High-Fat Foods Could Trigger Asthma

A high-fat diet not only increases the risk of heart disease, but could also affect lung function, according to a new study.

That bucket of fried chicken can do more than add to your waistline — it could trigger an asthma attack, according to a new study that suggests fatty meals may affect lung function.

Researchers from Australia found that after eating a meal high in fat, people who suffered from asthma showed increased airway inflammation and reduced lung function, compared to when study subjects ate a low-fat meal.

“”If these results can be confirmed by further research, this suggests that strategies aimed at reducing dietary fat intake may be useful in managing asthma,” Lisa Wood, the study’s lead author, told HealthDay online.

Researchers examined the effects of a high-fat, 1000-calorie meal of fast food burgers and hash browns compared to a  200-calorie low-fat yogurt on 30 obese adults and 16 non-obese adults. The non-obese study participants were randomly selected to receive either a high-fat or low-fat meal, whereas the obese volunteers all received the high-fat meal.

In addition to impaired lung function and increased airway inflammation, study subjects who ate the fatty foods also had an impaired response to asthma medication, researchers noted.

Eating a high-fat diet is known to increase cholesterol levels and raise the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as promote excess weight gain. The latest study findings offer yet another reason to steer clear of a high-calorie, high-fat diet.


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