Greek Wedding Star Nia Vardalos Shares Weight Loss Secret

After facing the threat of diabetes, actress and director Nia Vardalos dropped more than 40 pounds. Learn the secrets of her weight loss regimen, and why a slimmed-down Vardalos has plenty to celebrate this summer.

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2002 was a banner year for actress and  screenwriter Nia Vardalos. Her movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding was busting box office records coast to coast.

The movie became the highest-grossing romantic comedy in history — ultimately raking in more than $368 million worldwide — and its screenplay netted Vardalos herself a nomination for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar®.

Despite these successes, however, Vardalos’ struggle with infertility remained a tremendous source of suffering for her and husband Ian Gomez. In 2004, doctors informed the couple that having a baby the biological way wasn’t a possibility for them; as a result, Vardalos stepped away from the bright lights of Hollywood and into the privacy of her personal life.

Soon enough, however, the showbiz phenom found herself no longer as big in Hollywood  – but increasingly big in size. Blood sugar irregularities, dizzy spells, and fears of diabetes followed, leading Vardalos to seek medical help.

As expected, her physician identified her increasing weight as the problem, and suggested a personal trainer or nutritionist as a solution. Instead, Vardalos did for weight loss what she’d done for movies and adopted a do-it-yourself policy. After putting together her own low-sugar, high-protein diet program, the Canadian-American actress began a program of strenuous daily walks, accompanied always by her loyal Labrador Retriever, Manny.

Slashing her caloric intake by half and adopting an active lifestyle began to pay off almost immediately for Vardalos. Once considered fit only for fat-ugly-girl parts by her agent, she slimmed down dramatically, and the corresponding gains in energy level she experienced allowed her to return to screenwriting.

Today, Nia Vardalos is still happily married,  is the proud mother of an adopted daughter, and has two new films out this summer — My Life in Ruins, which opened June 5th, and her big-screen directoral debut I Hate Valentine’s Day, set for release on July 3rd.

Vardalos denies that Hollywood pressure had anything to do with her weight loss, telling People Magazine recently – quote — “It was always just an issue of health.” Together with her husband, her child, her career – and of course Manny –Vardalos is celebrating a new kind of success today, and we at Weight Loss Surgery News wish her and her family a big, fat, wonderful future.

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  1. Brandon

    You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with this video. Lifestyle changes are the best way to lose weight and improve weight. Weight-loss surgery is the worst way to go about it. It’s ironic that a bariatric surgery website would make this point, but I’m happy to see it all the same. If Vardalos had taken the surgical path, we would not be singing her praises — now would we?

  2. Caroline

    Good for Nia! Weight is a struggle for so many and she really figured out what she wanted and how to attain it by choosing a healthy lifestyle 🙂 I have also chosen this path for our family because of Eczema issues in our son. We have gone natural, and eat all kinds of whole foods. Most importantly, we started our son on Vidazorb probiotics to help with his allergies and Eczema…and were so amazed at how well it worked for him…that our whole family is on them now! Since taking them, I noticed my appetite has decreased and I feel more satisfied during meals, leading me to believe all the research being done on probiotics and wt management. So, it is amazing what a new perspective on food choices, natural alternatives and some good belly bugs can do! Thanks for sharing this article on Nia!


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