High-Fat Diet Leaves You Hungry

A high fat diet, particularly a diet high in saturated fat, can increase resistance to the hunger hormone leptin — leaving you hungry even after a hearty meal. Get the details in this report from WLS News.

high fat diet hormoneA recent study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation indicates that a high-fat diet can shut down the hormone that regulates hunger.

Scientists at the University of Cincinnati conducted tests on mice to see how saturated fat affected the brain’s resistance to insulin and leptin, a hormone that regulates hunger. They found that after three days of eating saturated fat, the mice were resistant to both.

Scientist Gary Schwartz of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine also commented on this subject. He explained that if a person eats too much saturated fat, the brain can fail to respond to insulin and leptin. This means a person can stay hungry even after having more than enough to eat. The result can be a decreased metabolism, and then weight gain.

The solution, according to researchers, is to lay off saturated fat and eat healthier foods.

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