly to sweet flavors. The scientists also found similar receptors in the hormone-producing cells in the intestine and pancreas. These cells have an effect on metabolism. All this information has led the researchers to believe new compounds could be created to raise metabolism or moderate appetite. Such compounds would do this by blocking the effects of the endocannabinoids.

Researchers behind latest study are not the first to consider the role of endocannabinoids in controlling our appetite. In 2006, a French drug company called Sanofi-Aventis released a drug called Rimonabant to the United Kingdom that curbed appetite by blocking these compounds. However, in early 2009, the European Medicines Agency removed its approval of this drug after the health risks were shown to outweigh the benefits.

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    I find it ignorant that you would even use that image of a joint being rolled in association with this article as any of this research has only the compound associated with cannabis, as it is just another man made DANGEROUS creation that the Pharma COs will be lining up to shove down your throats with ONLY one concern,,, GETTING YOUR $MONEY$ before too many of YOU DIE from the side effects.

    Lets be 100% CLEAR…. Marijuana in it’s natural form as it was MEANT to be used and appreciated by all on earth is HARMLESS …. once “RESEARCHERS” and “PHARMA” gets a hold of ANYTHING though , even Marijuana, Will be turned into a Calculated Risk VS Benefit VS REWARD. YOUR LIFE IS WORTH THE RISK they BENEFIT AND get the REWARD.