Gastric Sleeve Procedure Under Scrutiny at Bariatric Surgery Conference

Doctors share diverse views on whether gastric sleeve surgery is a viable option for the treatment of obesity during the annual meeting of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

laparoscopic weight loss surgeryThe future of the gastric sleeve procedure was a topic of much debate during the third day of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) annual meeting, currently underway in Grapevine, Texas. Although most of the presentations at the meeting focused on the gastric bypass and gastric banding procedures, which are the two most common weight loss surgery procedures in America, the gastric sleeve is quickly gaining traction among medical experts as a viable option in the surgical treatment of obesity. Still others are skeptical about long-term results, however, and question whether the sleeve is an improvement over the gastric bypass, which has a track record of success.

“New surgeries are always controversial because people are looking for things that will stand the test of time”, said Dr. John Coon, MD, FACS, a bariatric surgeon in Riverside, California. Although Dr. Coon specializes in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery and the LAP-BAND® procedure, he admits to being intrigued by discussions of the gastric sleeve, also called the vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG).

During the procedure, the surgeon removes approximately 70-80 percent of the patient’s stomach, so that the remaining portion takes the shape of a tube or sleeve. Because the operation can be performed laparoscopically using a miniscule camera and special surgical instruments inserted through a series of small incisions, recovery time is kept to a minimum. In addition, the procedure restricts the amount of calories a person can consume by reducing the size of the stomach — thereby promoting weight loss — but does not cause many of the adverse side effects of gastric bypass surgery, because the outlet valve (pylorus) remains intact.

“Doctors are constantly concerned with durability. The gastric sleeve gained instant popularity because it is quick and easy to master, and is a less difficult operation than a bypass,” said Dr. Coon. However, he stressed the need for surgeons to learn all of the facts, perform extensive prep work, and communicate effectively with each patient before deciding whether the sleeve gastrectomy is appropriate.

“With new surgeries, outcome is always hard to predict,” he said. “If five years from now it still seems to be a good operation, then it probably will continue — and then again it might fail. Regardless, people will continue to promote it or disagree with it.”

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  1. D strickland

    Had my band 28 months. Emergency surgery to remove 6/26/10. I would do anything to keep from gaining my weight back. I would be very interested in the sleeve. I still have 40 pounds to reach goal.

  2. denise howell

    I had VSG 6/3/08 with dr mitchell roslin. To date, I have lost 112 lbs. I have never felt or looked better in my life, and I owe it all to this procedure. I have no vomiting issues, no diarrhea, i can eat whatever i want (just smaller quantities), and i have no vitamin deficiencies. my diabetes is GONE – my a1c is 5.6!!! my cholesterol is down to 209 from over 600 (yeah, it runs in my family). i would still like to get down to about 160, but if i never do, i’m still happy and proud of myself right now.
    Please don’t take this option away from patients. of course, the patient must be willing to do the work, no matter what procedure they choose. for someone like me, who’d had 2 heart attacks and a stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and metabolic disorder, this procedure was a godsend. my cardio ruled out gastric bypass, but finally approved this. i have since changed cardios (he’s NOT supportive), but when i see him, he begs me to come back.
    Anyway, i am so pleased with this procedure. it worked for me!

  3. wessfatt mom

    i am 5’6 and weigh basically between 226 and 230 on a normal day.. i want to loose atleast…. 50-70pounds.. so therefore i am very interested in this procedure.. going to my regular dr at the end of the month to talk to him about this.. and with GOD’S HELP I WILL BE ABLE TO GET THIS DONE.. TO HELP MY BLOOD PRESSURE AND CHOLESTROL… I HAD A STROKE 5 YRS AGO..RUNS IN MY FAMILY… KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS PLEASE…. THANK YOU,

  4. kim

    i am scheduled to have my sleeve done at the end of march. i am scared of course but very excited,i have not talked to many people that have had this done… i am 5’4and my current weight is 275 , i have knee problems , degenerative disk disorder…any info would be greatly hair loss a big factor in this procedure.i have been going to dietician for a year and a half, and have done eveything i have been told.just would like to know more…

  5. Debi

    I am a 41 year old woman who had the gastric sleeve procedure with Dr Wade Barker just over a year ago. I was 281 pounds at 5″8 and wanted to get to a healthier weight (was targeting 180) because I had diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and several other impending health issues. Now I am 190, taking karate classes, I have never been smaller (or healthier) and all of my medical conditions are gone (heck, even my eczema went away). I am still targeting 180, and planning to have skin removed once I get there… but it changed my life, and I would never discourage anyone who needed a healthier life to do it.

    As for clothes size… I was a 22/24, now I am a true 14. I will most likely be a 12 once the excess skin is removed…

    I was dead set against a gastric bypass because of a friend who had it that almost died from an infection caused by complications with her pouch and the severe vitamin deficiency she got. (8 years post surgery) She also threw up just about everything she ate for almost 6 months after surgery, and still gets sick when eating on occasion. She did have it repaired and is doing well, but she will forever have to take B12 shots weekly and has to take handfuls of vitamins just to keep herself healthy.

  6. Marlo

    I am 51 and my IBM is 33. 5’3″ and 87Kgs. I had a stomach staple operation in 1985 and until 5 years ago i mantained a weight of 65kgs. my staples have obviously loosend. i am considering gastric sleeve surgery. any coments?

  7. Heather

    I had my sleeve surgery 3 years ago I have kept 75 pounds off. I do have several side effects. I dump often and have pain all the time and have had 2 upper G.I’s I have reflux. While I am happy to have the weight off, I would recommend research before doing it.

  8. Hope

    My VSG surgery was Feb. 29th.2011 by Dr. Andrew Larson, I am also a registered nurse and I can tell you I have had an awesome post procedure experience, I have lost 25Lbs. In 5 weeks. I did vomit 1 time due to drinking to fast! Lesson learned! This procedure has far less complications and side effects than gastric bypass. The medical team at the bariatric wellness center are professional,caring and very supportive which is key to the recovery process. I wish only the best outcomes for all who choose this procedure. Research all surgical options carefully before choosing, also note your health insurance policy reguarding bariatric surgery, united healthcare will only pay for onetime bariatric surgery, no redo’s or lapband to VSG. Research carefully! Thank you doctors/nurses/medical staff for all you do everyday!

  9. michael

    I had the gastric sleeve on 10/29/2010 with Dr. Nirmal Jayzeelan in Dallas,TX and have lost a little over 100lbs. I am constantly throwing up, have had seizures, constant fatigue, and it has only been a little more than 5 mths since my surgery, and now the Dr’s think I have Lupus because of it. The Gastric Sleeve Surgery was the BIGGEST mistake of my life. I would never recommend this surgery for anyone.

  10. Joan

    I had this procedure on March 10/11. To date I have lost 25 ponds and have had no complications. I am 63 years old. It is the best decision I have ever made.

  11. Cally

    Hi, I had gastric sleeve surgery April 29th 2009. I have lost 130 pounds and lost 100 of it within 11 months. I weighed 255 day of surgery, wore a size 22 pant, today I weight 125 and wear a size 2-4 pant!!! I have never felt better in my life! I eat whatever I want however I eat healthy 80% of the time and workout at least 4 days a week. I ran a half marathon last summer and I am signed up for the same one in less than 2 months from now! I never puke, I can drink with my meals, I just have to eat smaller portions. I have been the same weight now since last August and plan on staying this weight. All my labs are great, my cholesterol levels are wonderful. The HDL (good one) increased, my LDL(bad one) decreased and my total went from 235 to 170! I am 35 years old and feel better now than I ever have in my whole life and I was not overweight until I was in my late 20’s but feel better now then when I was thin and 23!!! I totally recommend the surgery! I am soooooo happy I didn’t wait to get it. I now am enjoying life again!!!!

  12. Tim

    I had my Sleeve surgery Feb 7, 2011. TO date I have lost 88 lbs. I am 5’6 and before surgery weighed 289 lbs. The nice thing about the surgery is that for some reason appetite seems to go away. With the smaller stomach only a few oz of food is needed. I do have to take vitamins and calcium but for me I take one Flintstone chewable vitamin and vitafusion gummy calcium with Vitamin D. THey are quite tasty. From what I have learned and read most of the weight will come off in the first 6 months but small amounts will be lost up to a year and a half later. For those considering the procedure it is advised not only to take a before picture but to measure your neck, arms, thigh, stomach and hips. Many times you might hit a plateau and just not see it on the scale however if you measure and take the measurements monthly you can see results when the scale says none.

  13. johnny

    I had vsg in 08 i had problems every since with this buring sensation in my mid section of my stomach can anyone comment on this …

  14. Blowing Up in The Big East NOLA

    I am 43 years old, I had my VSG Memorial Weekend 2007. I am 4’11” tall, the morning of surgery I weighed in at a whopping 235 lbs, I had zero complications and a speedy recovery. I was extremely regimented and followed the doctors order exactly never one straying or cheating, very regimented. I was ahead of the all the others and quickly lost 100 lbs effortlessly without one lick of exercise. I went from a size 18/20 to a svelt petite size 2! Petite was never a word I would associate myself when describing me. People who meet me for the first time never would have guessed I ever had a weight problem. I am exactly this weekend, 4 years post op. I am very sad and depressed. 6 months ago I gained 10 lbs back, I went to my general practioner, he ran blood test and said my vitamin d is low and told me to take 2000 mg per day. I have always maintained my vitamin count, I take a centrum silver for women, vitamin 2 2000mg, 2 ea 500 mg calcium chews, & 6000 mg of vitamin B12 per day. When I incorporated the vitamin, i lost the 10 lbs and leveled out, so i wasn’t concerned any longer. Now it has been 3 months again and over these past 3 months, i have gained 20 lbs. what is going on and why am I gaining weight? My stomach is still a 4 oz tubular stomach, i cannot sit down and eat all of a meal, any meal. I always eat 1/4 or at the most 1/2 of my lunch, dinner, etc. I usually eat 1/2 my lunch, then eat the other 1/2 for dinner. I am not sure what is going on or why. My size 2 no longer fits & I now have the wardrobe I have wanted my entire life, except now, nothing fits! I am up to a 12 top and a 8 bottom. I am not happy this at all, especially after being a CASH pay for this surgery. I do freelance marketing & modeling and I am concerned this weight gain will cost me business. I need to get it all off and in a hurry, I need advise, what should I do? Tuesday morning, i will be making an appt with my general practitioner and the bariatric doctor that performed my VSG. I am hoping there is a quick fix here. Meantime, I am going to get back to basics and act like i’m having the surgery all over again. I will start my clear liquids & protein tooters for 1 week, upgrade myself to to full liquids cream base soups and gladiator smoothies for the 2nd week, soft foods for week 3 and full foods week 4, no breads, no soda, no rice, no pasta, odd because when I started to incorporate the starch in my diet, i still eat the red beans without rice, i do have pasta with my meatballs, i never eat bread unless i make a sandwich and i usually make an open face 1 side of bread only or if i eat hamburger which i can only eat 1/2. I will say, the VSG saved my life and is the best weightloss surgery out there, in my opinion. I will keep everyone informed on my findings and will let you know what the pros say about my weight gain. I am more depressed now than ever! This may have something to do with it to. My main profession is outside sales, I am a woman in outside selling items in a male dominant field, I sell welding supplies, gases, tools, safety etc, to petro chemical plants, oilfield, shipyards, construction firms, etc. I have been doing this for 25 years am an overachiever and very good at it. I am concerned if I don’t get a handle on my weight it will cost me my career too. Nobody wants to buy anything from a FAT GIRL! Keep you posted!
    Blowing Up In The Big Easy NOLA

  15. Mary

    I’m seriously looking at this surgery. I have a friend that had the LAP band. It is no longer in place and she has a scar from crouch to breast where the infection had to be taken out over and over again. My sister had the bypass and non-adjustable band. It became over grown within her and had to be removed, she also had and always will have an issue keeping food down. I have no coverage for the surgery but I do for pre and post, I’ll get the money somehow.

  16. Mary

    I’m 216 pounds and stand 5″4′ at 48 years old, by the way. I want to see my grand children through their early years at the very least.

  17. Megan

    I am 38 and 5’0. As of June 1,2011 I weighed 375. I started my 2 week pre op diet on that day had my surgery on June 14,2011. I went to the doctor yesterday July 6th, I have lost 40 lbs. Yesterday I also started on solid foods. I was out of work for 10 days, and in a lot of pain the first couple of days following my surgery but now I feel fine. I just have some neausea every now and then. I too just decided I was tired of being too heavy to do anything…..I would recommend this surgery to anyone except for maybe those that need to lose less than 50 lbs. If I only needed to lose 50 lbs. I would hire a hot trainer and get to the gym.


    I just had my gastric sleeve surgery, I am very happy thank you very much to all staff of South Mississippi Surgical Center and especial to my Doctor Willian T Avara for everithing the he do to made me happy , for all the good things that have happened in this beautiful year. the first day of my operation were hard many terrible nausea and pain, but then I started to walk and exercise and eat more slowly and chew food, 273 pounds had 5.9 of height and weight 196 pounds now that I’m happy and if I were to make me again my operation I would be happy yes i recomende this surgery for any body that wound to be happyyyyyy

  19. Cindy

    Hello Martha, Where did you have to go to have your surgery? I need to so bad I feel like my life is at a dead end street if I dont do something about my weight quick. I anm so glad for you!! Cindy

  20. alison

    Re Johnnys query re burning pain in mid section post vsg.

    I had my vsg 17 Jan 11 in London. From what you say Johnny it sounds as if you may have irritation to your small sleeve from stomach acid. My surgeon states that I, like all his patients, will always be on 40mg of omeprazole each morning as a matter of course to prevent this forever. And I am on 650mg of urseodexochloric acid as well indefinitley to help prevent gallstones as my stomach consumes my fat. Maybe you should talk to your Doctor and see if you can have this looked into as if I am correct and you leave it alone you could develope an ulcer or erosion in your sleeve. Apparently I have read that there are concerns over this as a major long term down side with the sleeve. All the best.

  21. alison

    As the post op swelling in the newly created ‘sleeve’ stomach slowly but steadliy subsides you can gradually eat more and more types of food. After 5 or 6 months I felt able to eat anything I wanted. The benefit to me of the sleeve is that you feel satisfied with much less than before. There is a ‘fashion’ many sleevers seem to embrace for eating high protein, low carb diets post op for weight loss. However I was told that only whilst the sleeve was swollen and therefore space was limited to concentrate in getting in my RDA of 60 grammes of protein first, then fruit and veg and then carbs if space allowed. I now eat what I consider is a ‘normal’ persons diet of all food groups, protein, fruit and veg, carbs and fats. To be honest in my case, my pre surgery ability to calorie count is more useful to me than a pro protein obsession. Some high protein diets are high fat and the health of your heart needs to be considered even as a sleever as we digest food the same as a non wls person. There is however concern over vitamin B12 deficiency due to lack of Intrinsic factor which is normally produced in ‘normal’ stomachs. It is a long terms worry that should be an issue to consider as it can be irreversible and serious.

  22. Docpjm

    Had sleeve done 11/10. Started @ 262 and have lost about 80-83 pounds. Surgery was easy to endure; eating is ok – just smaller quantities of everything I used to eat. I did have a complication which continues. One week postoperative started coughing & throwing up – by 3rd month diagnosed with pneumonia, but sometime between op and the 3rd month had a “leak”. After cat scan and swallow test found that leak had healed but 2 tiny abcesses developed bottom left of diaphragm – causing the persistent coughing. Also wi weight loss no doctor adjusted my thyroid med which resulted in elevated heart rate (154). Ht rate issue since resolved, but 10 months postoperative & no one has answer about the cough. Cat scan shows 2 abcesses almost completely resolved, but something obviously is angering my diaphragm / coughing mechanism. Have a consult with pulmonary in 2 weeks. The surgery was a rave sucess, my knees feel great and I’m enjoying the weight loss – now I have to quit coughing. Any ideas

  23. tina

    i am scheduled with Dr Joya in Puerto Vallarta, HAS ANYONE SEEN HIM?
    Thanks Sleevers, you guys are amazing!

  24. Carolyn

    I had VSG in Nov 2009, had many complications, admitted to hospital approximately one month post surgery with dehydration (renal failure). My blood work was off for quite some time. I only LOST 53 lbs. and that was in the first 7 months. Since that time my weight has been creeping back up and the stomach has stretched. I have been to the hospital two other times to be on IV’s because of dehydration. I had low potassium the day after I got home from the hospital and I could have had a heart attack due to the potassium level being so low. I have chronic fatigue most days and have to lay down and sleep. I don’t know what the answer is but you are the person that has to make up your mind. I realize I could have died…….I guess we all are dying to be THIN. I have had to have constant medical care, frequent blood work and a fluroscopy recently which showed the stomach has stretched from the 3-4 ounce size post surgery. Do your homework but realize things can happen. I had about 70 lbs to lose….lost 53 and weight has been creeping up since 7 mths post surgery. This was my experience.


    cindy i went to south mississippi surgical and weight loss center. my doctor name is Williams T Avara the tephone number is 228-875-3778 call and ask for Valorie Barnes she is sweet person.


    Docpjm that happen to me by the second month I have pneumonia I never has a leak
    but went i started fell sick i call my doctor and he fixes my problems in one day i okey now and happy the only thing i dont wound gain weight again in my life now i 174 pounds i was 273 pounds my surgical date was 04/26/11.


    my name is victoria. i’m in my 60’s and i am considering the sleeve as my last resort to diet. i lost 34 lbs in the first 4 months, preop. i’ve kept 29 pounds off to date. i have another surgery to get through before having the sleeve but i am quite excited about it and hope to resolve lateral health issues such as prediabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol after surgery. thank you all for sharing your stories. they helped me to get to the right decision for my.

  28. Alison

    I had the surgery Sept 13 and there have been no complications. My energy is high and I work out with a trainer 3 times a week and group training 3 times a week. I am 5’7″ weigh 257 and have lost virtually nothing since the surgery 7 weeks ago. I am following my doctors advice religiously and he tells me to be patient.

    I feel pretty hopeless.

  29. Bob

    Victoria, Reconsider going to by pass instead of sleeve. A woman at church and I had surgeries about the same time she had a sleeve and I had a by pass. This was end of August first of September. I have lost 75 she has lost 45. I do know that women do not lose as fast as men. However every week when we see each other she says that she wishes she had gotten the bypass. You have better control of hunger and a lot more malabsorbtion.
    Whatever you decide, good luck with surgery and your new you

  30. Kim

    Hi, I know everyone’s situation is different but I’m considering having the sleeve surgery. I’ve tried every diet out there but can’t seem to lose over 10 pounds. My 18 year old daughter is also considering the surgery. Any suggestions about having the surgery at such a young age. She has tried dieting and exercise and is constantly busy with her 19 month old son and can’t lose either.

  31. Susan

    I’m scheduled for surgery(sleeve) in 3weeks at Mass. General Hosp. I haven’t seen many comments from this area. Would like some feedback.

  32. Meredith

    Hi Susan,

    I am from Boston too, but going to Tufts. I am interested to know about your decision to make the sleeve your choice of surgery. Send me an email if you like


    hello my surgery was on 4-26-11 i lost 129 pounds i am so happy!

  34. Luci

    Hello Susan and Meredith,

    Getting my VSG at MGH in a few weeks. Would love to discuss the surgery with you two. 🙂

  35. Melani

    I had the gastric sleeve surgery June 3rd 2011. I have been very happy with it. I have lost a total of 63 pounds. I started at 265 and am now 202. I went from a size 22 (very tight) to a 16. I feel great and have lots of energy. I had no complications and can eat whatever I want (just in smaller portions). The only restrictions I have are no drinking during meals and no carbonation. The weight loss has slowed to a pound a week but as long as I am still losing I am happy. I have 30 more pounds to be at my goal.

  36. Elizabeth Mora

    i had my surgery on June 14, 2011. I had high cholesterol and high triglycerdes, sleepapnea. I was weighing 213. Wearing a size 18. Today five months later I weigh 158 wear a size 10/12. I feel so much better have energy, just feel so much better. Wish i would of done it sooner.

  37. Austin

    I was originally scheduled to have Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery but because of a recent kidney removal due to kidney cancer (all gone now), I couldn’t have it laproscopically. I spoke to a leading autority at GW University Hospital and their tests show that the bypass actually compensates after 3 years and absorbs as much as before in the shortened pathway. They say the sleeve is their primary choice now.

    I am potentially having surgery on 12/15/11 at Hopkins, but having trouble with my surgeons support staff who havent been able to obtain insurance apporoval after 3 months. I am 370 lbs and really hoping this will work for me. However, I find some of the comments on this site rather scary.

  38. Melissa

    I had my initial VSG surgery in spring of 2010. I lost 65 pounds very quickly but by October 2010 the weight loss stopped and, as I am 5’4″ and my starting weight was 253 lbs, I knew I wasn’t finished my weight loss. Depression settled in and before I knew it by January 2012 I was over-eating and had re-gained 25 pounds (back up to 213).

    Did I stretch my sleeve? Was not enough taken off in the initial surgery? I didn’t know but I did know I could eat WAY more than anyone else I knew who’d had a sleeve. After a barium xray (I think that is what it is called) showed that my sleeve was HUGE and was shaped more like “P” or a “B”, I was booked for revision surgery which I had in September 2011.

    I can now only eat a teaspoon or two at a time and 75% of the time I throw up everything I’ve eaten — including soups — even though I chew my food 25-30 times before swallowing. I’m losing weight because I CANNOT keep anything down and am down 95 pounds as of today (55 pounds since my revision surgery).

    Has anyone else had vomiting issues like me?

    Final note, even though I’ve had problems, I would recommend the VSG to anyone. Yes it is hard, but this time I know the weight will stay off!

  39. Tabbi

    I am a 40 yr old female, I had the gastric sleeve surgery July 11, 2011 Pre surgery weight 258 lbs. My current weight 5 months later is 201 lbs. Total weight loss 57 lbs. I would like to keep in contact and motivate each other and share stories through this weight loss journey. Please email me back if interested.

    Thanks in advance,
    Tabbi77022 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  40. Nancy

    I just had a VSG done three weeks ago, I weighed in at 354 lbs six months ago in which I started a weight lost program before surgery, one life change that needed to be made in this journey, I have no problems with vomiting or diarrhea,the hardest part was the clear liquid phase but know it is going to be better in the long term as I do need to heal. This is not a hey look I can loose and not have to do anything for it program, this surgery was a tool to be used along with life changes of eating and exercising. I am down to 279 but my goal is obtainable and everyone should remember you did not put this weight on overnight and you will not loose it overnight Good luck in your journey’ …

  41. Tina

    Just a question for Melani……did you ever hit a plateau along your journey so far?? I had surgery 6/29/11 and have been playing with the same 4 pounds up and down since the first of Nov. I was losing a solid 2 pounds a week from month 2 – 5 and have lost a total of 63 so far, but none of that has been in the last 6 weeks! They say a plateau is normal, but Im sick of being up here!!

  42. Vicki

    I have been wanting to do something about the extra weight for some time but scared to death . I am close to Evansville,In. Do you know any good doctors near this area?? Please help me get a doctor that is good and that I can trust. I am considering the sleeve. What do ya think?

  43. Michelle

    Kim, I’m 23 and just had the sleeve done on December 19. To date, I’ve lost 25 lbs. My dad had the bypass done and I knew from experience, it was not a route I would like to take. As a young person (especially a female), the effects of the bypass (gas problems and vomiting after meals) was not the way I wanted to go. And the lap band won’t last long enough for her to see the full effects since it has shown to erode. I am completely happy with my choice. It is a big decision and not one to be made on a whim. It is not an “easy fix” to lose weight, as you must put in all the preparation and work to continue to be healthy. Best of luck to you and your daughter. My mom is having the same surgery this month:)

  44. Missy

    Waiting on a date for surgery. Hoping it will be mid February. I really want to do this. I can’t wait to do this . I am ready for the hard work, the change in eating, the work to discover what has caused me to add this weight and keep this weight on for so long. I am finished with being over weight. I am ready. God be with me.

  45. Larry

    I had my sleeve done Dec. 8, 2011, in this short time I have lost a little over 40 lbs. I weighed 287 and in my first month post surgery I lost 30 lbs, not that I am about a month and half post surgery I find myself losing about a pound a day. I have vomited a couple of times as I have eaten too fast. I would recommend looking into this procedure if you are serious about weight loss.

  46. Stephanie

    I am 39, 5’9, and had this procedure in August of 2011, at the wieght of 286. I have lost 60 pounds to date with no complications. My cholesterol is back to normal, I no longer take medicine for it. I have hope and feel like I now have the opportunity to not only be here for my kids and one day, my grandkids, but to also have the ability to actively ENJOY them. I am so thankful this procedure was an option for me and truly believed it saved my life. I would do it again tomorrow and recommend it to anyone considering weigth loss surgery.

  47. Kelly

    I am a 38 yr. old female who weighs 290lbs. and am 5’8. While I was initially interested in the band procedure, I am now looking into the sleeve since a friend of mine had it done a yr ago is is doing wonderfully having lost 80lbs. It seems there are side-effects from any type of bariatric surgery…I just worry about what happens the staples from sleeve surgery 10-20 yrs from now in my case (since I am still on the young side). This is what I will be asking to my surgeon. Any advice???

  48. Kelly

    I had VSG surgery May 2010. I lost 55lbs pre-op and since surgery have lost 65lbs. I met my goal weight of 160 in 6 months and have been maintaining since Nov.
    This surgery is A GODSEND!!! I would do it all again tomorrow!!! I had no complications or problems since my surgery. I have been able to eat and drink and live pretty normal. I do eat very small amounts, but I feel like I am so much better off than I was a year ago!
    I went from a size 22/24 to a 4/6. AMAZING!!! I look awesome in anything I put on and feel even better!!
    I am off all medication for bp and diabetes and was taken off them just under a month after surgery. My labs are STELLAR and I couldn’t be happier!
    If you are on the fence weather or not to have this surgery, DO IT! It will totally change your life!

  49. Tammy

    I had the gastric sleeve almost 8 months ago and have lost 80 pounds. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. My experience has been 100% positive. I know everyone is different and some people may experience difficulties, but I haven’t had one second of anything negative. I think anyone seriously considering it – should do it! I was scared and I waited 2 years to finally go through with it. I had 2 surgery dates I canceled before I finally did it. I was so scared, and all for nothing! It has been GREAT! Don’t waste anymore time.

  50. judy

    just came home from the consultation. and am thinking about going with the sleeve instead of the lap really excited about having this done.

  51. Melissa O

    I had the VGS on 25 Jan 2011,my pre-program weight was 278, after the 7 months of counseling I made it to 248. I am 5’9″ tall and since the surgery I have lost 111lbs. This was a decision that took over 5 years to make and I am glad that I did. In the begining I was very sick all of the time! after about 3 months I began to feel much better and had realized I lost 39 pounds. My sleep Apnea is gone, hypoglycemia gone, high blood pressure gone! went from a size 24 to a slim 8. I Feel better most of the time. I do still have some fatigue issues but I also have low iron. If i had to do it over again I would though!

  52. megg

    Sleeve or lapband???? Idk what one to get …. I’m 30 5 8 and 179
    What do you all think? ??

  53. Richard

    I attended a Kaiser Permanente 24 week class and feel very much aware of what to do after the surgery . Was a great class with a great teacher. I will be having the sleeve operation in 4 more days. I look forward to the task at hand. Success is not just the operation, but what you do with your diet and exercise.Yes, here is a forceable lifestyle. I used to think little of people who wanted to have such a radical thing done to their body. But after having a small stroke, high Cholesterol, and sleep apnea, I have changed my opinion.
    Having old Stone face do my operation, and IM proud to have Him.
    Will be loving life in San Diego, wearing speedos at the beach!! Kidding

  54. Jackie

    I had my VSG on Jan 23, prior to my surgery I weighed 370 as of today I am 309. It has taken a lot of effort on my part to stay dedicated. I was a big fast food person and now I have no interest in it.. My doctor has a plan in place that we all have to follow and commit too. This includes meetings with a nutritionist at each follow up visits. Let me tell you she has been a godsend. It is nice to have the support of your physicians and their staff.. This so far as been a great thing for me.. I am eating healthier and I will start meeting with a personal trainer in 3 weeks. This was all included in my surgery.. Good Luck to all that decide to do this. If you stay strong and true then you should do very well..

  55. Suzanne

    Hi, I had a VSG on November 08, 2011. I am 5’6″ and weighed 270lbs. I and now 218lbs. I am very happy with my weight loss. Except very unhappy with the hair loss. I use to have a thick head of hair which took me 30 to 45 minutes to dry. I Thank God I had thick hair or I would be bald by now. Any suggestions? My Dr. say’s hair loss is normal and only temporary. He is not the one losing his hair , when does it stop?

  56. Julie

    Has anyone had a revision from Lap Band to Sleeve? I am seriously considering after 2 years of band…pre surg weight was 258, got down to 227 within a few months, had complications after an unexpected surgery (not involving band) which lead to removal of most my fluid to relieve swelling of esophogas, now a year later, I am up to 273. 🙁

  57. Janet

    I just went to the dr’s office today. And I will be attending a semanair on April 2nd. Two years My husband and me went to semanirs in a different city. But like most people i am tired of being over weight. I have already lost 24 lbs in the last two mths on my own. But i know i will need help. And i am determed to work hard. And get the results i need to be healther. I want to get the sleeve. So with alot of prayer and hard work I know I can get through this long process.

  58. rhonda

    @ debi
    how long did you wait before you started exercising?

  59. Rita

    I had the gastric sleeve procedure 10 months ago and have lost 80 lbs to date. I feel and look great, no complications – no dumping syndrome, no vitamin deficiencies and my triglicerides (I have a familial hypertriglyceridemia) have reduced from 3000 to 187 (very close to normal.) I paid out of pocket for this procedure and have probably saved the cost of the procedure in my reduced grocery bills!

    The great thing about this surgery is that my new little tube stomach, unlike the gastric bypass stomach, will never stretch out! I do have to maintain constant vigilance of my eating habits – I was a night-time eater and still find myself hungry and wanting to snack at night but a little bit (about 80 calories worth) of turkey jerky or cottage cheese does the trick. The important thing to remember with this surgery is to take in adequate fluids and protein. I find that eating 4 to 5 small meals a day is the best for me.

    Regarding the loose skin – I am 58 and did have some loose skin on my arms, thighs, behind and lower abdomen but received treatment with the Venus Freeze, which is a radio frequency skin tightening technology (noninvasive) and have had excellent results. I am now wearing sleeveless clothing (size 6 – 8) and feel very confident.

    This is an excellent tool for those individuals who find it impossible to lose adequate weight on their own. Just remember that you will need to remain aware of your eating habits and triggers.

  60. Cozetta

    Hi Sleevers,

    I’m scheduled to have my VSG in August/September 2012. I am so excited after reading all of the sucess stories. However I am also nervous, I have never been a vert petite person, the smallest I’ve been was a size 13/14 and I was a teenager then. I am currently 265 pounds height 5’6 my I ideal weight it 170 pounds.

    I’ve been toyin with the idea for over 4 years. Thanks to your blogs I’ve made up my mind.

    Thank you so much.

  61. Linnea Peters

    I had the sleeve procedure done on February 8, 2012 in Schenectady NY and I was 65 years old. I started at a weight of 263 in November of 2011, and am now down to 210 pounds. My blood pressure is now normal as well as the kidney disease reversed that I was diagnosed with. The pain in my hips and knees is almost gone. My diabetes is now in a normal range of AIC 6.7%. I had been over 13%. I feel wonderful and would recommend this procedure to everyone who qualifies. I believe it saved my life. The best part is giving away a wardrobe that I had for over 20 years. I was a size 24 and am now in a 16 and still plan on going down further. I couldn’t be happier.

  62. Karen

    I live in a community that has been made aware of the gastric sleeve procedure being done in Tijuana, Mexico. So far-very recently-about 50 individuals have gone there for the procedure. They lose about 35 lbs in the first 2 weeks. They initially pay $500 cash and pay the remaining $3500 when they go down for the procedure. Last week one of these individuals had a hemorrhage in her eye. After going to the doctor she was told her platelets were very low. Now she is being told she may have myeloma. Wondering if there is a connection here with the procedure????

  63. Julie from Texas

    I go in for pre-op May 8, 2012-for sleve surgery I am a little worried but want it so badley, how long will I not be able to be active, I ride show horses and ride every day, I wonder how long I will not be able to ride, surgery is on May 16, 2012

  64. selma

    I had the gastric sleeve procedure 2.8.2012 and haven’t lost anymore than 7 kilos. The surgery did not work for me. I still can’t eat more than a 1/4 cup of food. I keep going back to my specialist and he can’t work out why I’m not losing weight. For people who think it’s because I’m eating too much well that’s not true because your stomach can’t physically take more than a 1/4 of a cup of food at a time, it literally comes straight back out if you eat so much as a table spoon more than you should. I have constant heartburn. I am working out an hour a day. I have a few friends who have had the surgery and they haven’t had to do anything, their weight has just dropped off yet for me who works out every single day for an hour and eating so little can’t lose weight. I am so curious whether there is anyone else out there that’s had the gastic sleeve but hasn’t lost much weight?

  65. Louise

    I’m 48 years old and weigh 270lbs. I have been on every diet known, and the most recent was Jenny Craig in 2009-2010. I lost 60lbs on their diet plus using laxatives. I realized that I was “cheating” using the laxatives so I stopped, and then slowly regained all 60lbs and then some. I have thought about WLS for years, but family and co-worker negativity has kept me away. I believe I am ready now to move forward. I was thrilled to learn that my insurance would partially pay for either the lapband/bypass/sleeve. With all my research I believe the VSG will be the most effective tool for me. I hope that I get the great results I’ve seen so many of you get. I know I will have to make some big life changes, and my husband is very supportive. I used to be very active and I hope to get back to that lifestyle. Looking at the program at St.Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates, IL. They are a Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric surgery according to BCBS insurance.
    My main concern is getting back to work and how long I will have to be off. I’m a nurse and have a very physically demanding job. Any thoughts?

  66. Jean

    I had the sleeve jan. 2011. The day of surgery I weighed 238 lbs. I have never been sick or vomited since the surgery. Of course I eat much less than I use to. I am at 148 lbs now. Actually 3 lbs higher than my lowest a couple months ago.but I am 5’8″. I actually think I was a little too thin for a short time and my body is finding where I need to be. This is the best thing I’ve ever done. I do need to get busy exercising, I have been lazy about that since the weight just kept coming off without effort. If you are considering the surgery just be sure to follow the dr’s advice on everything. It’s not always easy but the results are great!

  67. Bronyaur71

    I had a gastric sleeve performed in 2010. It was done because a traditional bypass would not have worked due to scar tissue from a prior surgery. I had complications during the surgery and was left with a leak. However, the leak wasn’t discovered (or was ignored) until I had to be transferred to a larger facility due to massive infection. Since, I have suffered recurring abscesses and frequent hospitalizations. I have a feeding tube that bypasses the leak in my stomach in an attempt to allow it to heal, to no avail. Now, my doctors are recommending to me that my only option is to have my stomach removed. It’s risky because they’ll be working in an area that is already infected. However, I’m afraid my only chance at any type of normalcy is to have the surgery. Are there any other options out there for me? If so, where can I steer my doctor to look for these alternatives? I would appreciate any an all information I can get. I’ve been going through this for two years now. By the way, my current surgeon is not the same surgeon that performed my original surgery.

  68. ITA


  69. patsy

    what’s up any news on if medicare may pay for the sleeve weight loss surgury this year?

  70. CowgirlJane

    I had the sleeve in December 2011. It was a last resort after a lifetime of dieting and trying everything. I am 47 now, and have been overweight or obese since I was 4 years old, with the exception of perhaps 2 years where I was at a normal weight. Obesity has been a serious problem for me, healthwise as well as living a good life.

    I have lost 85 pounds, still have 65 to go. I am very happy with this surgery so far. Besides the weight loss, the constant hunger I used to feel is gone. It makes it so much easier to make healthy choices when you no longer have this “drive to eat.” My quality of life has improved so much; I tell people I am living a life I want to live now.

    With any weight loss surgery, you still have to work! I make healthy food choices a top priority, don’t snack, eat protein first, and I exercise regularly. I see a nutritionalist and an exercise phsiologist on a regular basis and joined a gym – getting the support I need to make these lifestyle changes. I “could” have done those things without the surgery, but it was such a battle with the food due to being hungry all the time and I feel like the surgery gives me a fighting chance.

    Weight loss surgery is a big deal and should be seriously researched and understood what it will take to live with, and what some of the risks are. I also strongly recommend that anybody undertaking weight loss surgery find an experienced surgeon with a great track record AND find a program with good aftercare and support. This is a technically easy surgery, but making the necessary changes in your life to make the most of the surgery and get the best results takes some dedication and is not always easy.

  71. Jameekmiller

    Hi my name is Jamee and I had my Sleeve done August 2011. I’m 32 years old and I used to weighed 190 and wore a size 18. Currently I weigh 110 and wear a size 2. I couldn’t be happier with my Sleeve surgery. I remember reading negative things about the Sleeve before I had the surgery and it made me so nervous. I havent had any complications and I would recommend this surgery to anyone that has struggled forever with weight issues. The key to this surgery is to find a great doctor. I used Bariatric Solutions in Denton Texas. For all those about to have this surgery good luck and get ready to start your brand new chapter in your life.

  72. Christy

    I am doing the pre-op requirements by my insurance to get ready for the gastric sleeve.I was /am up in the air which would be best for me either the gastric bypass or the sleeve. I am 5 ft 5 and weigh 310 lbs. I think I am going to go with the sleeve because it is less evasive.Any advice which is best??

  73. Alison

    Had my surgery seven months ago. I’ve lost only 50 of the 110 pounds I needed to lose. I have not lost a single pound in three months. I am greatful for the weight loss I’ve had but fear I will never reach my goal. Otherwise there have been no complications except for one trip to the ER due to dehydration. I have come to believe that I will have to return to dieting if I want to lose the rest of my weight.

  74. Gloria

    I’m considering having the gastric sleeve surgery because my neice had it and looks great. However, she had it done in Baltimore. Does anyone know of a Doctor that has performed the procedure successfully in Florida? Please share name of doctor and hospital.. 🙂

  75. Arthur Busbey

    My wife had VGS 5 weeks ago and it has been nothing but a living Hell for her. The post-op diet calls for liquids for the first 1.5 weeks, slowly building up to soft foods. She is still on liquids and can’t keep them down. All protein supplements make her vomit. Everything makes her vomit – water, juices, everything. Tomorrow she goes back into hospital for the start of an IV drip regimen where a nurse will have to come to the house once a day and administer liquids, nutrients and drugs via IV. She has ulcers all up and down her esophagus. I only hope this helps – she says this was the worst decision she has ever made in her life. I have had to watch her health decline since she can’t hold down any meds dealing with nausea or the ulcers, any nutrition supplements and usually even water. I am nearly beyond myself watching what has happened to her – it has been the closely thing to living Hell I have seen. She says she is no longer living, just existing, and has said she is almost ready to give up the will to live. It was horrible. Please… do web searches about complications before you decide to have this operation.

  76. Dora

    I had my VSG on Jan. 16, 2012. After allot of research on all three options, I decided to go with the sleeve. I’m 50 yrs old 5’3 and weighed 241lbs. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia and pre diabetic. Exercise was a total no for me because of the fibro, the pain in my muscles and joints was horrible. I decided on the sleeve because the by-pass has too many complications, the band, you have to leave a foregin object in your body the rest of your life, not something I wanted to consider. I went to Winchester, VA bariactic program. Great decision! Loved the doctors and the staff! I have United Healthcare insurance and had to go through a 7 month mandated diet program before surgery. That was fine, it gave me 7months to make sure this was what I really wanted to do. I completed the program. Lost a whole 10lbs in the 7 months and had my surgery on Jan. 16th. First three months went through some trail and error, eating too fast, drinking too fast and waiting too long in between meals. You need to eat small amounts every 2 to 3 hours. Very important. Best thing is I lost 80lbs to date in almost 6 months. I am off all medications, sleep apnea is under control, and Fibro is under control. I am doing more active things that I wasn’t able to do in years. My kids tell me that they can’t keep up with me in the mall. Instead of me chasing them, they chase me. This surgery has changed my life for the better. My advice do your research, choose what is best for you and you feel comfortable with, that is the only way you will be successful.

  77. cpintx

    I’ve been researching the sleeve a lot and have had a consultation but my only worry is having children afterwards. My husband and I have struggled for years and I was told that after the surgery I will be more fertile but what risks are there? Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after the sleeve?

  78. amus

    really fast im 5ft5 and im 350lbs was told i could get to 165lbs within 2 yrs and for those that dont know, the bigger u are the more and faster you lose so if you were size 18 or smaller then dont fret if your losing slower. never gage your weight loss on another person because we all have different make ups. those who are not sure which to pick……….sleeve………. it doesnt require as strick regements as the bypass. also anyone that is 18 and up is ok to have this done. excersise a lot and eat according to your dieticians recommendations………..this is a tool NOT a MIRACLE proceedure. also yes as far as conceiving a child, most women are told to never have sex without protection until you hit your goal weight. i have pcos and was told i will be fertile when i lose my weight but may need fertility help because i have a female reproduction issue but its likely to work even without help due to thye rapid change in hormones from rapid weight loss. also vitamins are MANDATORY for success……….never miss a day and drink lots of ice cold water, the colder the water, the faster it burns fat. i am excited about getting this done next month and i too will be on here with updates. also the only reason i am educated on this stuff is because i am in the medical field and did lotssssss of research for my own knowledge. good luck to everyone and if you have any bad symptoms ask your doctor, because the only dumb question is the question not asked. 🙂

  79. amus

    also just wanted to say that if you have major pain or not able to workout because your too big or have medical problems, join a fitness center and utilize the pool. water relieves joint pressure making it easier to start a workout plan. once you have lost 25lbs or so then hit the treadmills and light weights for your arms. never do major weight lifting because this will just turn fat into muscle that will turn back into fat if you stop working out soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo just save the power lifting until your close to goal weight.

  80. pixiepal

    I had gastric sleeve surgery on March 1, 2012. My start weight was 267 and now I an 217lbs. I have lost 50lbs in 3 months. I am so happy. I try and get some excercise in and I am now able to eat what ever I like. I like this surgery because you just eat what you need. You can not stuff your self as you will suffer the consequenses. I chose gastric sleeve because its permanent. I had a weight problem for a really long time and I wanted a once and for all fix.

  81. patsy hall

    any news about when medicare might be paying for the sleeve?

  82. cheronna

    I have been researching the Gastric Sleeve for a few months now and I am very interested in this procedure..I am 5’2″ and I weigh 278lbs..I have tried Diet pills, fat burners and every other thing you could imagine and i always blow back up:( I will be having Surgery through Kaiser, Harbor City, California…can anyone ANYWHERE tell me how Kaiser works? I would really appreciate it..If anyone has had surgery through Kaiser please email me..ALSO, I would love to here from someone in California..I’m excited and scared at the same again

  83. moni0919

    I had my vgs on 04/25/2012 two months now, i had lost 46 pound, my medicare cover the surgery I live in new jersey, and really happy of what is happen to my body, I wear body shape to get my skin to stick to my body and is working, i walk sometimes, and eat healthy

    good luck

  84. Ednalizy

    Hi Cheronna You know I’m also having my VSG at Harbor City with Kaiser as well and I really would like to hear from someone that already had it there. When is your surgery scheduled? Mine will be on July 30. I will have revision from Lap-band.

  85. Van

    Blowing up in the big east NOLA,

    Sad that you think your weight affects your ability to sale. #1 you shouldn’t be using your looks to get ahead in your profession anyhow. I would venture that you get where you are by flirting with the Oilfield men and I bet 75% of them are married. Women have no need in the oilfield due to the possibility of sexual harassment.

  86. lucy

    Wondering when NJ Medicare was going to start to cover the sleeve, the date has passed since they were supposed to decide…anyone know? painted4ubylucy at yahoo dot com

  87. bobbi

    I can’t make up my mind whether to have a VSG or not. There seem to be many more success stories than horror stories… BUT … No-one seems to know why the complications happen to some and not others. I know the chance of serious complications is only 1% – but heck, when you read some of the stories, I’m just not sure if ‘the gamble’ is worth it. I’d rather yo-yo for the rest of my life than deal with a lifetime of vomiting, fatigue and hospital visits. I’m 5ft 9 and currently weigh 201 lb. I would love to be slim… But remaining healthy is much more important. (I have absolutely no health issues; labs are perfect) …. Is it too much of a risk? Is it like throwing dice? Thoughts?

  88. Dianne

    First, Van, I own an oil company and I am a woman. In ANY business sexual harassment is inexcusable. The fact that you work in oil does not excuse you and would get you fired in my company.

    Secondly, thank you all for your stories! I’m scheduled for August and am so excited about my future.

  89. Sharon

    I’m scheduled to have the sleeve done in 2 days on July 12,’12. I am both super excited but very nervous. I have Addison’s Disease which could pose some recovery issues for me. I am 5’2″ and currently 215. I, like so many others, have tried everything to lose this weight but it’s down slowly and back up rapidly. I have been on steroids due to the Addison’s for 14 years which has (according to my endocrinologist) played a significant part in my inability to control my food intake. I’m looking forward to not having that constant “hungry” feeling anymore. I really appreciate everyone’s input on here, you have really helped calm some of my fears and anxieties with this very rapidly approaching surgery.

  90. jja

    Bobbi-I’m in the same place you are. I don’t have any health issues but I’m really tired of being fat and having no energy. I have scheduled sleeve surgery for 9/4/12 but am afraid I may chicken out. I work with a woman who had the surgery in November and has lost 70-80 lbs. She looks great and had no complications and is encouraging me to do it. I have no faith in my ability to lose this weight any other way but I’m terrified of being in that minority of sleevers who have complications. I also wish there was more known about long-term effects and risks. Good luck with your decision!

  91. Tracy

    hi all, i had my vsg done on 30/05/2012 and im still struggling to eat, I have totally gone off all foods including the ones i loved. I am finding it hard to drink enough fluids throughout the day also. I am struggling to eat the smallest amounts and feel sick or end up being sick after almost everything i eat. Even drinks dont taste the same and the only thing im finding i can drink without feeling sick is milk. Tried protein shakes and they make me feel sick to. I should be happy as the weight is falling off me, in 4 weeks i lost 29lb which is like a miracle for me as i have an underactive thyroid which made it almost impossible to lose weight, but instead i feel miserable with no energy to even get up and get ready. Has anyone else had this problem or is it only me.

  92. okeylady71

    Sharon, Good luck and best wishes on having a successful and very uneventful Sleeve surgery! I will be praying for a great outcome!

  93. kelly

    To megg..2/21/12.. i am 5 years post lap band surgery. I wish I hadresearched the negative reviews on the lap band before having the surgery. The band ” stops” foodvfrom going down. I weigh 50 lbs more now than when i had the lap band put in. I am 5’0, 262 lbs, and 53 years old. For me (and I havee read many reviews of others who have the band), food gets ” stuck”. It doesnt matter how slow you eat, it doesnt matter what type of food, or how little the amount is, food gets stuck. It is sooo painful. Then you vomit. It is quite common for the band to slip, and it has slipped in my case. I would not do it again, and the biggest reason is that it didnt curb my appetite at all. I am a BIG eater, and I kept over eating, and then hurting and then vomiting. Go with the sleeve if u r planning to do surgery. Read the reviews! My bariatric doctor has stopped doing the band because of poor results and complications. SLEEVERS, can you talk about how well the sleeve curbs the appetite? I am planning on having my band removed but I am afraid to have the sleeve because I sadly have zero self control and a massive appetite. I fear popping staples, and all of the other negative side effects if it doesnt actually provide good appetite control.

  94. Misty

    Hey guys-
    I’m almost 6 months post op from the gastric sleeve. I want you all to know it has been great. I met 7 other people who were sleeved the same day when I was sleeved and we were all fine. About the appetite changes–KELLY–I have heard from some who have had sleeve surgery and never feel hungry! I am NOT one of those people. I still get hungry. HOWEVER, the hunger I feel now is far less “intense”. I get hungry but it’s not ravenous like before surgery. I am very satisfied with the hunger I feel now. When the surgeon removes the fundus of the stomach during sleeve surgery, it removes the part of the stomach that produces grehlin a.k.a the “hunger hormone”. It is still made in other parts of the body but far less

    I can also eat far less food and feel full. When you first get sleeved, that first month–you will literally be able to only eat a few bites. The first 2 weeks you will be on liquids. You might feel hungry on liquids but when you can eat soups and etc. you will feel better. I was able to eat chicken and ham at about 5 weeks after surgery.

    The first few months you won’t be able to eat but an ounce or two of meat/chicken/fish. Now, I can eat about 2.5-3 ounces of chicken at about 6 months out. I can sometimes eat a few bites of veggies with that.

    Here is what a sleeve “splurge” is like when you are having a hungry moment. Here was a recent splurge I had: I had two pieces of jelly toast, a tiny hot wing (less than an ounce of meat), 1 teaspoon of ground sausage, and 4 cherries. THAT made me feel very stuffed!! THAT is what a splurge looks like after the sleeve.

    I do want you to know I don’t splurge often. Normally, I just eat until I feel satisfied. But yes, every once in a while, I do still get hungry and splurge. That was my “splurge”. Very small amount of food, really. Normally I just eat protein first and then some veggies.

    So the sleeve is a lifesaver if you are a volume eater. Just be careful about eating small amounts every hour or so. You can eat just as much doing that as you can eating a big amount at once. So do NOT make that a habit.

    The sleeve is a great tool. Treat it right and you will be rewarded with weight loss

  95. Deanna

    I am 33 years old 210 pounds and I am going for my endoscopy Friday July 27th. How long after that do you get scheduled for your surgery. I am so ready to get this weight off and keep it off. I still am unsure whether to get the gastric bypass or the sleeve anyone has any suggestion it would be helpful in making my decision. Thanks

  96. Kim

    Im seriously considering having the gastric sleeve done on myself and want to know all the complications people have had with it. Also how long they’ve kept their weight off. And I’m a self pay patient and is it worth it to spend that much money on it? I’m 5’7,245,and 38yrs old

  97. Leslie Baker

    I am 29 yr old female and weigh 267.5 lbs and im 5’6 bmi 44.3 I go for my surgeon consult on aug 14 th I’m kind of scared especially because I have a husband and 4 children but nothing is working and I want to be around for my children and their children have tons of questions I have seen a video of the sleeve procedure and have been researching but still have fears I have had c sections but this is different and changes are irreversible but I have to get this weight off

  98. Naomi

    I had my surgery on 4/11/12…I weighed 252 on the day of the surgery. On my 1 week check-up I was 231 (-21 lbs)… I had struggle with vomiting the 2 months or so post op because my inner fat girl was used to taking huge bites and not chewing my food thoroughly. It stopped once I began using a knife to cut food into small pieces. I also had a problem with fruity/sugary beverages. I wont say that I have stopped them completely but I do have days when I “treat” myself to a lemonade with real sugar 🙂 To date, 3 mos. post op I weigh
    206 (-45 lbs). I could not be happier. I can fit clothes from about 5 years ago and they are actually falling off of me. I workout (1-1.5 hr walks/5-6 miles) about 4x a week with no problems. This is the best decision that I have ever made. I am happy with my VSG and recommend it to all that are interested and considering. I’m going off of the lemonade for a few weeks so that I can drop these last stubborn 7 lbs. C’MON 199 & UNDER 200!!

    Goal weight: 180


  99. Melissa

    Hello! I had the sleeve procedure done March 23, 2012. I am 5’9 and weighed 274 pre-op. immediately after surgery I had no complications….until about 2 months later. I have been in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time, dehydration, potassium deficiency, etc. Then they finally did an ultrasound which revealed gallstones, do another surgery to have my gallbladder taken out. Which I was told was my problem and would fix everything!! WRONG..I still vomit daily, I have no energy and I have had to take a leave of absence from nursing school where I was in the top of my class. As of right now my dr says I am the 1st sleeve pt he’s had with these problems and a feeding tube is the next step…why? He doesn’t know why I’m throwing up, I’ve had catscans, endoscopes, you name it. Without a doubt this procedure has ruined my life and I regret it immensely. I have found myself wishing I would die, that’s how bad I feel, so I urge you to think about your decision before you make one! On a positive note, I am down 50 lbs, but I can’t be happy about that considering I can’t eat!:-(

  100. Zephra

    I had the sleeve in June of 2009 and it was the best decision of my life. I was at 251 with a BMI of 44.5. As of today I am 137 with a BMI of 24.3. I have been reading some of the comments and I see some people who have had issues with the surgery. Every doctor is different and every person loses weight and tolerates surgery differently. I prepared myself for this surgery be researching, reading, and interacting with people who had it done. I also attended nutritional classes offered at my doctors office.

    I had one complication, scar tissue grew over the nerves in my belly and I was in a great deal of pain for 11 days. Nothing made it go away. Apparently, this is a very rare thing. I lost weight quickly at first but after the first 6 months, it slowed. The last year it was more of a crawl. Sometimes the scale just stopped moving for weeks at a time. This is normal however I still got frustrated and even convinced myself the surgery would fail. I think all post weight loss surgery patients do this.

    If you decide you want to do this, research! After surgery, follow doctors orders, keep up on your lab work, EXERCISE. Ask you doctor what kind of complications his patients have had and ask if any of his patients have died and if so, why. He he does not give you a strait answer, run away.

    Those of you who are gaining weight despite your best efforts, have your thyroid levels checked. Not just your TSH, but also your t3 and t4. TSH of over 3 can indicate hypothyroidism and most people feel better between a 1 and 2. Good luck

  101. Zephra

    Hey Tracy, just read your comment. Yes it is normal. You should start to feel more human a little day by day. Call your doctor and ask him to check your vitamin levels and see where you are at. Tell him how you are feeling. By 4 weeks out, I hated protein shakes refused to drink anymore. Make sure you are taking tiny tiny bites and chew everything to a pulp. Eat two or three bites and stop. Wait 10 minutes or so and see if you still want to eat more. In the beginning, one bite can mean the difference between not full yet and holy cow I think I am going to hurl. Also, I know it seems impossible but drink constantly. Tiny sips but constantly. Dehydration can make you feel very very sick. I still have trouble getting in my liquids post surgery 2 years. You will feel better, It was right around 4 weeks that my energy started to return. Now, as long as I don’t eat processed flour (white bread etc) I feel really great.

    Someone else asked out hunger. I still feel hunger. In the beginning, it would come on suddenly. One second I am fine, next second, my stomach would feel completely empty. Now, I feel normal hunger and a small kids sized meal usually fills me nicely. Everything is so much more manageable now.

  102. Bobbie Grffin

    Does anyone know WHY some of us are so sick after the surgery vsg? I am 3 1/2 weeks out and have gotton to where I can hardly eat anything without getting sick. I am constantly nauseous.

  103. Mel

    @Micheal….I read your post that your Dr thinks you now have Lupus due to the surgery. Can you tell me why they think that? I had band sx 6/08 had very good results for a while. April 2011 my dermatologist was convinced I had Lupus. Labs come back negative each time but a skin biopsy says differently. I started seeing a Rheumatologist 2/12 and he is not convinced it is Lupus. I recently found out that my band has slipped and I am now considering having the sleeve. Am very interested what connection weight-loss Sx and Lupus would have.

  104. IshakeyraSerrano

    Hi All, I have my consultation scheduled tomorrow 8/9/12 at Cedars Sinai. I have done a whole lot of research on the VSG and the Roux-en-y. I am still torn between the two. I feel like I am leaning towards the VSG due to the vitiman deficiency that may be caused by the Roux-en-y. I have been over weight for 13 years. I am 32 years old, 5’3 and weigh 243 pounds. I have high BP, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and am prediabetic. I am ready and NEED a change, a boost, a tool that will resolve my comorbitities and hopefully save my life. My heart goes out to those of you that have had complications. I pray that I don’t have many complications. I am very nervous, excited, and anxious. If you have any words of wisdom, I would love to read them. Thanks to all you WLS patients that have shared their stories, good or bad. Wish me luck.

    Also I’m thinking of starting a VLOG on You Tube…. Still undecided. Comments please on this too!

  105. Jules

    Ishakeyra. 3 weeks post op from cedars n had the best experience …..Awesome group I was in the same place between rny and vsg ….. Do research… Look at forums there is a ton of info:). Good luck,!!!!

  106. Nee-Nee

    Hello, my name is neenee. I will be having surgery on October 16, vsg… wish me luck. I am praying that everyone has a speedy recovery. If your doctor isn’t helping you,,, another will,I am 34and yes I am scared but getting any bigger scares me more than anything take your vitamins, be patient and pray. There is a life out there that I do not fit into. I’m. Tired of being a bariactric patient,and for. Morbidly obese being on my medical paper’s.

  107. Deena

    Had Lapland then changed to Sleeve 6 mths later! I’m 39 I weigh 125 lbs! I eat any food I want just small amounts! I feel great and I’m 2 years out! Lots of people have problems because of bad doctors, poor eating habits and gall bladder issues!!!!! I’ve recommend this surgery and my doctor to many friends and family! It changed my life! Don’t waste time with lapband!

  108. Kim55

    So glad to hear your story! I’m having the sleeve done this month and I’m trying to find anyone who’s had my dr, Dr. Shillingford from Boca Raton, Fl. I would love to talk to them and see how their experience went with him. Thanks a lot, Kim55

  109. Sharee heavener

    I had the sleeve on 12-13-11. I’m 5’1 weighed 200 lbs, had high blood pressure, high chol. sleep apnea, and diabetes, wore size 18. Lost 57lbs and wear size 5. Everything is going great except I have no energy and my hair is falling out. Great blood pressure, no sleep apnea and no diabetes.

  110. krenee

    Hi all, I was like most also. I didn’t know whether to chose the bypass or sleeve. Luckily I have time to decide being that my insurance wants 6 months of a medical weight loss proof but when I spoke with my doctor the only thing he told me was that the sleeve requires him cutting my stomach out and that’s kind of scary to me. But I do like the idea that you don;t have to take vitamins. I think I need to do more research as I will be having the surgery at the beginning of November. Deena do you have a lot of loose skin? I am nervous about that also.

  111. Dawn

    Hey Everyone – I am from Gold Coast, Australia. I have made my decision and awaiting my first consultation. I have decided to go with the sleeve as my daughter had the band 7 years ago. She lost a lot of weight, never got to her goal, but appreciative of the weight she has lost and maintained. However, she has had to have numerous adjustments over the years, especially when she flies, dehydrates etc. When her band is adjusted the way it should be she vomits and cannot eat and struggles to drink. The strange thing is that she can tolerate bad foods, cake, chips etc better than healthy food. She has her band adjusted to accommodate a period of weightloss and then has it re-adjusted again allowing her to eat normally again. I cannot see her ever losing more weight but she does not allow herself to gain what she has lost in the longterm either. Basically her band is used as a tool to loose weight for a short periods of time. Medically, she has never had any problems with her band surgery or afterwards.

    My sister-in-law had the gastric by-pass 10 years ago. She lost 65kg and reached her goal weight and has proceeded to pick up about 10kg again. However, she still looks great. Standing on the outside looking in was really scary for me; I did not think that she would survive. For seven long years, she was constantly sick, mal-nutritioned, vitamin/mineral deficient and looked like a walking ghost and lost her hair badly (protein deficiency). She seems to have settled in the last 3 years and has regular B12 injections. She constantly has to diet to keep her weight off and has to be very mindful of what she eats.

    So, my option is the sleeve. I have done my research, know that it can have it’s risks but compared to the pain and health risks I currently have, I am more than happy and educated to take the gamble. I feel my odds are very good. I have Degenerative Dist Disease, spinal stenosis, need a hip replacement and fusion of the back. I am 164cm, weigh 110kg (222pds) with a BMI of 40.9 – they call it morbidly obese – a wake-up call! I have lost weight many times, the last stint being 55kg, 6 years ago. I have picked it all up again and then some. It has been a life long struggle. At 52, I am feeling more like 92.

    Good luck to everyone
    I will keep you posted

  112. Colleen

    Hi everyone. I had VSG 8/15/2011 My starting weight was 236. I had many complications several infections that required many CT scans to drain the infection out. Another infection that required a drain tube. My first infection I had to be cut open and literally hand scooped the infection out. then it had to heal from the inside out, so I had to have home health come in and show me how to change the bandages. I had to pack it 2 times daily. The hole finally closed up. After getting past all the infections. I thought I was going to die. Actually I kept telling my husband I just want to die. But after getting past everything I am down to 146. I went from a size 24 to a size 14. I am 5ft 2in. My lowest weight was 139 over the last 3 weeks I have gained 7lbs so now I am walking again and drinking alot of water. I will not go back to what I was NEVER. Even with all the complications due to my hereditary blood line. I would do it all over again. My doctors were wonderful. Thank you Missouri Bariatric for saving my life!!!

  113. NG620

    I’m in Southern California and taking my Bariatric Classes from Kaiser to have the VSG. I am a 55 yr old female, 5’3 and weigh 205lbs. I have lost a pound a week, since I started my weekly classes, today is class #9. Learning alot and motivated to make this lifetime change for my health. I am thinking the VSG should be scheduled sometime in October or November. I have been doing the pre-op while taking the classes. I wish the best to all of you and will keep you posted!

  114. Rhonda Lewis

    Hello My Name is Rhond. I had my VSG Deceber 10, 2010 by Dr. Hawasli in Michigan. I was 5’5″ and 340 pounds. I have lost 200 punds and gone from a size 32 to a size 6. The only side affect that I still have is always being cold and sometime body aches. I do have a lot of slider foods that are high in calories and not good for me; I stay away from them. I have developed a habit of protein first always, this limits my “junk” intake cause it is very uncomfortable being that over full.

    Would I recommend this for others? Yes, but please know that along with lifestyle and diet changes you have to have a mindset change.

  115. liza

    Hello everyone.i was sleeved on 7/10/ far i have lost 45 pounds within 2 very happy with this change i just hope i dont gain weight back the way some others say they have been.the eating is…uhh you know.very small portions and im full.i get head hunger which i block out by drinking lots of water.yes i do cheat someetimes but hey who goal weight is at 208 this morning.only thing difficult is taking 30 minutes to always on the go and it doesnt take me that long to i only eat a couple butes.good luck to everyone considering this.please do tour full research first 🙂

  116. Debbie

    Hi Everyone, I will be having the VSG on 9/27/12. I am 5’3″ and am currently 210lbs. I was deciding betwen RYN and VSG. I have researched my options and chose the VSG for a few reasons. One, I don’t want to deal with the dumping syndrome, two, the vitamin defiency and three, it’s less invasive. I know there is still a possibility of dumping and defiency with the VSG but it is not as high of a probability as with the RYN. So with all that said…now that the time is getting nearer, I am starting to freak out. I know I will be happy with the end results but “getting there” is really working me over right now. I just need to vent and let it be known that I’m scared. I am sure many others have been down this road so, any words of encouragement would be greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance!

  117. Madeline

    Hi Debbie:
    My VSG surgery is scheduled for Wed. 9/19/12. So, I am right there with you. Getting scared too, especially after reading some of these testimonies. I had a lap band put in 2003, loved it for 8 yrs. I threw up constantly, but hey, I was skinny! I had all the fluid removed in Jan. 2012 and I have gained @ 40+ lbs. back already! UGH! I am praying that the VSG works for me (and for you too!) That is one of the problems that I see with it though, VSG is permanent, not like the band that can be removed! I would not at this point, with everything that I have gone through in the last year recommend the band for anyone!
    Anyway, lots of prayers and blessings to you! We will have to keep in touch and update on her.

  118. Debbie

    Hi Madeline,
    I wish you all the best also and yes, please do keep in touch. Just my opinion but, I think you will be much happier with the sleeve. Yes, it is permanent, but that is what “I” need. Been down that road to many times where I lose the weight and then once the diet restrictions are lifted I gain it all back, plus! I know that it is possible to gain weight with the sleeve but my problem is the AMOUNT of food I consume at EACH sitting. With the sleeve I will not be able to eat as much at a sitting and I plan I using that “tool” to it’s full potential.

    I never considered the band because of the constant adjustments and I knew that once people hit their goal, the band is loosened or removed so there I would be, right back at the start with no restrictions. NOT FOR ME.

    Anyhow, I am excited, anxious, but most of all, very nervous! I just don’t want to end up with a lot of complications like some of the ones I have read on here.

    Good luck to ALL who will be sleeved and also to those who already are!
    Debbie 🙂

  119. Teresa

    Hello to everyone:) I had the VSG done about 19 months ago (02/2011) – Starting weight was 308. Surgery procedure was perfect with no problems. Was out for 1 week of work (although I do sit all day). I lost down to 200 with no problems, but needless to say I ate very little and when I did eat, it was very healthy with a lots of protein, no fat, no bread, little carbs, no sugar, etc. Lots of water. No wine, no beer, no good stuff:)

    I just want to let all who are looking into having this done that you have to remember, its a tool to help you with weight loss, not a Magic Pill!.

    You have to make up your mind that from the surgery moment on you are going to live healthy and eat correctly.

    I was doing good until the first year and then I stopped losing the weight and have gained 25 back. However, in the last 9 months I have went back to my old eating habits. When you lose all your weight, you get happy and you think you can be “normal”, but in reality you cannot! Normal people dont get to this point (VSG), so you have to get this in your mind and never let your guard down. Its a life-long commitment, even when you get to your goal.

    I am having to work very hard now to try and start loosing, but Im going to do it. In hindsight, I wish I would have went ahead and had the Duodenal Switch, because the weight comes back on as fast as you lost it!. I have read that with the DS you cant eat just “anything” and you have to be very very careful of the foods you eat. Research says there is risk of vitamin def, but I am a vitamin finactic anyway.

    I would advise anyone thinking of the VSG to look into this before having their surgery. I am still happy, but realize that over time your stomach does stretch and even though you will never be able to eat as much as you did before VSG, you still can eat “anything” and if your not careful you will gain your weight back. I have about 45 pounds to go (my goal) and 75 (doctor’s goal) to go. I am going to give it a month and if I have not lost significant weight, I am going to look into the DS. Wish me luck and good luck to all those considering surgery. Remember its a lifelong committment and you can never let your guard down:)

    After having said this, the surgery if perfect for people who only need to lose possibly 75 pounds or less as I could easily maintain my weight now with work without any problems.



    I had my gastric sleeve surgery on Sept 10t 2012 at St.Luke Hospital Phoenix Az, I Have been so tired and sleeping a lot, and have been told it is normal, by hospital staff, when they called to check on me. i have not lost as much weight as i expected and have been following the liquid diet and water intake, only chewing on turkey deli style very thin, and some cottage cheese, i have lost almost 20 pounds including per op liquid diet of 10 pounds am i being silly about my wieght loss so far i am 2 weeks out and I was just wondering if any one else as had the same thing happen to them?

  121. Na'arah

    I had the sleeve done on April 28, 2010. I lost 167 lbs. However by January 2011 I got pregnant!! My baby was born October 2011 and was a healthy 5lbs 10oz. I only gained 12 lbs during my pregnancy. Before the sleeve, I was 363 lbs & stood 5’7. I’m soooo happy I chose this procedure. I researched for over 5 yrs and this was best for me, especially since I’m chronic anemic. I was up walking around 2 hrs after surgery. Down time is minimal but it all depends on your inner strength. I’m an advocate for the sleeve. I have never felt better and I’ve actually talked 3 friends to get the procedure. All have been successful. My goal weight is 180 lbs. If I hadn’t got pregnant then I think I would’ve gotten there sooner but I’m still working on it. These last 40 lbs to lose is kicking my butt however I will get there!!! My iron is better and I’m not on any pills or vitamins…I’m 110% healthier than I ever been. No dumping syndrome or complications!!!

  122. Michelle

    Denise Howell – No worries, they can’t take it away from us. Sleeves ARE the #1 surgery type performed today. Bands and bypass are dropping dramatically.

    There was a surgeon interviewed recently that said that 2 years ago he placed 118 bands, did 1 sleeve, and 3 bypass. Last year he did 3 bands, removed 18 bands, did 123 sleeves, and 1 bypass. He is pretty typical of surgeons unless they are a band mill.

    But even if the old fuddy duddies wanted to take it away, they can’t. No worries there.

  123. CR

    I had the sleeve done on October 20, 2011 and have since lost 165lbs. I have 12lbs to go until I reach my goal weight and I could not be happier. This procedure has brought me back to life and I am so thankful. I will say that I did have some problems after the surgery with nausea that lasted for weeks, but other than that, I have had no issues. I work out 6 days a week and I watch what I eat because I know that this procedure was a tool to help me and not a “cure.” I highly recommend the procedure to people who needs to lose a significant amount of weight.

  124. Jennifer

    I am currently around 340. I was up to 350, lost 50 pounds in 2010 (25 from being sick and 25 more from cutting down on fast food). I gained 10 back in 2011 and tried to diet with Nutrisystem last year November. I lost a few pounds, gained them back and since gained an additional 30 pounds. I’ve been doing this yo-yo bit for 25 years and I’m so tired of it. I never really considered any kind of surgery as I thought it was an escape route. I feel very differently towards surgery now and I’m considering it now.

    I have tried so many things, most recently just practicing moderation and trying not to over indulge. I am a fast food junkie, always have been, and even though I know it’s not healthy and I get bored of the food option, and sometimes feel sick after eating it, I still eat it, mostly because I feel lazy and tired and just want something quick, especially after 10-12 hours in the office.

    My sister in law just had the sleeve, I had never heard of it until she told me she was going to have it done. She was home the next day after surgery, back to work in 10 days and it seems to have been successful for her. I’ll be seeing her next week at my mom’s thanksgiving dinner and will see how she’s doing, she had the surgery about a month ago. She was hoping to inspire me to get it done too while she was going through the pre-op program. She invited me to the gym and told me that hernia repair (which I want fixed) can be done at the same time. I had decided that surgery is not for me, even though I want the hernia repaired, the doctor said it’s not needed at this time, so I thought if I don’t *need* surgery for the hernia, then I won’t go through with the sleeve.

    Then when I saw her post-op, she showed me her scars, and I realized she had the laparoscopy surgery which was the same kind I had when I had my gall bladder removed 20 years ago. I recall I had a lot of pain after surgery and nausea, but I got through it and recovered quickly and I think it’s something I might be able to handle. I know it won’t be “fun” and it will be a LOT of hard work and will require life style changes, but I am positive I’d rather go through that than face all the health problems I’m heading straight into without getting this weight off.

    My hesitation now is my job, I have a certain type of job that wouldn’t be covered in my absence and I have deadlines all month long so taking a week off is difficult, let alone 2-3 weeks that could possibly be required for recovery time. I can only hope I’ll be back to work in a week and a half like my sis in law, but nobody can predict what kind of recovery I’ll have and if there will be complications. My office cannot just call in a temp to cover my desk, and the job cannot wait. There is a period of time between the 1st and the 11th of each month that is mostly catch up time and dealing with arising issues, there are fewer deadlines for me to meet, so I’m going to schedule it for around that time, and keeping my fingers crossed I’ll recovery quickly! My supervisor is very supportive but she’s also a little nervous about the time I’ll need to take off work. She knows how to do my job but hers is just as demanding and she doesn’t have the time. I think she knows that my health is on the line and my job will be done better when I’m feeling great and being much healthier.

    Some of these experiences I’ve read here are scaring me and I’d really like to know more about the long term effects of this surgery (5+ years). On the other hand though, I don’t think I should wait much longer to get the ball rolling on this journey. Everybody close to me who knows the struggles I’ve had for so long are tremendously in favor of me doing this, even those who previously ruled against any weight loss surgery. I realize now this is not a miracle fix, but my biggest problem is not sticking to weight loss efforts because of my hunger, and I think this will definately help.

    I’ll update if/when I have the surgery. Good luck to all those considering it, and congratulations to all those who’ve had it and have reached their goals or still working at it. BTW, has anyone here done this at Kaiser in Richmond, CA?

  125. deedee46

    I am scheduled for the VGS December 5, 2012. I am both nervous and excited! My insurance company made me jump through hoops for 8 mths before approving me for surgery. I am now on the pre-op liquid diet (I have to lose at least 10 lbs or my surgeon won’t do the surgery) and I have lost 4 lbs…I have 6 more days on these horrible shakes and then the pre-op day on clear liquids in order to lose 6 more lbs… I am confident it will happen. I’ve paid nearly $1300 out of pocket and I think its well worth it! I started this journey at 328 lbs (March 30th) and I know post surgery I will lose the weight I need to lose… My goal weight is 175 lbs. Wish me luck!!

  126. CR

    To Deedee: Congratulations on your decision to have the surgery! It’s a huge step and you should be very proud! I have my gastric sleeve surgery on October 20, 2011, so I am just over a year post now. I started my journey at 320lbs and now am at 160lbs. My goal is 10lbs more. 🙂 I will be honest and tell you that it will not be easy and some days you will question why you’re putting yourself through this, but just hang in there….it is worth it in the end. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Dean Harris

    I had a gastric sleeve operation on Dec 4th 2012. The immediate two days after the operation was horrific. The slightest bit of water I drank fizzed down. I could actually hear it fizzing inside of me. I felt so thirtsy that I wanted to gulp down water but had to resist of course.
    I am back home now after two nights in hospital. I can manage fluids better and can eat runny soup but I am still suffering with horrendous wind that seems to be trapped in me. When I go to lie down at night within a few minutes it starts to feel like my stomach is going to pop with sharpcwind. It is very, very painful. Far more painful than the operation itself.It penetrates my shoulders and back too with pain. Nasty. However it is lovely to be drinking fluids now and feeling more refreshed and not dehydrated.
    I pray I am going to heal without nasty pain all my life.

  128. Annette


    Congrats on your surgery!! Sorry your having difficulty, though. When I had my surgery, my shoulders hurt, I had gas also, but, the gas is leftover from when they put it in you to expand your abdomen so they had room to work, the gas pains will pass. I, too had gas passing after surgery but it passed within a few days.

    Anyways, I wish you luck with your weightloss goals!!!!


    Annette S

  129. Dean

    Hello Annette,

    Thank you for your message. I am just pass three weeks from surgery and have lost 32 pounds so far. I am still getting a lot of pain in my back and shoulders and I am still getting use to my new stomach. I still think I may be eating too fast and still have a lot of trapped wind. Ouch.

    God bless.

  130. shell

    I am 38 yrs old and had the sleeve procedure 3.5 months ago. I’m down 40 lbs and feel great. I have had no issues other than the normal recovery and adjustment period. I have almost gotten sick a few times when I ate too fast and ate something too hard and got it stuck, or ate too much. This was actually a good thing to help me learn new boundaries. I’m doing yoga now and walking a lot. Surgery was very painful, but worth it for sure. I don’t have diabetes, but do have slightly high cholesterol. I decided I wanted to do it now while I have less complications. So, based on my experience, what are you waiting for? Do it now rather than later and enjoy the rest of your life!

  131. Steve Flynn

    I had my sleeve bypass done in Oct of 2009 and lost 120 lbs the first year. But ongoing pain issues. loss of Testosterone levels, and other health related problems all contributed to me gaining about 80 lbs back. I would love to have it tightened. I know my stomach has stretched some. My problem is that in counseling after surgery I am not sure they knew how to handle my list of problems. I think the surgery is great and would do it again I just with I knew then what I know now.

  132. Lina

    I had a gastric banding (the realize band) on 12/23/2008, my preop wt was 293 lbs. About 8 months ago my band “slipped” and I became sick constantly. When it slipped I was 180 lbs, but then i went down to 155lbs. When I finally went to my doctor (I had been afraid that he would take fluid out of my band and I would gain wt), He took the fluid out and put it back in several times over the past 6 months. Every time he filled it I became sick, every time he emptied it, I gained wt. I just left his office where he just told me that I was going to have the gastric sleeving done when he took out the band. I was so happy with my band, but apparantly when it slips this much it has to come out, and now the sleeving is my only hope for continued wt loss. I currently am 196lbs which is so much more than that 155, but still almost 100 lbs down. I am on this site for comfort, I hope I am not making the biggest mistake of my life…

  133. Ludy Gibson

    First, I would like to say to Meg
    :megg Says:
    February 21st, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    Sleeve or lapband???? Idk what one to get …. I’m 30 5 8 and 179
    What do you all think? ??

    Unless you inadvertently said 179 when you may have meant 279 (I’m BAD about doing that. Can’t seem to make myself say that 2 number. haha). But if you did in fact mean 179, I can’t believe there is a doctor who would DO your surgery. That’s a BMI of 27.5 which is GREAT. Why on earth would you want to have surgery for weight loss? You need counseling.

    With that being said, I am 59, 5’4″ and weigh 238. I have struggled with my weight for the past 15 years since I had breast cancer and went thru the change at age 42 from the chemo treatments. I am unable to take hormones because of the breast cancer and suffer from chronic fatigue as well as depression. I take medication for the depression which I feel adds to the low energy levels, but keeps me 1/2 sane. This excess weight has caused me to develop sleep apnea, high blood pressure, lower back pain, exacerbated the pain in my arthritic hips, high cholesterol, low good cholesterol, and acid reflux just to touch on the major problems. 3 years ago I went thru nutritional counseling to have the lap-band surgery, but backed out and am glad that I did at this point. My husband and I went on a low-carb lifestyle in the summer of 2010 and I lost 50 pounds (which was still 40 pounds from my goals weight, but…) and kept it off for almost 2 years. I felt good, looked good and had so much energy, BUT in the summer of 2012 my dad died after a long bout with cancer, which was stressful in itself, and then my sister-in-law, who was like a sister to me, dropped dead of a heart attack less than 2 weeks later. My depression spiraled out of control, and before I knew it, I had gained back that 50 pounds and then some. I have always been a big eater, my entire family LOVES to eat, but I’ve always been very active and could keep the weight off before I hit 40 and had cancer. I have done a lot of research about the sleeve and feel that this surgery is the right thing for me because my biggest problem is ‘portion control’. With the low-carb diet, we could eat tons of food as long as it was low-carb, so I never learned to control my portions. When I started eating regular foods again, BAM! I only know one person personally who has had this procedure 2 years ago, and she is 36. She has had some problems and has gained a few pounds back, but she said she would do it again in a heart beat. One of my concerns is, with all the posts that I have read, it appears that most people are considerably younger than I (I’m 59). This concerns me, but I feel this is my last shot at getting my health back on track. I have 2 grand kids, ages 6 and 8, and I just want to be able to keep up with them and enjoy our time together with the energy it takes to enjoy outings with kids this age. I have already met with my surgeon, Dr. Hugh Babineau of Tyler, Texas and will be starting my program on April 15th. My insurance requires 6 months of counseling before I can have the surgery. I have already done it when I considered it before, so I’m hoping they won’t require it again, but if they do… Wish me luck. I love forward to a happier, healthier life and pray that I don’t have the complications that some on this forum had.

  134. Jennifer

    I am 2 weeks post op from having sleeve done. I only weighed 215 prior to surgery and i’m 5’4. I dropped about 20 pounds after surgery and when I went for my 2week check up I was checked in hospital to get some fluids infused for dehydration. Things seems to get better day by day as far as vomiting. If I drink or eat to fast I will vomit it back up. I just hate that I cant consume a lot of fluids at one time when i’m thirsty. but my problem is that I gained 5 pounds after infusion which I understand why because of liquids. I was 190 after infusion, but I checked a few days later and I am 192. I can’t understand why I’m gaining weight. I also have a hard knot on my buttock area which alarms me. Does anybody know what that may be.

  135. Joan

    Had VSG surgery on April 9th, 2013, during which they also found and repaired a hiatel hernia (sp?). To date, I have not vomited, and have stayed very hydrated and found that if I drink a small stream down my throat, like two or three small swallows, I don’t have an issue. when I sip, it hurts! I believe it may be from the air being swallowed when we sip. I don’t know if that will help or not. As for the knot I did have one on my hip/buttock from a B12 shot I received in the hospital. Did you ask your Doc about it? Good luck and don’t panic if you gain because you are hydrated, the loss will come. I actually gained 3 lbs back the week of surgery. But it is coming off now.

  136. Jason

    I had VSG surgery on April 17th, 2013 (that’s last Wednesday for those of you keeping track) and I’m posting this on my break at my job. So far the worst thing about having had the surgery was the cotton mouth that I woke up with…and that’s literally it. Well that and I have a hard time telling the difference between being hungry, being full and being bloated. I felt bloated for a day or 2 after the surgery. Having had a ventral hernia repair in January of 2012, I was expecting the worst and woke up feeling great. I was up and out of bed the day of the surgery and went home the day AFTER the surgery. This is my first day back to work and there have been cravings to eat something normal (as opposed to the liquids that I’ve been on for 2 weeks), but I don’t see that as being a bad thing. I’ve read these things where people “mourn” food. Really??? Mourn food? I love food, I love to cook, but I also am looking forward to being healthy and eating better, I’m not mourning food, I’m longing for a better like for me and my family. It’s all about discipline. I have the WANT to work out once I’m able, I have the WANT to eat properly and now I have the ABILITY to do so without gorging myself. I get that everyone has a different experience with everything and that no two surgeons do the surgery the same way probably, but by all means, if this is an option for you and you have the discipline and desire to make your life better (because the surgery is just a tool, only YOU can make it work for you; a screwdriver doesn’t work without someone else working it) then this is the surgery for you. It’s not a quick fix, but it’s a giant step in the right direction to the life that you’ve always wanted.

  137. Ann

    I was scheduled to have gastric by-pass surgery March 25. At the time of surgery my surgeon said I had too much scar tissue from an old gall-bladder surgery and he could not do the by-pass. He told me that we could do the sleeve. After going back to him, his office has told me that the age limit for the sleeve surgery is 65. I am 67. I can’t find anywhere that there is an age limit. Can anyone tell me if they know this is the limit for medicare coverage?

  138. Rae Baker

    What do you do when you find out patients in your drs care have died?

  139. Elizabeth

    Hi all.

    I started my journey out at 5’3″ and 253 pounds.

    I had VSG surgery three years ago (March 2010) and then almost two years ago (September 2011) had to go back for a revision (had to have more stomach taken out).

    After my original surgery I had no issues (e.g., vomiting, reflux, etc.) but after four months of steadily losing weight (50 pounds) I stopped and after a few months started to gain weight and gained a total of about 20 pounds back (and I knew I could eat tooo much!). That’s when I went for check up and it was discovered that I required a revision.

    I had the revision and have gone on to lose (in total) 109 pounds. I went from a size 22/24 to a 6. My issues, since the revision, have been with acid reflux and I’ve been on both (alternating times – not same time) Nexium and Tecta (proton pump inhibitors). Other than the occasional vomiting (because food is to spicy or fatty), I’ve had no real issues. I eat what I want but much much smaller portions. I am still addicted psychologically to food and can overdo it on the junk food at times — but it’s easy to lose the weight when it creeps up because I have such a great tool.

    Jennifer (April 13, 2013 at 4:05 am) – I too had pain in my lower back (by my tail bone) for a very long time (almost a year). The doctor advised that it was most likely because my muscles had to change their length because I used to have a very large butt and it is considerably smaller now!! The pain has been completely gone for a long time,

    My doctor tells me I’m very healthy with all tests ranging in the “normal” range. The only supplements I take is a multi-vitamin every day (a gummy bear one!).

  140. Debster

    Hello all,

    I have the sleeve surgery scheduled for 7/10/13. I’m seriously considering canceling the surgery. I have gone through being overweight my whole life. I’m very fortunate to not have major health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol).
    I have this overwhelming feeling this is not the best idea for me…

    Did anyone feel like this? Am I just scared?

  141. Susan Dibiase

    I am one of the few I see on this site in their 50s. I have all the usual weight related issues. I am seriously looking at sleeve due to arthritis. Have had a knee replacement now arthritis is everywhere even in my feet. I am afraid I will become bed bound at some point and at 265 will be unable to care for myself. My ability to exercise is limited but maybe with less weight I can get back into a healthier routine. Any comments for older women?

  142. VSG_Dec-19-2013_M/1972

    The absolute worst part of the process was pre-surgical intubation. It was done while I was awake due to the fact that I’ve got a small throat (inside). Boy, did that suck!! — Its 13 days post-op, New Year’s Day 2014. I just had my first meal. Scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes NEVER tasted so good. It was so nice to EAT rather than “drink” my supper. — Read blogs. Search websites. Weigh options. If you know in your heart that you can’t lose weight, take control by making a choice to have surgery. The Gastric Sleeve was what seemed like the best choice for me. So, I made a decision (like I have so SO many times before to lose weight), but this time it was different. I lost the weight I needed to lose pre-op. I overlooked my anger and discomfort and fear. I allowed the process to move along and I got the surgery. Now, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. But, behind every negative emotion is real hope. I have hope today that I will be able to live life more fully with joy and opportunity like I’ve not known in such a long time. — H.O.P.E. means “Hang On, Peace Exists” — Keep hope alive for yourself. Keep researching. Keep questioning. Keep hoping.

  143. Van


    I work in the oilfield and I assure you that the vast majority of the women in the field are out there to flirt for work, most get away with wearing clothing that you would wear to a bar while men are required to wear FRC clothing. I don’t have to defend myself when I know the dirt that happens. Sorry to get off track, thank you all for your stories and good luck on your adventure in weight loss.