High-Fat Diet Can Lead to Insulin Resistance

A high-fat diet can lead to fatty liver and insulin resistance, two precursors to Type 2 diabetes, according to a new study inspired by the documentary Super Size Me.

high-fat diet can lead to diabetesIt seems that a diet high in fat can be a first-class ticket to many problems, including fatty liver and insulin resistance. These two health conditions, research shows, may lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Swedish researchers, supposedly inspired by the documentary Super Size Me, recruited 18 young people to spend a month on a very high-fat diet. The results showed that on average, they gained 10 percent of their body weight. Half of the new weight was fat. When the doctors studied some fat samples after the first month, they detected a level of insulin resistance usually seen in much older people.

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Dr. Anthony Morrison of the University of South Florida explained the connection between diet, diabetes and weight loss. He said that when a person consumes a high amount of fat, the liver can become fatty. When this happens, it becomes less efficient at absorbing sugar in the bloodstream.

Morrison also said that with a high-fat diet, the pancreas can’t produce insulin as effectively.

This poor performance of both the liver and pancreas can soon lead to high blood sugar. Diabetics who have bariatric surgery and lose weight often show an immediate improvement in these areas, he said, because the sudden drop in calorie intake causes the liver to process all its extra fat.

As always, the best cure is prevention. To stay healthy longer, combine regular exercise with a sensible diet. In time, your body will appreciate it.

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