Gastric Bypass Surgery Benefits Endure for Diabetes Patients

Gastric bypass surgery delivers long-term benefits for individuals with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study that followed bariatric patients over a six-year period.

Diabetes patients continue to benefit from weight loss surgery six years out, a new study shows.A long-term study of 1,156 morbidly obese patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery shows that they maintained their weight loss and improved cardiovascular and metabolic measures in comparison to severely obese patients in who did not have bariatric surgery.

“In the surgical group, nearly all of the clinical measures improved significantly between the baseline and two-year exams, and they remained significantly improved, compared with baseline at 6 years,” said Dr. Ted D. Adams, of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, who led the Utah Obesity Study. In contrast, he noted, “the clinical variables in the combined control groups changed minimally if at all over the six-year period.”

The latest findings are the latest addition to a wealth of research demonstrating the benefits of weight loss surgery for diabetes sufferers. Numerous previous studies indicate that bariatric surgery can resolve type 2 diabetes for clinically obese individuals in the majority of cases, with patients no longer needing drug treatment after only six months.

In the Utah study, the rate of diabetes remission at six years was 75% in the surgical group, and the incidence of diabetes in the surgical group was only 2% at six years, compared to 16% in the control group, Dr. Adams said. Cardiac morphology measures were also significantly improved in the surgical group.

On average, participants in the surgery group also lost 35% of their weight from baseline at two years and 28% at six years, whereas the average weight loss in participants who did not have bariatric surgery was negligible, Dr. Adams reported. The study findings were reported last week in the online journal Internal Medicine News.

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  1. Jane Tatum

    My gastric bypass was August 31 of this year. I was diagnosed Type 2 about a year prior and since the liquid diet I was on for two weeks pre op I have not had a blood sugar reading over 120. My medical records now show me as Type 2 controlled by diet. I am so very pleased to share this information here.


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