Licorice Extract Can Promote Weight Loss, Lower Cholesterol

Licorice is not generally viewed as health food. In fact, for many people, it’s simply something to munch on at the movie theater. But, a variant of licorice may help lower cholesterol and reduce body fat, according to a new study.

Licorice-ExtractResults of a study published in a journal called Obesity Research and Clinical Practice show that licorice flavonoid oil, taken as a supplement, could help speed metabolism among people who take it in conjunction with a regimen of diet and exercise.

Researchers observed 84 participants over the course of two months as they combined doses of licorice flavonoid oil with a weight loss program. All men and women in the study were moderately overweight and were made to consume the same calorie count. Some were given placebo pills. But after eight weeks, those who had taken up to 900 milligrams of the real licorice supplement showed greater loss of total body fat and LDL cholesterol, also known as the “bad” kind. According to the literature, no negative side effects were found.

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Why did it work? Researchers believe the extract blocks fat from synthesizing and increases the activity of enzymes involved in fat breakdown. That said, testing continues and doctors have released no official consensus.

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