Lincoln University Students Penalized for Obesity

Lincoln University is enforcing its policy prohibiting students from graduating if they fail to get their BMI below 30 or complete a semester-long nutrition course. One group of seniors says the policy is unfair.

obese students denied graduationThe powers that be at Lincoln University in Oxford, Pennsylvania are taking a proactive approach toward the obesity rate on campus. But, one group of students claims the approach actually penalizes overweight undergrads.

Some 25 seniors may not graduate next spring because they’ve been obese since they arrived as freshmen. They’ve all maintained a body mass index of 30 or higher and have shown no signs of making an effort toward losing weight.

These students all arrived at Lincoln University in fall 2006. They belonged to the first class at this college that was required to have a BMI below 30 to graduate, or at least take a one-semester course called “Fitness for Life,” which includes exercise and nutrition tips.  The students in question reportedly have done neither during their years on campus, and they’ve been notified of this.

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Some students at Lincoln University are protesting this policy, seeing it as a violation of personal rights. But James DeBoy, chair of the university’s physical education department, defends the policy, saying that if college students benefit by graduating with a sound mind, they should also have a sound body.

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  1. Kathy

    Appears from the story that this was a requirment for their college – Either reduce the BMI or take the course. Looks like the spring semester of ‘Fitness for Life’ if going to be a busy class!