Fitness Secret Discovered by George Washington University

Fitness secret was discovered by George Washington University. This video shows what scientists learned, and how you can use it to reach your fitness goals.

Millions of Americans have made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get into better shape, but could staying away from the gym help you stick to your weight loss goals this year? A new study shows it might.

Researchers at George Washington University Medical Center surveyed more than 1,500 obese men and women. Roughly two-thirds of the participants were overweight or obese, but only 18 percent belonged to any kind of health club.

The reason was a poor self image. The survey showed that the heaviest respondents had the lowest estimation of their own health, and that they were well aware of the need to get more exercise. But they chose not to hit the gym, according to survey results, because they were intimidated by the health club setting – and by all the fit members and instructors who’d be around them as they tried to exercise. The feelings were more prevalent among women than among men.

Gregory Florez, spokesman for the American Council on Exercise, explained that this trend may be linked to another trait many of us share: The “all or nothing” syndrome.

Florez suggested that instead of trying to join a gym where they are likely to be intimidated, people who struggle with weight issues should try a more moderate approach to exercise. That may mean taking a long walk around the block, or taking the stairs more often until you feel comfortable enough among the gym rats to get your money’s worth out of your membership.

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