Gastric Bypass Leads to Long-Term Benefits

Patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery had improved overall health even seven years post-op, a recent study showed, indicating the long-term benefits of bariatric surgery.

The study consisted of 182 patients initially, mostly women in their mid-40s, who underwent gastric bypass surgery. This procedure bypasses a large portion of the stomach and the small intestine to create a small stomach pouch that restricts calorie intake.

Researchers followed subjects for seven years, at which time they had solid data for 78 participants.

“For most of them, they came back to normal,” Dr. John Morton, director of bariatric surgery and surgical quality at Stanford University School of Medicine, told HealthDay. “There were roughly about a dozen measurements altogether, and there were substantial improvements across the board.”

The results proved the long term benefits of weight loss surgery. The average weight loss was 81 pounds, cholesterol levels dropped from 184 to 174, and triglycerides dipped from 151 to 87. In addition, the patients also showed a significant drop in high-sensitivity C-reactive protein. This protein is closely associated with a higher risk of heart attacks or strokes.

A previous study published in January of this year showed that gastric bypass surgery lowers the risk of a first time heart attack or stroke, as well as dying due to a heart attack.

The new study was presented last month at the annual meeting for the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) in San Diego. Until published in a peer-reviewed journal, the results for this study ought to be viewed as preliminary, researchers noted.

Even so, the latest findings are important, because the study tracks the effects of weight loss surgery over several years, Dr. Robin Blackstone, ASMBS president, told HealthDay. Changes in the body’s metabolism and related workings of the heart after losing excess weight can significantly reduce health risks, she said.


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