Junk Food Companies Fight Obesity

Junk food companies are pitching in to fight obesity. Find out what these companies are doing to help promote health awareness on this week’s WLS News.

hersheyIn the latest irony news … the companies that give us our favorite junk foods have now joined to fight obesity.

Forty companies, including food manufacturers Nestle USA, Sara Lee Corporation and Hershey Company have collaborated to launch the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation. According to the foundation guidelines, the companies that participate can alter food portion sizes if they want, but they aren’t required to. So, is the goal to get people to stop eating their products? Not a chance.

Instead, the new foundation has committed $20 million toward exercise awareness. They want people to know – especially children – that even if they’re eating Oreos and macaroni and cheese, the simple way not to become fat is to burn off more than they take in.

The foundation hasn’t specified how much they hope to reduce obesity rates among children. But, the exercise awareness project is set to last six years. Video plays below.

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  1. Kellie Glass RD, LD

    As a Registered Dietitian, I think it’s great for these food companies to promote exercise. I would also like to see an emphasis on stress managment and sleep. It’s great to teach people how to consume all foods in moderation in the context of an overall healthy lifestyle. For more information, see my book, “How To Eat Fried Chicken and Be Thin Too” on Amazon or at strategicbookpublishing.com


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